phoenix wright SPEED atorney

by jakkid166

one day pheonix wright was in his office because he wanted to defend someone but he wasnt geting any murders recently. when suddenly the phone rang. "hello?" he said and then he was SUCKED THROUGH THE PHONE!

"ugggh" he said while he was waking up "where am i" he said

"your on mobies" said a voice

"oh ok" said phoenix and he looked up and saw a blue hedgehog looking at him

"GAAAAAH" he screamed and jumped up and saw sonic th ehedgehog, a blue hedgehog who can run REALLY fast and is super cool

"what're you scared of? im just a hedgehiog" he said

"but hedgehogs cant talk" said phoneix

"yeah well i can and i need you to defend my friend" said sonic

"ok who is your friend" said phoenix

"my friend is name tails and ill bring you to the jail to see him" said sonic"

"ok" said phoenix


"hi phoenix wright" said tails

"hi tails" said phoenix "how did you get here"

"someone said i murdered big the cat but i didnt" sad tails

"dont worry ill defend you" said phoenix "whats your name"

"my name is miles prower but the name miles is stupid so just call me tails"

"ok" said phoenix

phoenix went to the crime scene to find evidence

"stop right there" said knuckles

"who are you said wright"

"i am kuckles and i cannot let you go to this crime scene" said knuckle who was a police officer

"but im an attorney" said phoenix

"ok but dont touch anything" said knuckles

phoenix went to the crime scene and saw big the cat laying on hte ground dead

"this is bad" said phoenix

phoenix looked around and found a chaos emerald


phoenix was nervous that he would lose the trial to sonic give him a pep talk

"dont worry phoenix you will win it for me" said sonic

"thanks sonic" said phoenix "i promise i will win the trail"

they went into the courtroom

"court is in session" said the judge

"the defese is ready your honor" said phoenix

"the prosecution is ready your honor" said eggman

"eggman what are you doing here?" said sonic

"simple i am here to get revenge on you for beating me" said eggman

"well i am going to beat you again" said phoenix

"well see about that" said eggman "i call my first witness, shadow the hedgehog"

shadow the hedgehog came on the stand

"i am shadow the hedgehog" said shadow the hedgehog

"please testify" said eggman

"fine" said shadow the hedgehog

the murder -

"so i was passing by the forest and i saw tails kill big the cat"

"he stabbed him with a knife"

"he should go to jail for his crime"

"OBJECTION" said wright "there arent fingerprints of tails on the knife"

"thats because he wears gloves stupid" said shadow and phoenix got penilized

"damn it" said phoenix "wait but what about the chaos emerald"

"whats a chaos emerald" said the judge

"a chaos emerald can be used by shadow to do stuff" said sonic

"this means shadow could have used the chaos emerald to kill big the cat because it was at the crime scene!" said phoenix

"hah you can't prove it" said miles

"yes i can" said phoenix

"WTF HOW" said eggman

"there was no fingerprints on the knife yes because of gloves but there was also no glove prints on the knife which means nobody actually touched the knife which means nobody was able to use it except for shadow who used chaos control to kill big the cat!" said phoenix

"NOOOOOOOOO" said shadow "fine i killed him"

"YES" said phoenix "I WON"

"ill get you for this phoenix" said eggman but then sonic jumped on his face


"thanks for saving me" said tails

"no problem" said sonic

"um i saved you" said phoenix

"we should eat some chili dogs now" said sonic

"ok" said tails and phoenix

but then phoenix was sucked back to his office and he was stuck with maya and burgers

"fuck i hate burgers" said phoenix