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The curtain is about to open one last time. The play got great reviews and she really hopes this will put her name out there even if she has been feeling…off.

"Louis, I've never been that nervous," Donna says as she is grasping his hands.

"You are perfect! Once again you are going to blow them all away with your performance." Louis has been a real trouper in all this. She yelled at him for accepting Harvey's offer but then started crying and they patched things up. She needed him to run lines and he didn't mind her snapping at him or crying, as he was more than often presenting such behavior himself. He had asked her if she was okay, but she didn't know what to reply.

She can't make sense of what happened with Harvey. She just know her mood has been…erratic. Like she is overly sensitive to everything. And right now it's the chatters of the theater, it's the lighting…All of this is making her fell nauseous. Right this moment she misses him so much. She misses everything about him, she can't remember why she's mad at him anyway.

"He's here. Want me to get rid of him?" She hears Louis says.

"No. Just make sure he leaves after the play…"

"Donna. You are going to have to talk to him eventually."

She raises her head and realizes she's shaking. The jitters. "Just not tonight Louis. I'm not feeling very well." But truth is, she's been feeling strange for the past few weeks.

She gets out of the taxi and sees him, waiting in front of her old building, flowers in hand, and brown paper bag in the other hand.

"You've got to be kidding me! Didn't Louis tell you I didn't want to see you?"

"He only told me you didn't want to see me after the play." He looks calm. She isn't.

"We are still after the play!"

"The play ended two hours ago. I think now we're more…before bedtime." He smiles and it automatically does things to her…inside. Shit. She's in trouble.

"You were great. Donna! You were…" She takes the flowers from his hands quite abruptly. "Don't throw them away," he begs.

"Why do you think I'm going to throw them away?" Her voice is cold.

"I don't know! Why did you threw everything away Donna? I love you." She takes a step back. "Harvey don't." He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breath. "Donna," he starts very calmly. "We have to talk about this. I'm so sorry for what I did. I get it now, I should let you take your own risks. But one thing I'm not willing to let you risk or quit is US."

He touches her arm with his hand, his eyes are pleading for forgiveness. She can't remember why she was a mad at him in the first place. She's always been so in touch with her feelings, what the hell? She was nauseous a few hours ago, now she's hungry. So hungry. She wants him but she wants food first.

"Is it food in your bag?"

He smiles softly. "You got your old lease back?"

"Is it food in your bag?" she repeats her voice more insistent.

He rolls his eyes. "Yes it is. Now your turn."

"Yes. Well, no. They just finished some work and they let me have it for a few weeks. I haven't rent it."

He smiles quietly. And she takes the bag and opens it.

"What the hell is this Harvey?" she picks up a box from the bag and starts looking at it: it's a pregnancy test.

He makes a move forward, closing in on her, afraid she will run away. "Donna, listen."

She starts laughing. "Oh Jesus. You think I'm pregnant? Don't you think I'd be the first to know if I was?"

He grabs the bag from her hand and it's a good thing because she was contemplating throwing it in his face.

"Listen, it doesn't diminished what I've done. And I'm sorry. I've REALLY been a jerk and I called back my therapist. I'm still working on…everything. But Donna…You know how I am and you still…"

"You are so full of yourself!" She yells. "We tried ONCE Harvey! ONCE! We're both over forty! People try for years!"

He doesn't speak very loud, she can barely hear him but he says it: "It only takes one time you know…the right time…" He's calm and collected and somehow that makes her even angrier.

"Listen to me carefully Harvey Specter!" She pokes his chest with her index, hard. "I am NOT pregnant with your baby." He opens his mouth to talk and she stops him, rising her index. "And don't even try telling me about the Specter-gene-one-shot-whatever I will kick you in the…"

He takes a step back. "Okay. Well, are you inviting me in to do this or…"

"I'll call you when I want to!" She walks into the building closing the door behind her.

It's the middle of the night and he knows it's her knocking on his door. He practically runs to the door, still fully dressed. He was waiting for her.

He opens the door and as he expected she's crying, her face all red. She bursts into his apartment.

"You know it can't be true!" she starts yelling as he sits on his couch next to his cat who stretches, disturbed by Donna's entrance. "I threw the box against the wall before doing that test, maybe it was defective!"

He smiles widely at the woman standing in front of him. "Stop smiling!" she cries. "I'm telling you it was broken."

He gets up and fetches another box that was in a bag next to his record collection, and he puts it in her hands, his touch lingering. He closes his hands around hers.

"You are going to do this again, just so you finally believe it and we're going to be ok."

"I am not okay! I can't believe you bought more than one!" she cries hysterically.

He wraps his arms around her and she drops the box on the ground.

"I broke it again!" she whines. Mitchell jumps off the couch and smells the box, quickly choosing to walk towards his food bowl instead.

"You know the first one wasn't broken…Donna." Holding her, he feels a bit teary eyed: it is sinking in, even for him: they are going to be parents.

He's going to be a dad.

He made a baby with the woman he loves. With his best friend.

The woman he spent most of his adult year being deeply in love with, the woman he spent years only hoping of touching, now has…a little piece of him inside her.

They are having a baby, together and it's incredibly great.

He's never been happier and he hugs her, slowly rubbing her back and he feels her getting calmer, her shoulders are still shaking to her quiet sobs but they are going to be okay. He can feel it.

"I love you so so so much, Donna. This is going to be amazing."

"Why do I hate you for doing this to me then?" She takes a pause. "But…I'm also so happy. Oh my god, Harvey! We are going to be parents! Why am I such a mess?" she can't stop crying but her body is molded against his.

"I talked with Jenny. In fact she's the one who hinted me about this. It happened to her…and then I went online to read about it. Erratic mood swings."

She snorts and laughs in his neck. "Yes, that seems like it. Jesus! I couldn't even understand why I was mad at you anymore…I even got mad at Rachel!"

"It's okay. Second trimester is coming…hopefully that will make you really…really apologetic." He scuffs.

"Donna, what happened to that test you took?"

She hides her face in his shoulder, ashamed. "I burned it. After I saw the result I burned it."

"You what," he asks laughing.

"Erratic mood swings, okay?" She kisses his cheek. "Want me to pee on this one?"

"Yes. I want to see that little line appear. With you." He has a big grin, lighting up his eyes.

"Harvey, you are so sentimental!"