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Make You Feel My Love

Chapter 1:

The sounds of excited chatter and school bells was all around, along with the fresh breeze and changing color leaves that always came during the Fall. It was the environment that could only be associated with academia and the start of a new school year.

Arriving in the courtyard of the prestigious Shiz University was a tall girl clad in a navy blue outfit, just taking in her surroundings. Clutched in her hand was a medium sized suitcase, just big enough for the bare essentials, and a messenger bag to use during the semester.

Being very lean caused her body and facial features to look almost sharp and jagged. But upon closer viewing she had soulful brown eyes, flowing straight ink black hair in a braid, full lips, and a hint of subtle curves covered by her unflattering uniform. Of course no one noticed the exotic beauty of Elphaba Thropp, as was her name, because of her green skin that caused people to not dare be in close proximity of her.

Upon her arrival, students began to stare and whisper, trying to figure out why such an abomination could even exist. Which of course led Elphaba to just stand in the courtyard with her head down, avoiding eye contact with anyone who was sure to look at her with disgust.

"Oz, she's green!"

"I wonder if she's seasick or ate grass as a child?"

"She's hideous!"

Elphaba, after a lifetime of hearing such comments, learned to endure and keep quiet when it came to what other people thought of her. She also learned to control her quick temper and magical flareups that came from her emotional outbursts.

"Oh my Oz, I wonder if the green is contagious?"

"She's probably as sinful as her green skin."

It was not until hearing a high pitch girlish giggle that Elphaba picked her head up and noticed what she can only describe as the purest form of perfection.

Standing in the middle of a group of students being admired was a small girl with curly golden hair, bright blue eyes, and wearing the latest fashion trend. She had an excited look on her face as she laughed, blushed, and smiled at each comment she was currently receiving. Yes, Galinda Upland was no doubt turning out to be the most popular girl in Shiz.

Elphaba was instantly drawn to Galinda, while still keeping a low profile and remaining hidden from her. She couldn't help but notice the diminutive girl's soft blonde hair, pouty pink lips, and womanly curves. But most of all, her smile and the way her eyes sparkled.

"Welcome students, welcome! I am Headmistress Morrible and I welcome all of you, new and returning students, to a new year at Shiz University." Said the older woman that Elphaba and Galinda both thought strangely resembled a fish in a dress.

While Madame Morrible was making general introductions, Galinda decided to scan the other students out of curiosity. After awhile, she noticed that many students were trying hard to avoid someone but she couldn't make out who it was, because of the crowded courtyard. When she finally caught a glimpse of who was being avoided, she had to blink to make sure her eyes were not playing tricks on her. She saw a tall green girl staring straight ahead at Madame Morrible with a tense posture. Her mind was instructing her to look away and stay away from the atrocious creature yet something, very small, inside her was oddly drawn to the girl.

"Now for room assignments, returning students may excuse themselves to their old rooms and new students must stay for their assigned room and roommate." Madame Morrible said breaking Galinda's concentration on the strange green girl.

"Each room is set up for 2 people along with a bathroom to share. Now for the girl's dormitory at Crage Hall." Morrible continued before looking at a clipboard and giving out room assignments.

Both Galinda and Elphaba watched as many of the girls were being paired alphabetically and started to notice that the number of girls were diminishing after each room was given out.

"Now for Room 22...Miss Elphaba Thropp and Miss Galinda Upland." Announced Morrible before both Elphaba and Galinda made their way to the Headmistress. When Elphaba realized who her roommate was, her heart sped up and she was speechless. Galinda on the other hand was not so quiet.

"I cannot room with her!" Exclaimed Galinda as she locked eyes with Elphaba.

"Why not?" Morrible asked with a confused look on her face.

"Because look at her, she's green and disgusting!" Galinda reasoned, oblivious to the hurt in Elphaba's eyes.

"Oh my! Well you certainly are different deary." Morrible said after finally looking at Elphaba.

"However, Miss Galinda rules are rules and Miss Elphaba is to be your roommate whether you like it or not, unless safety is an issue. Otherwise roommate reassignment will be provided." Morrible directed at Galinda.

"My safety is an issue! She could give me whatever disease she has that turns skin green or she could be a beast and kill me in my sleep!" Galinda spoke to Morrible but looked at Elphaba while saying this. The hurt that Elphaba's eyes previously had quickly turned to anger.

"Well don't worry about me being in the same room as you, I'm sure you'll probably spend more time in front of a mirror to really acknowledge anything at all!" Elphaba said with anger directed at Galinda, which cause Galinda to slightly be stunned be the sound of the brunette's voice, even if she was angry. While this was taking place the lights in the lampposts were starting to flicker.

"Well it seems the artichoke is steamed." Galinda said to her group of admirers after recovering from being temporarily dazed by Elphaba.

"Why you little..." Elphaba said while the lights completely burned out and everyone next to Galinda, besides the actual blonde, started spinning.

"Enough!" Yelled Morrible, which caught Elphaba's attention and in effect stopped the students from spinning.

Elphaba realized what she did and immediately looked down in shame. "I'm so sorry."

"Do not apologize my child." Morrible said with a smile.

"But I lost control..." Elphaba started, looking confused.

"Nonsense. Do not apologize for talent." Morrible interrupted. "Have you considered a career in Sorcery?"

"No, I'm here to major in Health Sciences." Elphaba responded, all the while Galinda was still speechless from everything.

"Well I am strongly advising you to at least take some interest in Sorcery, if not to make a career out of it then to control and understand your powers more properly." Morrible persuaded, which

quickly caught Galinda's attention.

"I'm not sure." Elphaba answered, suddenly questioning her career choices.

"Who knows, maybe one day you could be powerful enough to work side by side with the Wizard. Now if you will excuse me I have many things to see to before classes start tomorrow." Morrible said before making a turn to leave.

"But what about my safety issues with this green bean, Madame?" Questioned Galinda, sounding fearful of Elphaba.

"Please Miss Galinda, nothing happened to you. If anything did, all you would have done is spin, possibly gotten a tad dizzy." Morrible said while looking at Galinda as though she was immature.

"But Madame..." Galinda tried.

"Good day Miss Upland." Morrible said as she cut Galinda off and returned to her office.

"Ugh!" Galinda grunted as her admirers took this as a cue to console the upset blonde.

Elphaba still in a shocked state from the outcome of everything, looked up to see Galinda glaring at her, along with the girl's many friends.

"You stay as far away from me as possible, do you understand?" Asked Galinda with venom in her voice.

"Yes, princess. I understand as long as you stay away from me." Elphaba answered after returning to her normal self.

Galinda huffed and walked away with her many followers carrying her things to the shared room.

"This is going to be a long year." Elphaba sighed while grabbing her suitcase and starting her walk to Room 22.