Phoenix Rising, part nine.

Sharpsburg, Blair Atholl, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, 27 Feb 3065.

Precentor Simon Clearwater stood patiently during the meeting between Khan Marthe Pryde and General Adam Steiner. The recent sees fire between Lyran and Jade Falcon forces had given him the chance he needed. He stood in the shadows as Adam Steiner and Archer Christifori left the meeting room. The next person to leave the room was the one he was weighting for: Star Captain Diana Pryde.

He slowly stepped from the shadows and caught her eye. She span round, drawing her pistol "Who are you, and why are you here?" Clearwater smiled "Relax Diana Pryde, my name is Simon Clearwater, and I am here to deliver a package that was placed in my care several years ago." He slowly took the CD-ROM from his pocket and handed it to the Star Captain. "Now, if you don't mind, I must be off." With that, he walked away.

Later that night, Diana Pryde sat in her quarters and played the CD-ROM. the face that appeared on the screen was that of her father. The image smiled "Hello Diana: If you are watching this, then my friend Simon Clearwater has been able to get it to you, and I am dead. This will not be a shock to you, but what will be is that I did not die on Tukayyid: I was pulled from the remains of my Mech and made a bondsman of ComStar. I was sent to Terra to teach at he Sandhurst military academy. At the time of recording this, it is 3058, and Word of Blake forces are invading Terra. I will not survive the battle that will take place tomorrow. There are only ten MechWarriors left, and there is no way we can be victorious against the Word of Blake forces set against us."

"I have spent a lot of time thinking of you, and I have been able to follow your career through intelligence reports. I am proud of you, and all you have accomplished. I wish I could tell you this all to your face, but that is not to be. All I can say is this: you are my daughter, and I love you. You may not understand these words, or why I say them, but they are true. I wish you luck and success in your life. Goodbye, Diana." The image faded.