Sorry the update took so long!!! I had some trouble with my translation site, and my dad banned me for awhile, but here's the next chapter. ***** The fellowship stood outside the mines, grieving for their losses. Frodo had been killed, and Gandalf had fallen into shadow. Merry and Pippin sat off a ways, tears coming continuously. Sam sat by himself, crying softly and ignoring all outside comfort that was offered. Aragorn knew they had to keep moving, but he hadn't the heart to make the hobbits move just yet. He set down Frodo a ways off, laying a cloak from his pack across the body. They would have to bury the hobbit when they reached Lothlorien, if the elves permitted it. He walked towards the two youngest hobbits, laying a hand on Merry's shoulder.

Merry looked up at him, his eyes red. Pippin lay curled on the ground against Merry, not even glancing at Aragorn. Aragorn squeezed Merry's shoulder, his eyes showing his sorrow. Merry sniffed softly and looked down for a moment, then up again as he seemed to think of something. "In the mines.when.when Frodo.." He hadn't the heart to finish, as Pippin sobbed softly and tears came to his own eyes. Aragorn nodded his understanding, and Merry continued. "What was Legolas saying?"

Aragorn looked surprised at the question, but answered. "It was in Sindarin. He said, 'Darkness approaches, and silence triumphs for you, tiny one. Great burdens fade to twilight. Rest, noble halfling. Your tale and name live on with us.'" He finished softly.

Merry's tears seemed to grow at this, and he nodded before turning his head away. Aragorn sighed, and walked to the edge of the stone plateau they were standing on, looking around. He turned back, shifting his gaze to Legolas.

"Legolas! Get them out." He instructed. Legolas looked to the hobbits slowly, his heart going out to them, but started towards them.

Boromir turned irritably to him. "Give them a moment, for pity's sake!!" He said.

Aragorn turned to look at him slowly. "By nightfall these hills will be swarming with orcs! We must reach the woods of Lothlorien. Come, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli. Get them out."

Legolas turned and walked to the two hobbits, urging them to stand. Boromir tried to coax Sam to move, but the hobbit was having none of it, clutching the ring in his right hand and rocking back and forth slightly, murmuring, "Mr. Frodo." forlornly, his tears dried but the sorrow ever present. Boromir finally sighed and picked up the gardener again, knowing that Sam was not going to do anything for a while yet. He looked to Legolas, who was standing with a hand on a shoulder of both of the standing hobbits, his eyes dark with grief, but his face set grimly.

Aragorn looked to the gathered group. Gimli stood silently behind the others, looking back to him and clutching his axe. He was upset, and, being a dwarf, sought something to release his anger on physically. However, there was nothing, and that was the hardest thing for the dwarf.

Aragorn picked up Frodo, who was now wrapped in a cloak, concealed from view, and nodded for the others to follow, taking off at a fast clip towards the far-off woods, wishing to get as far away as possible from the mines. ***** Legolas glanced around the woods they were traveling through and walked closer to the hobbits. He had no fear that his fellow elves would hurt the hobbits without provocation, which the hobbits would not give, but he still wanted the halflings close so that they would be assured when the Lothlorien elves made themselves known.

He did not have to wait long.

Bows came from every direction, arrows nocked and held in a ready position. Legolas' bow was already out and ready after he pushed the hobbits behind him. He held an arrow tightly in position, and waited for Aragorn to make the first move.

Aragorn held us his hands palm outwards as a sign of peace. He spoke quietly with Haldir, but Legolas was not listening as he watched the elves holding the arrows with narrowed eyes. He didn't trust anyone anymore, not completely, even his own kind.

Finally, the bows went down, and Haldir started to lead them to a clearing near Lothlorien. Legolas lowered his own bow, and guided the hobbits quietly after the rest of the fellowship. ***** Many hours later, Legolas was watching the hobbits settle down for the night. Merry and Pippin claimed an area of the shelter the fellowship had been offered for themselves, deriving some comfort from each other's presence, having nothing else to do but wait. The elves were going to allow them to bury Frodo, but they were going to wait till morning, when everyone had eaten and rested. Aragorn and Boromir were not to be found at the moment, and Gimli was already sleeping.

Sam sat alone, clutching the ring in his palm and staring off into the woods of Lothlorien. Some sanity had returned to his expression, and he no longer looked dazed, but now, he looked as if he would die of grief, as tears ran silently down his face.

Legolas knew that Sam had to deal with his sorrow, and soon, or it would destroy him. He walked over silently, settling himself next to Sam without a word. Sam looked up slightly at Legolas, then down to the ring he held in his right hand as a tear fell from his eye onto the simple band of gold.

Legolas was quiet for another moment, then ventured a few words. "Do not blame yourself, Sam." He said, looking down to the smaller being.

Sam looked up quickly into the intense blue eyes, his own dark with grief. "How can I not? I should have been protecting him!" He insisted, looking away. "I should have been there, and I wasn't. Now he's dead, and I'm here.with the ring." He looked down to the cursed object, and gave a sigh. "How can I do this, Mr. Legolas? Mr. Gandalf entrusted the ring to Mr. Frodo. He knew that Mr. Frodo could handle it. How can I even hope to do the same? I'm just Mr. Frodo's gardener, I'm not half as brave as him." He looked up to Legolas, torn.

Legolas laid a hand on the hobbit's shoulder. "Perhaps you may not think so, but you are here. You have gone through this journey just as the rest of us, and you have something else on your side, and that is loyalty. You showed more loyalty to Frodo then I have ever seen between two persons before, and I am almost 3,000 years old. That same loyalty will help you to carry the task that was given to you. Frodo trusted you, and with good reason. Trust in yourself." Legolas finished, and looked to Sam, who had closed his hand around the ring. He still looked grief-stricken, but the tears had stopped.

Legolas smiled slightly, glad to be able to help in any way he could with Sam's pain. "Now, sleep, Samwise." He said firmly, guiding the hobbit to the ground and sitting next to him as Sam succumbed to his exhaustion. When he was sure Sam was asleep, Legolas placed a hand on Sam's forehead, his blue eyes kind. "Nin gwetsa an beria thee o i duath presto thy ol. Idh, a nesta. Thee baur an dar bell an brog i caul thee gar an caul." He whispered quietly down to the sleeping figure before sitting a few feet away to watch over the halfing until he awoke. ***** Translation: Nin gwetsa an beria thee o i duath presto thy ol. Idh, a nesta. Thee baur an dar bell an brog i caul thee gar an caul.- I swear to protect you from the darkness disturbing your dreams. Rest, and heal. You need to remain strong to bear the burden you have to bear.