The elevator door slid open, revealing a big beautiful penthouse apartment, " come on in maya" said morgan. we were then greeted by four kids, a lady and a man.

"kids this is your new sister maya," said christina

"yay! i am so glad we did not get another brother, ," yelled the two girls.

"maya, "said christina, " this is emma, she said pointing to a tall bubbly blonde girl,"

""hey" said emma while she waved at me.

"this is luke,"said christina pointing to boy with black curly hair and freckles, who replied by simply saying 'sup'

"that is ravi and zuri" said christina pointing to a boy wearing some weird clothes and a little girl wearing a tutu.

"oh and that is jessie our nanny and bertrum our butler"

"hi," i said nervously

they all then came up to me and gave me hugs while reintroducing themselves, then emma took me upstairs and showed me my room, it was huge, the walls were plain white, there was a private bathroom and a huge bed bigger than riley's.

"i am so glad that i am getting another sister we are gonna be BFF's " exclaimed emma

"yeah" i said nervously

i then unpacked,showered and went downstairs where i was greeted by jessie who ushered me into the kitchen where the entire family was having dinner.I sat down next to emma and ravi and we all ate in dinner emma,ravi,luke,zuri and myself all went into my room.

"so maya since you are new to our family let me introduce myself," said luke

"i am adorable,great at sports,a total ladies man and an amazing dancer," said luke proudly

"ughh luke maya doesn't care about you," said emma

"maya you should introduce yourself to us," said ravi

"okay well i am 14, i love art and singing, my best friends are riley and farkle and my boyfriend is lucas." i replied

after we all introduced ourselves we talked a little more where i learnt a lot about my new siblings and then they all left. I then picked up my phone and saw that i had three messages from lucas

L= hey


L= how is the new family

M= okay i guess i mean they seem like nice people

L= well as long as you are happy

m=yeah well i gotta, so see you in school tomorow

l=yeah bye ,love you

m= love you 2.


i awoke to the sound of jessie the nanny, knocking on my door, 'maya, wake up, time for school'

i then quickly got out of bed and put on some ripped jeans, a jersey and my converse, for the first time i was excited about school, as it meant that i get to see riley,farkle and lucas, even though i had seen them yesterday, it felt like i haven't seen them in forever.

i them walked into the kitchen,where i was greeted by my new mother,father, four siblings,nanny and butler.
wow i got a big family, i thought.

i sat down for breakfast,where bertrum, placed a bowl of oatmeal, in front of me.
'thanks.' i said to him
"oh you are welcome, finally someone gives me some respect for all the hard work i do around here," replied bertrum.

"maya, i hope that you are comfortable," asked christina
"yeah," i replied, " i just have one question though," i asked christina

"what is it?"asked christina
"why did you guys want to adopt me," i asked
"oh, i really don't know how to explain it morgan and i just love children and thus we adopted luke,ravi,zuri and yourself." explained christina.

we then talked for the rest of breakfast, until, it was time to leave, where we were handed our lunched by jessie and headed to the subway.

the subway ride was extremely lively,this morning and luke,ravi,emma and i talked the entire way to school. zuri was taken to her school by jessie.

after getting to know these guys more,i am really starting to love being their new sibling.

we then entered the doors to john quincy adams.

"I can't believe that we never met each other, even though we go the same school," said luke

"Yeah it's pretty unreal," i said

"Actually it's pretty normal to not notice each other,as ," said ravi before he was cut off by luke," Okay ravi, lets just say it was unreal and let it go,"

Emma and i just chuckled at them. the four of us then split up and i went to my locker, where i met riley who pulled me into a giant tight bear hug.

"Riles, i can't breath" i said as riley released me, to which i just chuckled

"sorry," she mumbled.

"so tell me all about it, how was the new family,what does your new house look like,how many siblings do you have? riley asked all at once.

"riley, riley calm down, breathe i will tell you everything," i said

Just then lucas, farkle and zay walked up to us.

i then hugged farkle, then zay and lastly lucas.

after i hugged lucas, he pulled me in for a long kiss, until i finally pulled away, where farkle and riley were pretending to puke and zay was smiling at us.

we hung out for the entire day and met up for lunch at the cafeteria. lucas brought me my lunch and set it in front of me.
"thank you huckleberry," i said as i pecked his lips.

"okay so, i know you guys have alot of questions about my new family and everything, do instead of telling you, how about you all come over this evening do you guys can see for yourselves. I said

" good idea maya, this evening we shall all come to your new home," said farkle

'great' i said