Chapter 1: Curio's Blue Prints

Fourteen years has passed after ENEME was defeated by Kirby the Star Warrior and now Kirby was Fourteen years old, he learned to talk and act mature a bit but he stil likes to eat a lot but he does watch what he eats as he calls that what happened when he ate the mysterious potato chips.

Dedede was bored after ENEME's defeat and Escargoon was bored as well. Tiff, Tuff, and their Cappy friends were nearly adults considering that they were older than Kirby when he arrived on Dream Land.

Chef Kawaski was still trying to improve his food as always. Meta Knight was training Sirica, Knuckle Joe, and Tuff in the hills by Kirby's house to be future Star Warriors incase another threat approaches.

Dedede was in his throne room sitting on his big chair and Escargoon was taking a walk in Cappy Town.

He then saw Curio walking into his shop with a three wrapped up papers. (Hmm.)" He thought with curiousity.

Curio just put the bag next to his door and went in the back. Escargoon took a peek at one of the wrapped up papers and saw strange blue prints which seemed to resemble the Transporter machine that he and the King used to get Monsters.

Escargoon looked around to see anyone saw him. "(These blue prints should interest the King.)" He thought smirking.

He ran fast into the castle and found the King in his throne room. Dedede was sleeping on his chair and Escargoon began shake the chair so the King would wake up.

"Sire Sire!' He said. "Wha..what?" The king asked rubbing his eyes. "Look at these blue prints." The snail said handing the king the blue prints.

Dedede looked at the blue prints. "Where'd did you get these?"

"Curio had these so I just took them and wanted to show you these papers." Escargoon explained. The King putting his hand on his chin. "Let's go see Curio."

"Why sire?" Escargoon asked. "Just follow me." The king said. The two crooks made their way to Curio's shop.

Curio was looking around for the blue prints when he saw Dedede and Escargoon arrive with the papers. "Hey those are mine!" He shouted. "Relax old timer we'll give these if you tell who gave these to you." Dedede said.

Curio groaned but did what the King said. "Oh alright come inside my shop and I'll explain everything."

Curio sat down on a wooden chair while Dedede and Escargoon sat on a wide couch. "Alright here's what's going on." Curio began to say.

"The blue prints were sent here by a old friend mine who passed away when I was young man but before his death he gave me these blue prints." Curio expalined. "Why did your old friend give these blue prints for?" Dedede asked.

Curio was just about continue when the door opened. Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Sirica, Knuckle Joe, and Meta Knight arrived. "What are Dedede and Escargoon doing here?" Tiff asked. "Funny I was wondering the same thing?" Escargoon asked. "Same with me?" Dedede said.

Tuff noticed the blue prints. "What are those?" He asked pointing at the papers. "Dedede I suggest that Kirby and his friends should listen to this." Curio said. Dedede shrugged. Kirby and his friends approached.

"As I was saying that these blue prints will help us make the Transporter that Dedede used to get monsters from Nightmare Enterprises will able us to travel through different worlds." Curio explained. "What did your friend leave these blue prints with you?" Meta Knight asked. "Well my friend was a guy that worked on technalogy and he designed these blue prints so he entrusted the blue prints to me incase we found out that other worlds that would need help." Curio explained again.

"Sounds cool!" Tuff said in excited tone. "Well how long will take to rebuild the transporter?" Dedede asked. "Well if we work together it should take a few months." Curio replied. "All I need is for you all follow my instructions on these blue prints and we can try to to travel to other worlds."

"Let's get to work then." Tuff proclaimed. "Hold on, is this really nessesary?" Tiff asked. "We'll just have to see." Kirby said.

The gang then made a decsion that they would start the next day to rebuild the transporter before they went back home to get some rest.

Kirby was asleep in his own bed in the house that his friends made after the battle with Blocky.

As Kirby fell asleep he began to dream but this dream was strange.

He found himself in a strange forest. "Where am I?" he asked himself. He began to walk around and then he saw a young man being chased by a several beautiful girls. He just about to find out what was going when floating light approached him. It was a fairy,a beautiful fairy with long red hair, with white wings, and a ruby dress.

"Who are you?" Kirby asked. "I'm here to give you a message that'll help you on your journey." The fairy replied. "What is your messsage?" Kirby asked. "This place will be in danger so the young man who lives here will need help from you and your friends that in live Dream Land." The Fairy explained. "His own power is strong but he'll need help.

"What is the name of the young man?" Kirby asked. "Kenshi." The Fairy replied. "Why are those girls chasing him?" The pink Star Warrior asked.

The Fairy was gone and then Kirby aburptly woke up.

"Was that a dream or a prophecy?" Kirby asked himself and he began to turn his head around but no sign of the Fairy.

the next day the transporter Curio was giving his instructions on his first blue print to Kirby and the others by telling what parts and tools they need to rebuild the parts of the transporter that was previously used on the Monster Transporter.

They had help from Gus who was using the tools with Kirby and Tuff help. Chef Kowaski was making meals when Kirby and the others took lunch breaks which Kirby still loves except for his friends.

Several weeks later the Trasporter was nearly complete. One day Kirby was training with Meta Knight along with Sirica, Tuff, and Knuckle Joe. "Man going to other worlds seems like fun." Tuff said. "Indeed we might meet new creatures." Knuckle Joe said.

Meta Knight then noticed that Kirby was thinking about something meaning that something was on his mind.

"Umm Sirica, Tuff, and Knuckle Joe we're done for the day so you should all go back to the castle." The Star Warrior said. The three then said goodbye and went home to the castle.

"Kirby we need to talk." He said.

Kirby and Meta Knight were on the hill where Kirby's house is and they sat on the grass. "Kirby, is something your mind?" He asked the pink star warrior. "I had strange dream of some sort." He replied. "What was this dream like?" Meta Knight asked.

Kirby explained to Meta Knight what was his dream like. Meta Knight was puzzled at first but he wondered if this fairy Kirby speaks of needs them to help this young man Kenshi and his people in his world. "What is this world that the Fairy speaks of?"

"I don't know she disappeared and then I woke up meaning I didn't get a chance to ask." Kirby replied.

later that night everyone went to home to get some sleep. Kirby was sleeping in his bed and then he started to move in his sleep.

Kirby then woke up again in the strange world. "This place again?" He asked quietly. "This world is Geminar." A voice said. Kirby turned around and saw the fairy he met in his previous dream. "(Geminar is the name of this world?") He thought. "What kind of threat is coming to that world and what I can I do?" The pink star warrior asked. "Something you nor that young man Kenshi can't do alone." The Fairy replied. "What does that mean?" Kirby asked.

The Fairy ignored the question instead she put her left arm straight out and hand some kind of ring with a Ruby Gem appeared in her hand.

She then flew towards Kirby and handed the ring over to him. "What is this ring for?" He asked. "Listen I heard you have the ability to copy powers from your enemies by sucking their weapons or attacks." The Fairy said. "Yeah." Kirby answered.

"This ring will come in handy when you and your friends arrive in Geminar but remember this don't use the ring until you get there and when the time comes." The Fairy said. She then noticed Kirby was puzzled. "What do you mean?" The Pink Star Warrior asked. "That's all I can tell you for now." The Fairy replied.

"What is your name though?" Kirby asked. "My name is no importantance for now." The Fairy replied as she disappeared. Kirby ran after her but then he woke up. He then realized he fell out of bed.

The transporter was nearly complete. Curio was looking at his third blue print. "If we manage to get this done by sunset then we should be able start traveling through different dimensions." Curio said. "Cool!" Tuff said.

Several hours later Tiff, Tuff, and their cappy friends were taking a lunch break but as usually Kowaski's food was still a bad though Lady Like and Sir Ebrum offfered to make them lunch.

Sir Ebrum made the same lunch he made when his wife went out with her friends. Kirby was helping Curio putting a few more parts to the transporter machine.

One hour later Kirby and Curio came in the dinning Room. "Its finished now all we can do is get some rest for night and then we can start our new little journey to other dimensions." Curio said. Everyone cheered and from the door was Dedede and Escargoon both were eavesdropping.

Tiff noticed Kirby was troubled. "Hey what's with you?"

Everyone else noticed Kirby seemed troubled. He began to explain about the strange dreams he's been having lately. "Oh my." Lady Like said. "Hmm what is this dream like?" Knuckle Joe asked. "There's a beautiful fairy appearing my dream and she said to help some young man named Kenshi." He replied. "Who's Kenshi?" Sirica asked. Kirby told them that he saw the young man being chased by girls which made some snicker and make puzzled faces. "Sounds like this Kenshi is ladies' man." Tuff joked. "Well whatever Kirby's dream is telling him it must be important." Tiff added. "Right considering a young man like this Kenshi being chased by girls is a bad thing." Knuckle Joe said laughing.

Sirica and Tiff glared at Joe. "I was just joking its not a bad thing." He said covering his face with his arms."

"Anyway let's just get a goodnight sleep and we'll take about this tomorrow." Meta Knight said.

It was a long day for them Kirby was still thinking about this Geminar world and why Kenshi needs help but he does know it hasn't anything to do about those girls who were chasing him.

Kirby then fell asleep.

a short time later he began to dream and then he heard the Fairy's voice. "Kirby, your journey to the world Geminar is about to start." The Fariy said. "How will we get there?" He asked.

Fairy took out a strange Gem which was red. "What's this?" He asked. 'This Gem is a shiny object that can be only found in Geminar." The Fairy explained.

"What do I need this for?" Kirbyasked. "It'll come in handy trust me." The Fairy said.

"What is your name?" The Pink Star Warrior asked. "My name is Joan Queen of the Fairies." She replied. "Years go my ansectors were wiped out by evil Mecha Masters who use giant robots called Mechanoids as for me I'm a spirit whose been killed by these evil Mecha Masters after my homeland was attacked though other people in that world don't know about us I was able to use some of my power to connect anyone with a pure heart."

"Isn't Kenshi nice?" Kirby asked. "Yes he's very kind but it would take all my powes to find him let alone connect him in his dreams." Joan explained. "How were you able to contact my through my dreams if you're from another world?" Kirby asked. Joan pointed at the gem. "That Gem was able to give me enough power contact you but only in your dreams I would've used this to contact Kenshi but I realized this new threat in his world would be really tough when he faced a different evil that threaten Geminar.

"Anyway unlike your world Kirby these people are humans so when you enter this world you and friends you all will be changed if you all have a pure heart which you and your friends do." Joan said. "What about Dedede, and Escargoon though they're still pretty selfish sometimes."

"True." Joan replied. "Will they go into they both go into this change?" Kirby asked. "The King and Escargoon have a long way to go." Joan replied. "What do you mean," Kirby asked but Joan decided to ignore the question.

"Well anyway, kind of change do you speak of?" Kirby asked. "You'll see when your journey to Geminar begins.

Joan then disappeared as Kirby looked for and he abruptly woke up.

Kirby realized it was nearly morning he can tell cause the sun was raising up. He decied to get more shut eye so he went back to sleep and wondered what the new threat is going to occur on Geminar.

end of chapter.