Pokémon: The Hoenn Journey VOL. 1

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Chapter 1: No Emotions, No Feelings

There was one thing that a person had never wanted to happen or to see it happen... Death... And that happened to a boy who had lost both of his parents in a tragic time... His name was Minato Yukimura, who had witnessed death.

It was five years ago in the Hoenn region, the time when he was a little boy. He was having a peaceful night with his parents and their Pokémon, until some organization came by, eliminating his parent's existence along with their Pokémon, with his life spared because they couldn't see him.

Ever since that incident, the boy never opened up to anyone, refusing to trust anyone... Especially with Pokémon, since the organization used Pokémon to destroy his own family.

Ever since he had been discovered, he was moved to a small town called Littleroot Town. Prof. Birch, the Hoenn researcher living in the small town would always look after him, since he was friends with his parents, despite the young boy's refusal to accept anyone.

Five years have passed, as Minato became ten years old, the age when he is supposed to take a journey around Hoenn, like what other trainers do. But, to his thoughts, he wasn't very interested in journeys and stuff. All he was "interested" in was remaining with his parents, keeping them in his thoughts.

The young boy had black hair, and black eyes. He wore a black sweatshirt, with a white shirt under the sweatshirt. He even had black shorts, wearing all black as he was still mournful about what had happened to his parents that day.

He had golden lines across his eyes to his cheek, as a mark on his face, like tear stains that permanently stained his cheeks, looking like he always cried for his parents everyday. There were no hints of him smiling again, no matter how hard anyone could try.

The only words he had ever heard from his parents before they passed away were: "Minato, be safe... Be strong..." Those were his mother's words, as he didn't hear from his father.

He was currently in his room, in his small house that was close to Prof. Birch's research lab. He laid on his bed as he looked up at the ceiling. The lights weren't on as he preferred it to be dark. The lonely boy looked up, imagining that his parents would lie with him.

"Mother... Father... What should I do... I don't want to leave the town... I'd... rather be with you..." Minato whispered, closing his eyes, trying to remember his parents' face, but it was all a blur.

He got up from his bed, looking at his mirror, seeing the marks on his cheeks that came from his eyes. "My face... has changed... And... it might always be this way..." Minato whispered as he sighed.

He decided to take some fresh air, out to the pier as he walked out of the house, and started walking down. As he walked, he bit his lips, as he saw several wild Pokémon run around, looking like they're playing.

Of course, Minato had no wish to have revenge on Pokémon as the ones the organization used weren't at fault, but he kept himself distanced away from them. Especially with trainers, thinking that all trainers can be cruel to other people.

He again stopped, looking up. "What should I do... No, what can I do..." Minato whispered to himself as his face darkened, making thoughts of what his next plan can be.

[Opening] Pokémon AG: Advance Adventure Opening (English Subbed)

(Minato, Ash and Pikachu all watch the sunrise together, as the two boys smiled)

Full of courage, full of energy

(Ash summons Treecko, Minato summons Mudkip)

So interesting, so triumphant

(The two boys with their two Pokémon were ready to fight, facing Vigoroth and Pelliper)

With the PokéNav, we're ready to go!

(The four Pokémon charges at each other, Treecko defeats Vigoroth, Mudkip defeats Pelliper)

Sure of win if I go first, unpreparedness is one's worst enemy

(Ash and Minato sends Pikachu and Torchic out, facing Mightyena and Houndoom)

(Pikachu and Torchic were bashed away by the two, before they used Thunderbolt and Flamethrower to defeat them)

Willingness, mutual understanding

(An explosion occurs as both Mightyena and Houndoom were defeated)

Far away, beyond the sea

(May smiles as she turns; Torchic and Beautifly runs along)

(Brock tastes his stew; Mudkip and Lotad splashes out of the lake)

The setting sun in Lilycove City

(Max holds the PokéNav, as he, Ash, Minato, May, and Brock see Lilycove City in the sunset)

A Double Battle burns tomorrow

(The group runs from the collapsing bridge as lava flows into the ocean)

Advancing faster with Mach Bike!

(Shadows of Team Magma and Groudon appears)

(Shadows of Team Aqua and Kyogre appears)

I want to be excited

(Minato opens his eyes to see his four friends smiling at him above as he smiles back)

(The group rides on the raft, seeing Water Type Pokémon; The group witnesses forest Pokémon)

Our dreams won't sleep

(The group were walking in a dark cave)

In a new town, flourishing friends

We'll search for them

(In a battlefield, Ash faces Minato as the two sees Latios and Latias flying above them)

(An Absol leaps into the air, unleashing double Razor Wind attacks)

Full of courage, full of energy
So interesting, so triumphant!

(Ash, Minato, May, Brock, and Max stand together with Ash's Pikachu and Treecko, Minato's Torchic, May's Torchic, and Brock's Mudkip)

(The Japanese opening shows)

[Opening ends]

At the pier, Minato walked around, uninterested with the people around him. He looked to see a huge ship arrive. It seems that several people from other regions had come to visit Hoenn.

"Uh... Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me where the Pokémon Center is?" A boy called out. That got Minato's attention as he turned to see a boy with the hat on, who seems to be out of the ship.

He was carrying a bundle, which seemed to have a Pikachu inside. That caused Minato to look at the boy with his Pikachu. Had something happen to them during the trip to Hoenn?

"I'm afraid this town doesn't have a Pokémon Center!" The man explained, before noticing the sick Pikachu. "Who is that guy? Is that... a Pikachu?" Minato thought, as he frowned.

He began to distance himself away from the boy, until he noticed red sparks coming from Pikachu's cheeks. That stopped Minato from distancing away as he bit his lips, thinking it was a risk.

"Pikachu... Ah, I know!" The boy exclaimed. The boy ran over to the phone booth as Minato quietly followed behind, seeing of what the newcomer was doing.

The boy dialed on a number, contacting someone. As the screen revealed itself, it was a scientist. Minato recognized it as one of Prof. Birch's assistant as the boy explained his situation.

"... I'm Ash, from Pallet Town! This is an emergency!" The boy, Ash explained, frowning. The assistant saw the Pikachu as he nodded.

"Your Pikachu looks ill! That's terrible! But, unfortunately, Prof. Birch is out on the field now, conducting an experiment. Stay put, Ash. I'll try to get in touch with him." The assistant explained, frowning.

Ash nodded, but still was unsure. "Great... Thanks..." Ash thanked as he turned off the phone, as the screen blinked off. Minato kept watching as the Kanto trainer sat on a bench.

The lonely boy frowned as he looked away, seeing that this wasn't any of his business. But, as he glanced back, Ash seemed to be more concerned for his Electric Type Pokémon.

"It's okay... Everything's just gonna be fine now." Ash assured. Minato blinked, before sighing. He didn't want to get too close to a trainer, but it was a risk that he had to take as he walked over.

"Is your Pikachu alright?" Minato asked, walking over cautiously. Ash turned in startle, before nodding. "Oh! Um... Not really..." Ash answered, looking at his sick Electric Type.

That kind of surprised Minato a little of himself. Why did he ask if a Pokémon was okay all of a sudden? Was it because that he felt sorry for the boy and his sick Electric Pokémon?

Ash looked up as he blinked at the lonely boy. "I'm Ash... And who are you?" Ash asked. Before Minato could answer, there was a car screeching noise getting close to them.

Both boys turned in surprise to see a jeep stopping besides them. On it was a Professor, who looked at the two. "Are you Ash Ketchum?" Prof. Birch asked. "Prof. Birch?" Minato replied in surprise.

The Hoenn Professor blinked in surprise to see Minato with Ash as he walked over to see the two boys. "Um, yes. Are you Prof. Birch?" Ash asked. "Let me see..." Prof. Birch requested.

He looked at the sick Electric Type before frowning. "Not good. Let's get to my Lab immediately! Minato, would it be alright if you come, too?" Prof. Birch asked, looking at the lonely boy.

"I don't mind..." Minato answered, glancing at the sick Electric Type. "Alright then. Both of you, get in." Prof. Birch called. Both Ash and Minato nodded as they all got into the Professor's jeep.

As Prof. Birch was driving, electricity shot out from Pikachu all of a sudden. Ash grew startled as he held Pikachu. "I see... Symptons of electrical discharge..." Prof. Birch replied, frowning.

"What's that mean? What sympton?" Ash asked. Minato got a little close to listen to the explanation as the Professor explained.

"Pikachu is unable to release its electricity regularly, so it randomly sparks like that. It's a serious problem that sometimes occurs with Electric Types! Tell me, has Pikachu been exposed to any magnetic fields?" Prof. Birch asked.

Ash blinked before remembering the time when he tried to leave for Hoenn. "Yeah, that's right! Pikachu has been strapped to a magnet!" Ash answered, feeling nervous all of a sudden.

"Strapped... to a magnet?" Minato repeated, confused of what Ash was saying. "When I was leaving for Hoenn, some bad guys came in and tried to steal Pikachu by using a magnet to hurt him..." Ash explained.

"..." Minato bit his lips, shaking his head. "Never mind, then." Minato muttered as he turned away. "Um... What did I say?" Ash asked, confused of the lonely boy's change of behavior.

Suddenly, Pikachu began to struggle in Ash's grip, moaning as he groped around. "What is it, Pikachu!? What's the matter!?" Ash asked, startled. "The high fever seem to be confusing it." Prof. Birch guessed.

More electricity sparked, startling Ash, Prof. Birch, and Minato! "This is..." Minato whispered, blinking to see the struggling Pikachu. "Oh no, Pikachu!" Ash gasped, holding his Electric Type.

"This is bad... We've got to get into my Lab immediately! Better hold on tight, Ash! Minato!" Prof. Birch called. Both boys blinked in shock to see that the Hoenn Professor was driving off the road.

As they were driving off road, Minato noticed a cliff coming by. "Incoming, Professor!" Minato called. "Sorry, but we don't have a moment to lose!" Prof. Birch explained as the jeep leapt off the small cliff.

The Hoenn Professor then drove all the way down the hill, as they were back on the road. The lonely saw the Kanto trainer looking at his Electric Type sadly. "Pikachu... It won't be long now..." Ash promised.

Minato narrowed his eyes as he wanted to say something, but he kept it to himself, not wanting to cause attention for himself. As the jeep stopped in front of the research lab, the assistant was ready.

"This way, Professor. It's all set and ready for you!" The assistant explained. "Thank you. This way, Ash. Minato." Prof. Birch called as he went inside the Lab with the two boys.

Once they were all inside, Minato again kept his distance from Ash and Pikachu as the Kanto trainer placed his Electric Type on the table, where a machine was set on his cheeks.

"Application, set." The assistant called out. "What's that?" Ash asked. "A device that will rid all of Pikachu's trapped electricity. Power on, Joshua." Prof. Birch answered, turning to his assistant.

"Yes, sir." Joshua replied, turning on the machine. "Pikachu..." Ash replied, getting more nervous. Suddenly, more of the Electric Type's electricity shot out of his cheeks! Johsua gasped at that.

The level of the trapped electricity had reached its limits. "Pr-Professor!?" Joshua gasped as the Hoenn Professor turned. "Keep going!" The Hoenn Professor called out. "Pikachu!" Ash gasped.

Minato bit his lips, sweating as he was seeing of what was happening. A certain memory came to his mind, as he remembered the time that when his parents were killed by the organization.

Pokémon were attacking his parents with no mercy. The men from the organization laughed while the little Minato could only watch, crying as he turned away, not wanting to see his parents die.

As the memory faded away, the lonely boy noticed the machine breaking down. The machine on Pikachu broke apart as it began to explode. "It's too much! It won't hold on!" Joshua exclaimed.

"Brace yourself, everyone!" Prof. Birch yelled. Everyone ducked down as Minato couldn't as the machine exploded, causing the window of the lab to be smashed. "Minato! GET DOWN!" Prof. Birch called.

He pulled Minato down hard as the lonely boy gasped in shock, as the explosion passed. Once the smoke passed, everyone saw the Electric Type groaning as it made its escape out the window!

"Pikachu, no!" Ash yelled as he leapt out of the window to chase after his sick Electric Type. "Do you have any Pokémon that are strong against an Electric Type!?" Prof. Birch called.

"I don't have any other Pokémon with me right now!" Ash called back as he kept running. "Well then, we'll use mine." Prof. Birch replied as he jumped out of the window as well.

"But, wait! We had set those Pokéballs aside for May, remember!?" Joshua called out. The Hoenn Professor turned back, frowning. "There's no choice! When she gets here, tell her to wait!" Prof. Birch reminded.

He continued to run after Ash as Joshua sighed. He turned back to see Minato breathing hard. "Minato, are you alright!?" Joshua asked, running over. Minato was shaking all over, breathing hard.

"I guess so... Yes..." Minato answered quietly as he got up. "Well, you can just wait here until Prof. Birch gets back, okay? I have to see if that girl arrived." Joshua explained, running out.

As he left, the lonely boy wasn't feeling fine at all. It was as if he was about to be murdered by that explosion, caused by a small Pokémon like Ash's Pikachu. Still, it didn't look like he had meant it.

Minato slowly got up, and looked out. "If I don't do something, then something bad could happen to that Pokémon..." Minato replied to himself as he leapt out of the window, going after Ash and Prof. Birch to help.

As he was running, he saw a small electricity shooting out. There was a small voice of a Pokémon cry that looked familiar. "Was that... the trapped electricity from Pikachu?" Minato asked himself.

He narrowed his eyes as he cautiously tried to run for the site of where he saw the trapped electricity. As he was running however, there was a familiar voice yelling in surprise.

"Ah!... I'm brilliant! Please! Stop this! Can't we discuss this!?" Prof. Birch yelped, sounding like he was running away from something. "HELP!" Prof. Birch yelled, as he kept on running.

The lonely boy sighed as he ran over to see what was going on. There was the Professor's bag near a small cliff, as Minato ran over to check of what was happening.

At the same time, a girl came by on a bike, with a red bandanna on her head. "Prof. Birch?" Minato and the girl called out together. They both blinked and looked at each other in surprise.

Meanwhile, the Hoenn Professor was relieved. "Oh! Terrific timing, Minato! And you must be May!" Prof. Birch exclaimed. He climbed on a tree, trying to get away from the wolf pup looking Pokémon.

In fact, there was not just one, but three of them! "Great timing! Please, you two! Open my Bag from over there!" Prof. Birch called out. "You mean this brown one near the cliff?" Minato asked.

He and the girl walked over to it, as they both opened it. "Yes! Please, grab any of the Pokéballs inside, you two! And hurry!" Prof. Birch called out. The girl, May sweat dropped of seeing three Pokéballs.

"That's easy to say..." May muttered, seeing the balls. "Out of the way. I'll do it... with this!" Minato called, taking out a Pokéball. "Alright... Come on out, whoever you are!" Minato shouted.

He threw the Pokéball into the air. It opened, showing a form of an orange chick looking Pokémon. "Tor?" The Pokémon chirped. "Oh wow! It's so cute!" May squealed, of seeing the Pokémon.

"Minato! Great! You chose a Torchic!" Prof. Birch exclaimed. The lonely boy gave a glance at the Fire Type, who cocked its head, curious of seeing the human boy looking at him.

"Okay... So, now what do I do, Professor? How do I get it to attack?" Minato asked. "Just tell Torchic to use Ember! He's a Fire Type Pokémon!" Prof. Birch exclaimed.

"A Fire Type?" Minato repeated, blinking. He recalled that the ones who killed their parents used Water and Ice Types. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he pointed at the three Poochyenas.

"Okay! Use Ember on the three enemies, Torchic!" Minato shouted, pointing at the three Dark Types. Torchic nodded as he jumped into the air, preparing to use the Fire Type attack.

The three Poochyenas gasped as fireballs were shot at them! "Whoa! Not bad..." May admitted, surprised with the fire power the Chick Pokémon had. But, the first one got up, growling.

The branch on the tree that Prof. Birch was holding onto snapped, causing him to fall! "Ah!" Prof. Birch exclaimed as he slammed to the ground. The two Poochyenas growled at the Professor.

The first Poochyena growled at Torchic as the little Fire Type got ready. "It withstood it?" Minato asked, blinking with no care. "You can't defeat it with just one attack! You have to keep going!" Prof. Birch exclaimed.

Minato sighed, shaking his head with disappointment. "Okay... Use Ember again, Torchic!" Minato shouted. Torchic jumped into the air, shooting more fireballs at the Poochyena, causing it to wail in pain.

But, it got up, growling at the Fire Type opponent. It charged at the Chick Pokémon for a Bite attack! "Dodge that, and use Scratch." Minato called. Torchic jumped out of the way, then scratched Poochyena with its left talon!

"Wow! Nice!" May complimented. Suddenly, the lonely boy accidentally kicked the Professor's bag, causing an empty Pokéball to roll out, as it bounced on the weakened Dark Type.

"Whoops." "Oh!" Minato and May gasped, seeing the Pokéball suck the first Poochyena in. The others stopped, shocked to see their friend being captured as they yelped, running off.

The Pokéball shook several times, before clicking, showing that the lonely boy have caught the Bite Pokémon! Prof. Birch sighed, taking the Pokéball that had Poochyena inside.

"Well... I wasn't expecting this!... Torchic, return!" Prof. Birch chuckled as he returned the Fire Type, who was still looking at the lonely boy curiously. "Thanks for all the help, you two!" Prof. Birch thanked.

"Oh well... He did most of the work while I just watched..." May reminded, chuckling nervously. The Hoenn Professor looked at Minato with a confused expression on his face.

"Minato, how did you do that? Giving orders to a Pokémon when you were afraid of them?" Prof. Birch asked. Minato bit his lips, shaking his head. "It's nothing for you to bother with, Professor. It just happened, that's all." Minato muttered, turning away.

"Minato..." Prof. Birch replied, frowning. "Professor? What's going on? What were you doing up on that tree?" May asked, confused. The Hoenn Professor widened his eyes, remembering something.

"There's really no time for this, May! We'll catch up to the subject later! Minato, I need you to come with me, please." Prof. Birch explained. The lonely boy only closed his eyes with a sigh.

"Alright..." Minato agreed with a sigh.

To be continued...

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Ash: Oh no! Pikachu, hang in there! I'm here with you, okay!?

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, twerp! We'll be taking Pikachu from you now!

Minato: You people are stupid, you know that? A sick Pokémon in your hand, you could get sick, you know...

James: Why, that little... Meowth, do your thing and snag that little Electric Type!

Prof. Birch: Pikachu's trapped electricities are being absorbed by Team Rocket's machine! Great timing!

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