Starting Over

Chapter 1: Talk of a New School

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            "Mom I'm home." Yelled a sixteen-year-old female with long golden hair down up in two buns on the top of her head with two golden streamers coming down from the buns.

            "In the kitchen." Called out the girl's mother. The teen took off her shoes and hurriedly walked to the kitchen. "How was school today Serena? Did you get your test back?" the mother asked her daughter when she entered the kitchen. Serena looked at her mother; waist length violet hair and the same sparkling blue eyes she had, she wad holding a wooden spoon from cooking.

            "School was fine." Serena answered not looking in her mother's eyes.

            "That's good. Did you get your test back?" She asked looking at her daughter.

            "Yes." Serena said lowering her head.

            "Let me see it." Serena slowly gave her test to her mother. "A 50 percent! Serena I thought you studied for this test! I'll have to show this to your father when he gets home." Her mother said shaking her head.

            "I'm sorry." Serena muttered.

            "Bunny. I'm not angry…just a little disappointed, that's all." She said wrapping Serena in a hug. "I love you Serena and so does your father."

            "I love you too mom." Serena said hugging her mom back.

            "Why don't you go and watch TV. Today is Friday, you can do your homework tomorrow." Her mom offered.

            "Ok." Serena said smiling then skipped into the living room to watch TV. Her mother watched her daughter with sad eyes. She sighed and went back to cooking. About an hour later the door was heard opening and closing. Serena looked up form the TV and saw her father standing at the door. "Hey dad."

            "Hey baby girl. Is your mom in the kitchen?"


            "Thanks." He said walking into the kitchen.

            "Hey. Supper will be done in about an hour." Mrs. Tsukino said to her husband.

            "Where's out son? I saw Serena sitting in the living room." He asked.

            "He's up stairs playing video games." She answered.

            "Did Serena get her test back today?"

            "Yes. Here you go." She said handing their daughter's test to her husband.

            "A 50 percent?!" he said/yelled.

            " I don't know what to do with here anymore Ken. She does so poorly in school; we try to help her but it doesn't help."

            "I've been thinking about what we should do. I went and talked to the principal at her school to try to figure out what to do. He showed me a pamphlet to a school. He told me that it would be a great school for Serena." He said taking out he pamphlet from his jacket.

            "A different school? What's the difference from any other school?"

            "This school is run by a girl around Serena's age. The principal told me that at this school they could help students a lot better than public schools. The only thing that I don't really care for if that the students have dorms. But I think we should send Serena there."

            "But if there's dorms then she'll move out of here." She said sadden.

            "But it will help her. Irene, I don't want her tom move out as much as you but it's for the better." Ken reassured his wife.

            "What's this school called?"

            "The Peacecraft Academy, run by Relena Peacecraft. It's only two hours from here. And Serena can come visit us almost anytime."

            "Ok." She said sighing in defeat. "But how are we going to tell her?"

            "I'll call the school and register her in, then after I do that we'll tell her."

            "Ok." Irene said hugging her husband.

            "I'm going the school then I'll come back down stairs after I change." Ken said kissing his wife's forehead then walked upstairs. About an hour later he came back down.

            "So what'd they say?" she asked looking up from setting the table.

            "She can start tomorrow. We just send her in a cab and let her on her own. When she gets there she goes to the office to get her dorm key drops her stuff off in he dorm, then the next day go to classes."

            "Does she have to go alone?"

            "I thought that'd be best if we just say goodbye to her from here. But I did call one on her older friends Trista. She a teacher over there. She's going to help Serena move in."

            "Oh. That's nice of Trista."

            "Yes it is."

            "When should we tell Serena?"

            "I was thinking that we should tell her after dinner."

            "Oh. Well dinner's ready. Sit down I'll get the kids." Irene said walking out of the kitchen to the living room. "Serena turn off the TV. It's time for dinner."

            "Ok mom." Serena said turning off the TV and walked into the dinning room. Irene walked up the stairs and opened her son's bedroom door.

            "Sammy turn the game off. It's time for dinner."

            "Ok." Sammy said turning his Game Boy off and walked down the stairs into the dinning room with his mother. The family of four sat down at the dinning room table and sat eating in silence. After desert was served Serena and Sammy were about to stand up but their father stopped them.

            "Sit down. There's something your mother and I need to talk about Serena. I want Sammy to hear this. Serena, I'm very disappointed on the grade you got on the test. Me and your mother have been thinking about what we should do to help you. We've decided that we're sending you to a different school. The school is two hours away from here; they have dorms so you don't have to worry about a place to live. You'll leave tomorrow. Your friend Trista is a teacher there so she'll help you get situated. Classes start in two days, so you'll have a day to get situated before you go to classes."

            "I don't want to. I want to stay at the school I'm in now." Serena said with tears in her eyes.

            "You are going and that's final! Go up stairs and start packing. You're leaving at one tomorrow, that way you can say goodbye o your friends." Her father said sternly.

            "Fine." Serena said standing up, and then ran into her room to start packing.

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