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The Devil Wears Prada is a book written by Lauren Weisberger. The main character is Melissa Parsons the EIC of Courtier Magazine. Melissa is clearly modeled after Lauren's previous employer Miranda Priestly the EIC of Runway Magazine. The tale contains a beleaguered assistant Amanda who is no doubt modeled after Miranda's true assistant Andrea Sachs.

Emily sounded extremely agitated as she appeared at Andy's desk and began to reprimand her. " Have you forgotten the Tuesday budget meeting? Those numbers are due to Miranda in 10 Minutes, which means they're late!" When it comes to their boss Miranda if it isn't fifteen minutes early it's late.

Andy looked up confused she had sent the budget numbers to the printer half an hour ago. "They should be there, when did you last check?"

"The only thing that has been on that printer in the last two hours has been an article about dogs. Why the hell Runway needs an article about dogs is beyond me."

"Who submitted it?" Andy asked surprised.

"I haven't a clue," Emily chuckled. "But I wouldn't want to be them!"


"The heading said, Dogs? Really?, I mean come on any idiot knows better then to question Miranda on anything, never mind an editorial request!"

Andy blanched as she turned to her computer and pulled up the print Q. She stared at the screen feeling faint as Emily continued. "It must have been pretty bad because after a few moments she burst out laughing!"

"Laughing?" Andy asked quietly.

"Laughing," Emily nodded. "The last time I heard her laugh like that four people in makeup were fired! Can you imagine how bad it was to cause Miranda to actually laugh out loud?"

"You have no idea," Andy said in a weak voice as she exited the folder entitled 'Dogs? Really?' from her desktop. Andy was in full blown panic mode as she realized she had accidentally sent her latest fan fiction draft to the printer. As a teenager Andy had started writing fan fiction for Star Trek Voyager. The long nights awaiting the book revived the hobby and she recently added The Devil Wears Prada fandom to her repertoire. The book had just come out and was a big hit.

Dear Lord why couldn't it have been Janeway? she thought in horror. What the hell is she going to think about Melissa Parsons falling in love with her assistant?

As soon as Emily left on an errand Andrea pulled up instant messenger. Thank God, she thought as she realized her friend and beta reader Lara was on line.

A-Shit save me! My latest fic got printed and given to Miranda.


A-I accidentally printed off the first chapter of Dogs? and it was turned in to Miranda!

L-PPFTT! ROTFL! What kind of flowers do you want at your funeral?

A-Don't be stupid she'll hide the body-no funeral!

Andrea shrunk the message box when she heard the familiar click of Miranda's heals coming down the hall way.


"Yes, Mrianda?"

"Get me Patrick" Her bosses voice was cool and demanding, no change from her usual demeanor.

"Yes, Miranda."

For the rest of the week Andy was on tenterhooks waiting for the axe to fall. As she waited for the book Friday night she finally started to breath easy. She noticed a flashing on her screen.

L-Still alive?

A-She must not know who did it, or maybe she didn't get it. She hasn't said anything.

L-You dodged a bullet there kidlet!

A-IKR-Book's here ttfn.

Andy turned from the dry cleaning closet to place the book on the table and almost fainted. Sitting where the book was about to sit was a large manilla envelope with her name on it. She reached out her hand and pulled it back three times before should could force herself to replace the envelope with the book. She stood rooted to the spot for several minutes and then turned to leave on shaking legs.

Sitting at her kitchen table Andy stared at the envelope as if it were about to bite her. She was sure that it contained termination papers and felt sick to her stomach. I guess I am glad she waited, at least I still have my dignity. Tears began falling down her face as she finally opened the envelope and pulled out a large sheaf of papers. Her expression turned from fearful to surprise as she realized she was looking at a copy of her story. A copy of her story covered in post it notes.

On top was a message in Miranda's familiar hand:


I have no idea why you thought giving this to me would be appropriate. Based on the state of it I am assuming you are requesting the editorial help that you sorely need. You may leave your corrected manuscript with the book on Monday.


Andy gazed at the remarks which were correcting the many spelling and punctuation errors that she had not yet corrected. If I had known you were going to read it the corrections would already have been made. It's a rough draft, for God's sake! In her minds eye she heard Miranda's dry response, Yes I can see that, a very rough draft.

Andy pulled out her computer and began to implement Miranda's changes. She was embarrassed by all of the minor corrections but amazed at the thought that went in to the comments on each of the numbered post its.

1. Change Dog's World to Cat Fancy, circulation 200,000. The article should be on Siamese cats. David doesn't like dogs.

2. Threaten death not maiming for the incredibly immature email addresses. Obviously they are bad enough to warrant it. I hope they aren't real examples of your foolishness!

3. Amanda should pay for the second lunch.

Not only did Miranda make small suggestions but even inserted an entire paragraph. Andy was amazed at her expansion of the Nigel and Emily modeled characters and the addition of a subplot referencing Melissa's past assignation with a woman. Andy pondered why Miranda would create a tale of Melissa loosing her lover to a gay bashing. Then she pondered the idea of Melissa with a female lover. Her skin became hot as she considered what the add-on might tell about Miranda's own life. Andy's eyes glassed over as a favorite fantasy of Miranda came to mind. The image of the stunning woman pushing her against the office door drifted across her brain. Nope don't go their Sachs, you have to be able to look her in the eye tomorrow!

Point four was Andy's favorite

4. I am glad to see you did your own research on Cerulean Blue but I think using the word mean to describe Melissa is rather pedestrian. Evil genius would be much more accurate. Clearly Lauren was paying close attention during that meeting. I should probably sue her for plagiarism! Imagine how far she would get if that wasn't the one and only day she wasn't incompetent. Really, she was the epitome of idiocy.

While researching this story Andy discovered that the speech which humiliated her on her first day at Runway was pure fiction. Andy laughed remembering Miranda's reaction to her life's work being referred to as stuff. The balls that Lauren showed by quoting her diatribe word for word amazed and amused Andy. The temptation to call Melissa a mean evil genius was strong but Andy resisted.

After correcting and saving the document Andrea noticed that Lara was on line.

A-She knew it was me.

L-What happened?

A-She left it out on the table when I delivered the book.

L-Are you fired?


L-Just no?

A-She betaed it, the whole thing was marked up in red and covered in post it notes! She fucking betaed it!

It was several minutes before a response arrived.

L-Andy, it's Jane. Why is my wife lying on the floor laughing?

A-Because she is mean.

L-I don't think she can breath.


L-Shit, I think I need to call 911!

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