Phoenix Rising

I don't know why I've decided to finely sit down and type out this story; I've been going over it in my head for mouths now. It probably has absolutely no baring on the accepted events of the BattleTech universe, but I just can stop think about what happed in Exodus road, and wondering what else ComStar was up to back then. *********************************************************************

Clan Jade Falcon landing zone, Prezno Plain, Tukayyid, Free Rasalhague Republic,

He'd been unconscious for many hours when the salvage team found him. Using heavy cutting equipment, they cut the remains of his Mech's cockpit from around his badly burned body. Carefully, perhaps even more so then his own people would have, they pulled the warrior from his command-couch.

The med-tech overseeing the operation took a moment to look at the surrounding terrain: over a dozen Mech's had fallen to the warrior they where trying to save. Who ever he was, he was one hell of a Mech-Jock.

ComStar emergency medical-centre, Prezno Plain, Tukayyid, Free Rasalhague Republic,

The Med-Techs cutaway the still unconscious warriors uniform. Medical sensors where attached to his chest and arms. Blood samples where taken and cross-matched with units from the blood bank. Painkillers where administered to relive what pain he must have been felling.

The doctor in charge of the treatment turned to the med-tech who had brought his patient in "Is this him, the one everyone has been talking about?" The med-tech nodded "It's him. We cut him out of his Mad Cat, sorry, Timber Wolf, less than an hour ago. You should have seen the carnage he inflicted. Over a dozen Mech's ever killed or disabled, another dozen damaged. They say a lucky his from a SRM launcher knocked him out." The doctor checked the MechWarriors pulse "He'll live."

"You think their send him back to his Clan?" Asked the med-tech. The doctor shook his head "No, the orders say to send this one to ROM for questioning. Their send back a DNA sample and tell the Falcons he died." The doctor allowed himself a slight chuckle "just think, in a year or two he may be piloting a Mech for us. What was his name again?" The med-tech held up a small hand-held computer to the Codex bracelet on the patients arm "Star Colonel Aidan Pryde of the Falcon Guard's."