Starting Over

Chapter 3: Peacecraft Academy

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"I'm sure you'll enjoy being at Peacecraft Academy." Trista stated a half an hour into the car ride. Serena smiled brightly at the older woman.

"I hope I will. What is it like at the school?" Serena questioned, trying to learn more about her new school to prepare herself on what to expect.

"Well," Trista started taking a glance at her curious Princess out of the corner of her eye. "Classes are two hours long with three classes a day with a block schedule, meaning that classes are longer but you don't have the same class everyday- rather every other day. You'll be taking the basic classes for your first semester and the second semester you might get more different choices. You will share a dorm with one other, who has already been notified that you're coming today."

"Who am I sharing a dorm with?" Serena questioned.

"You'll find that out when we arrive there." Trista said mysteriously.

"Okay." Serena said rolling her Crystal blue eyes at her older friend. "So what's an average day like there?"

"Classes start at 8:00am. The classes you'll be taking are Math, Science, English Lit., Politics, Physical Education, and History. Classes are two hours long with ten minute passing time and an hour and a half Lunch. Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays you have Math 8:00am to 10:00am, Science 10:10am to 12:10pm, Lunch 12:10pm to 1:40pm, and English Lit. 1:40pm to 3:40pm. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays- Politics, Physical Education, Lunch and History- with the same time schedule. There is still a curfew that is applied, even though students stay in dorms, which is 10:00pm.

"There is a cafeteria which Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided but students can make their own meals in their rooms, or can go out to get your meals. If you follow the rules, which are in the handbook you'll get when you arrive, you'll be fine. If you break the rules there will be discipline. Which could range from detentions to getting privileges taken away, such as not being able to leave the grounds for a certain length of time.

"The student dorms are like small apartments. They have a living room, kitchen with a small dinning area, a bathroom and bedrooms. The students apartments' bedrooms range from one to three. You will be sharing with one other person. On Holidays students can go home and spend with families and sometimes you can get permission, by hard work and following the rules, the Principal will allow students to leave town for the weekend to visit families. I think that's about it. Any questions?"

"What if something happens back home scout wise?" Serena questioned the older shenshi.

"Oh yes. If something comes up and we are needed I can take us back." Trista answered.

"What will others say if we just up and leave?"

"I informed teachers and the Principal that family emergencies arise and being a cold family friend I will sometimes have to pull you out of class. they all think that there's someone very ill in the family is all." Trista informed her Princess.

"Looks like you practically came up with everything so far."

"That is my job." Pluto claimed. The rest of the ride went quietly with small talk here and there.


"Here we are." Trista announced as she pulled her car into the school grounds entrance, after two hours of driving. The school was a astonishingly large castle like structure with a vast sprawling grassy land with winding walkways, which students currently scattered across doing various activities. Off to the side of the school yards away began the student dorms/apartments which seemed to go on for miles.

"Wow!" Serena exclaimed, amazed by the sheer size of it all. "This place is huge." Her sparkling blue eyes trying to take everything in.

"Yes it is fairly large. The Peacecraft Academy is one of the finest boarding school and the largest in the world. The town was basically designed around the school and mostly for the students and teachers. Relena Peacecraft built this school after the wars for a place for students to get a good education, plus for the surrounding towns to get more businesses to thrive with all the students coming through." Trista explained.

"This must of cost my parents a fortune to send me here." Serena said looking down, ashamed that her mistakes were costing human family.

"It does cost a bit. But there's nothing to worry about. The payments are being taken care of and it's not costing your parents a thing." Trista replied winking.

"Thank you Pluto. You're so good to me, even if I don't deserve it."

"You do deserve it Princess, you deserve the best. The Queen and I both think that this is the best thing for you. We believe it will help you grow up and help you take on responsibilities. Your mother thinks that this school will help you to become the Great Queen we all know you'll be. You never know, maybe you'll find your soul mate."

"Thanks Plu." Serena said smiling at her friend and protector.

"Anytime Serenity. Now lets get going. I'll show you around the school tomorrow. Let me show you to your dorm and get you situated in your room." Serena nodded, helped Trista grab her bags then followed her in to one of the student dorms. They entered Building #5 then went to the elevator and went up to the second floor. When the elevator doors pinged open they exited the hoist and walked down the hall stopping at Apartment 2B then knocked on the door as to not suddenly intrude in on her new room mate. The door opened reveling a young man who appeared to be of Chinese descendent with his almond shaped dark eyes and dark hair pulled back into a tight ponytail.

"Ms. Meioh." The man claimed politely, some what confused.

"Mr. Chang. I'm here to get our new student situated, whom will be sharing the apartment with you." Trista said. He opened the door wider to let the two in, closing the door behind them. "Mr. Chang, this is Serena Tsukino. Serena this if Wufei Chang."

"Hello. It's nice to meet you." Serena said politely, bowing slightly.

"Hn." Was all she got for a reply. Frowning she turned her attention to Trista.

"Let's get you things into your room." Trista said walking to the unused bedroom. Serena followed , closing the bedroom door behind them.

"What was that about?" Serena questioned, setting her bags down on the floor.

"Wufei isn't a very social person. He will make sure you're safe though."

"Make sure I'm safe? Why wouldn't I be safe?" Serena inquired.

"If anything should arise he will make sure you're safe. Not that I expect anything to happen. Plus he has a group of friends whom I know you'll get along with fine." Trista clarified. Serena nodded then glanced around her room. It had a bed that was stripped to the mattress, a dresser, closet, desk and a window that had a small balcony.

"I bought you some new sheets and blankets, they're in the closet and I also got you this," Trista reached into her space pocket and pulled out a laptop. "You'll need it for school. There's a printer in the closet so you can print off typed homework and you can access the internet from anywhere on the school grounds. Did you need any help unpacking, Princess?"

"No. Thanks again Plu." Serena said hugging the Time Senshi after her new laptop was set down on the desk.

"You're welcome Princess." Trista replied returning the hug. "Now I should get going. I have papers to grade. I'll come get you tomorrow morning. If you need anything before then call me on your communicator." The two then left the bedroom and returned to the living room where Wufei was sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Wufei," Trista started, the young man turned his attention to her. "When classes start I want you to help Serena get to her classes okay? I expect you and your friends make Serena feel welcome and help her out."

"Yes Madam." Wufei said, his tome even.

"Thank you Wufei. I'll see you tomorrow Serena. Get a good nights sleep." Trista commented opening the door. "Bye." then left the apartment, closing the Door behind her.

Serena feeling a little uncomfortable returned to her room. After the bedroom door closed she let out a large sigh and started to unpack and find homes for her things. About an hour later she took a step back and surveyed her new room. Pictures of her family and friends covered the walls and table tops. Her new sheets and blankets-dark blue with silver and gold moons and stars- given to her by Trista covered her bed. She was interrupted by her musings by her stomach growling in hunger. She frowned, bouncing the idea of going out and asking Wufei if there was anything to eat, but was cut short by a knock on her door. Curious she opened the door revealing a young man with blond hair and kind blue eyes.

"Hello. You must be Serena Tsukino. I'm Quatre Winner, one of Wufei's friends. I was wondering if you would like to join us for dinner.

"Hello. Uh...sure. Thank you." Serena replied, a light blush residing in her cheeks. Then followed him to the living room. Serena's eyes scanned the four guys- including Wufei- sitting sprawled out in various spots around the room.

"Guys this is Serena Tsukino, Wufei's room mate. Serena this is Duo Maxwell," Quatre started.

"You never said that your room mate is so pretty Wu-man." Duo said, his violet eyes raking her form then grabbed his long braided brown hair and hugged it to him when Wufei growled. Serena blushed a rose red.

"Trowa Barton," Serena turned her attention to the tall male with green eyes, one being covered by his brown bangs. "and Heero Yuy" switching over to the male with cold Persian blue eyes and messy dark brown hair. She quickly turned her attention back to Quatre at Heero's hard glare and frown.

"Dinner's ready." Quatre announced to the others, then guided the female to the dinning table, where six plates of spaghetti sat in front of six chairs. He sat down next to where he sat Serena while the others came in and sat down. "Hope you like spaghetti. I just made the easiest thing."

"I love spaghetti. Thank you Quatre." Serena replied smiling at the blond boy.

"So Serena, why did you move to this school?" Duo asked, trying to start up a conversation as they all dug into their food.

"Oh. Well, my parents wanted me to go to a new school in hopes that I will do better with school work." Serena confessed. "They decided this school because Trista is a family friend so I would have someone I know here."

"Ms. Meioh?" Quatre questioned.

"Yes. I've known her my whole life." The rest of dinner was fairly silent. When everyone finished Serena stood up to help with the dishes.

"You don't have to help Serena. I really don't mind." Quatre said, when she was about to open her mouth to protest.

"Okay. Thank you Quatre for dinner." Serena said smiling brightly at him.

"No problem."

"It was nice to meet you all." Serena said. "I think I'm going to retire for the night." Then walked back to her room, grabbed her pajamas and went into the bathroom to do her nightly routine. She slipped out of the bathroom, hearing the TV on in the living room and the guys voices carrying to the hall, then entered her room. Falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


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