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Heartache and Pain: Loving Life

Chapter Eighteen: Epilogue

~Three Years Later~

Erik's POV

It had been three years since being in Paris and Charlene becoming paralysed. We still live in our current home, although with some slight alterations. I managed to install a stair lift, as well as special kitchen counters, which rise and lower, depending on who is using them at the time. Allowing Charlene to still cook in the kitchen, with some assistance from me to retrieve items from the cupboards and top part of the fridge. As the doctors predicted, Charlene never regained full use of her legs.

She passed her floristry course with flying colours and she now works as a florist in her own shop. I hired a manager to work with her, as she knows it will be too stressful and difficult to deal with finances and managing a company. She called the shop 'Phantasmal Flowers', after the blog she created as a digital portfolio, when she was studying.

We never had any more children, but Charlene was happy with having three beautiful children to look after. We also received the news that Rosa May was Autistic, just like her mother, when she turned four. Charlene suspected something was different about her, but was unable to get a diagnosis until she turned four. Although there was a moment, when we had to persuade the GP, to get her admitted for tests, as they didn't believe she was Autistic. Although according to Charlene, she was told she had similar issues too, when she was getting diagnosed, as her symptoms didn't fit their criteria. Eventually however, Rosa May was diagnosed with the same type of Autism as her mother; High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder. At least we can organise support for her, in time for when she starts school this September. The twins are about to start secondary school, and they will be joined by Stefan who will be starting also. However, the twins are showing no signs of sharing their sister's disability. Although, even though Rosa May is disabled, she will always be My Little Rose. There were times however, when Charlene felt low after Rosa May's diagnosis. Her self confidence certainly took a knock after finding out the news. I think she believed she failed as a mother; for not noticing earlier and for passing the disability to her daughter. But I vowed to myself, that I will prove to Charlene that I love her, and our daughter, no matter what life throws at us. Because even though some moments weren't so perfect and some memories weren't so sweet; I feel we have to know some bad times, or our lives feel incomplete. So even though we've had our fair share, of imperfect moments and bitter memories, I am loving life and I wouldn't have it any other way...