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Chapter one :

maya never had the perfect life, her father left, her mother died of cancer. She was currently living with the mathews as they considered her family. it was breakfast time and everything was normal they were all having breakfast in silence when the landline rang.

" I'll get it," said cory as he rushed over to answer the phone. After a few minutes cory put the phone down and turned to face everyone with a worried look on his face.

"what's wrong cory, who was it ? questioned topanga. "It was the social services people, some people want to adopt maya." replied cory

"what?" yelled riley who got up from the table and approached her father , "i thought we were gonna adopt maya,"

cory then approached maya who was still shocked upon hearing the news , " maya trust me we will not let these people adopt you" said cory in a very concerned voice.

"it's okay this was bound to happen someday, i could not have stayed here forever," said maya

riley and maya then left for school. the subway ride was silent and no one spoke until they got to school,

" are you gonna be okay peaches," asked riley

"yeah i will be fine, as long as i don't end up with any freaks" said maya

they then entered their first class history,

maya then gave lucas, her boyfriend of five months a quick peck on his cheek before taking her seat.

the rest of the day went by very quickly and for that maya was grateful. the matthews and maya were all going to dinner to meet the people who wanted to adopt her

"we're here" said cory as he pulled in the parking lot of the restaurant. maya then felt really uneasy and nervous, riley noticed this and linked her arm with amay's for support as the entered the restaurant.

they then sat at their table for about five minutes until they were approached by a man and a woman.

the man then said," is this the mathews family,"

"yes" replied cory

"well it is nice to meets you i am morgan ross and this is my wife christina ross we would like to adopt maya," said morgan

cory then introduced his family and maya to the ross' all then talked and got to know each, and maya found out about her new family which as christina said has two boys and two girls.

christina then asked if she could speak to maya alone for a little while which the mathews agreed to.


christina then took me to a nearby table and we sat down,

"okay maya i know that this may seem a little hard and weird getting a new family and all, and i just want you to know that we will not force you if you do not want to come with us," said christina in a very loving caring voice

she then continued to talk about her family which seemed really interesting and they seem to be really rich, soon it was time to go and we all went home and all i thought about was christina's words and by the time that we arrived home i knew what my decision was going to be.

the next morning when i woke up and went into the living room of the mathews apartment i saw christina and topanga making small talk while cory and morgan were talking about morgans new movie. they all stopped talking when i arrived and christina and morgan approached me,

"so maya whats your decision" asked morgan

i then took a deep breath and then said," i would love to join your family,"

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