So, I am officially the worst updater. But Merry Christmas to all of you! For this special occasion I have written up many Christmas drabbles for various couples that seemed to get longer the more I wrote them. I'm sure that's absolutely fine with you however so I left them. Warning for guy/guy kissing, kissing in general, and fluffiness. You'll be fine.

As I said before, Merry Christmas, and I hope you like it!

Setting: It was a rather large party held at the Bellos home with the women dressed up in slinky cocktail dresses and the men in suits. Mistletoe hung from the rafters and egg nog was being served in the kitchen. Christmas music blasted through the stereos over the sound of laughter and clinking glasses of wine.

"Give me my egg nog back," Cleo shrieked with laughter, reaching up desperately to grab her glass away from her taller boyfriend.

"I'm checking to see if it's poisoned," Theon smiled innocently down at her.

Her heels were not helping as she jumped up, her fingers fumbling for the drink.

"It's not poisoned, you idiot," Cleo rolled her eyes, giving up.

Theon raised his eyebrow and took a small swig from her glass.

He took a minute debating about the taste and it's possible poisoned content. "I don't think it's poisoned," he confirmed. "But I better drink the rest just to test."

Cleo gave him a glare that could kill an army and he chuckled before handing her back the beverage.

"Thank you, good sir," she said sarcastically.

"Anything for you, my lady," Theon said solemnly, a small smile betraying his joke.

Cleo took a large gulp from her drink to hide the smile that was threatening to show itself to him. She did not think this was amusing. Nope. Not a bit. ... Well, maybe.

Emilia sat in the corner of the room, her nose buried in a book as she tried ignoring all the sounds in the room. She was right at the climax of the entire story and the hero was revealing their final play that would either turn for the worse or the better when...

"Stop being antisocial," a voice said behind her.

Emilia sighed, slipping her bookmark into the books pages as she turned to look behind her. Her finger remained in its place on the page where she was reading. "Simon," she greeted.

Simon was leaning against the windowsill with his hand casually tucked in his pockets. "Merry Christmas."

Emilia smiled and her book was placed carefully on her lap but not quite put away, "Merry Christmas," she said in reply.

With sparkling eyes Simon pulled himself away from the wall and extended his hand out to her, each movement minimizing the chance of her returning to her fantasy world. "Want to dance?" he asked.

Her gaze shifted to her not yet forgotten book. "I should-"

"It's Christmas, Emilia," he interrupted lightly. "Dance with me."

After a small hesitance the book was placed on the windowsill, not to be touched until the next day. Emilia took Simon's hand and his smile was blinding as he lead her farther into the room.

Hands shifted, his to her waist and hers to his neck. The Christmas music drifted smoothly around them and the pair followed it just as gracefully.

"Thank you," Emilia said softly, unsure what she was thanking him for but knowing he deserved to be thanked. Maybe it was just for their love. She was thankful for their love and he was the one person she could think of thanking for it.

"No, thank you," Simon replied.

"Hello, loves," Ashur greeted Nic and his sister Mira from where they were sitting on the couch with a couple other friends.

"Hey, Ashur," Nic nodded.

The man slipped himself in between the two siblings, his arms resting behind them. "What are you lovely people talking about?"

"We're betting on how long it will take Lysandra and Jonas to get together," Mira explained. "I say it will happen within the week. Nic here says it'll take longer."

Ashur raised his eyebrows at Nic and he shrugged. "They're both pretty stubborn."

"I bet it will happen before midnight," Ashur announced boldly.

"You're on," Mira grinned and Nic could practically see her counting her earned money already.

"Great," Ashur said brightly before standing. "I'll get us some drinks, just to make the bet official. Nic, my good friend, why don't you come with. We wouldn't make your dear sister get her own, yes?"

"Yes, Nic. You wouldn't, would you?" Mira said smugly.

Nic stood with a groan and a roll of his eyes. "Of course not sis."

The two men made their way towards the kitchen, maneuvering their way around dancing pairs and a couple of chatting groups who hadn't managed to snag a couch. It was quiet between them. Nic was just about to start a conversation when Ashur suddenly stopped him pointing upwards.

"Mistletoe," he whispered mischievously.

Nic followed his gaze and sure enough there was a large clump of it pinned to the archway to the kitchen. His mind whirred frantically. Would they just pretend they hadn't seen it? Or would they actually kiss? He wasn't sure which he wanted more and it confused him.

Before he could overthink it he felt a pair of lips on his own. Ashur. It was light but confident and... addicting. But as soon as it started it was over leaving Nic blinking stupidly as Ashur winked at him before going off to get their drinks.

Nic grinned stupidly and as much as he tried some other expression it wouldn't go away.

Ashur had kissed him. He didn't like boys but it was possible he liked this particular one a little more than he should.

Lucia was bored out of her mind. She sat on one of the bar stools near the wall watching couples dance and kiss under the mistletoe or just simply hold hands. That's what she wanted. Someone who she could do all of that stuff with.

As if on cue a familiar handsome- no, gorgeous- looking man sat on the stool right next to her.

"Hello," she greeted politely. "Do I know you?"

The man looked over and smiled. It was a simple smile but a beautiful one. "No, I don't believe you do," he said in return. "I'm Alexius."

"Lucia," she told him.

"Beautiful name," Alexius smiled again, extending his arm out to her for her to shake. "It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," Lucia said and she believed what she said. She shook his hand.

It was quiet for a moment as they both considered each other.

"Do you believe in a higher being such as a god or goddess?" Alexius suddenly asked and Lucia started.


He carefully repeated the question.

"No, I don't," she replied after a beat of silence. "Why do you ask?"

"Conversation starter," Alexius shrugged. "You look like you could use a good conversation... No one should be alone on Christmas."

Lucia smiled. "Thank you."

There was that beautiful smile again and she would do anything to see it once more.

"What if I told you that I once knew a goddess?"

"I'd ask if you meant this literally."

"Absolutely. Her magic was beyond measure. I loved her, once upon a time... You look just like her."

Lucia looked at him oddly. A goddess? She felt she should be jealous of this past woman. She could also be wondering if he was only talking to her because of the supposed resemblance. But she had so such thoughts or feelings. It was probably because she had just met him. But maybe it had something to do with the fact she felt like she already knew him somehow...

"Thank you?"

He was still smiling and her stomach was flipping. Was he physically unable to stop smiling? It seemed like it and she didn't really mind.

"It's a compliment," Alexius reassured her. "I did after all just compare you to a goddess."

Yes, this was going to be a good year, Lucia thought.

Jonas and Lysandra had somehow found themselves in a situation. A game of monopoly had been sitting on one of the tables and now they both seemed to believe they would win.

"Ha!" Lysandra exclaimed as she moved her small shoe piece. "I've got Boardwalk."

"Well, I have Park Place," Jonas countered amusedly as he took his turn. "And you can't do anything with Boardwalk until you have it."

Lysandra smirked at him challengingly. "I wouldn't underestimate my bargaining skills if I were you."

"I wouldn't underestimate mine," Jonas replied. "Speaking of which, as it is my turn, I believe I have the rights to try and make a deal for myself."

"Try me," Lysandra said, leaning back against her chair.

"I will trade both my orange properties for Boardwalk."

Lysandra yawned. "No thank you."

"Come on, Lys! You'd have a monopoly with this deal!" Jonas exclaimed.

"So would you. Highest monopoly on the board actually."

"Orange is more landed on," Jonas prompted.

Lysandra looked contemplative. "True. But no."

Jonas' expression turned downright devious and Lysandra almost shuttered. "What if I add in a kiss?"

She couldn't actually agree to this, right? If she did, there was a high chance that she would be doomed by the time she made it around the board again. Then again… she was always good at maneuvering her way around.


So they kissed.

It was just part of the game, it didn't mean anything. Why would it? When they pulled away Jonas grinned handsomely at her and slid her the two cards he had offered to trade. And she slid him Boardwalk. Her mind was no longer on the game and she forced it to return.

Houses slowly piled onto the property spaces and a couple rounds later Lysandra landed on her old Boardwalk property and was forced to hand over all her money and mortgage almost all of the rest of her spaces. She found she didn't even mind especially when Jonas was holding her hand under the table.


Two men could be found leaning against a back wall looking miserable and paying each other no mind. Magnus was watching a blonde haired girl across the room laughing with a handsome knight-in-shining armor looking man. Felix was watching a pile of curly hair play monopoly with one of his handsome friends.

"Unrequited love, am I right?" Magnus slurred, noticing Felix for the first time.

It was clear both of them had had a little too much alcohol.

"What a pain," Felix agreed.

"What are two handsome men like us doing drinking ourselves into a corner!? On Christmas of all day!" Magnus continued in true drunken splendor.

Felix nodded in approval with a few grunts. It was quiet as they appraised each other.

"Maybe we should…" Felix faded off drunkenly, gesturing between the two of them.

"What?" Magnus stared blankly.

"Maybe…" Felix tried repeated before giving up. "Never mind."

Magnus raised his eyebrow. "Maybe," he said.

They inched closer and closer and closer but they never seemed to meet. Until they did and the instant they met both of them jumped away as if they had been shocked, both wiping their mouths.

"Never again," Magnus spit out.

Felix was too busy trying to rid his mouth of any possible germs to answer.

"We never speak of this," he said once he finished.


Felix went off on his own and Magnus grabbed another alcohol drink hoping that maybe he would wake up with no memory of this particular Christmas.