Chapter 27: Catch Wurmple! A New Double Battle!

"Rustboro City is right on the other side of these woods! And so is my Gym battle! Are you ready, Pikachu?" Ash asked, as he earned a cry of affirmation from the Electric Type. "Pika Pika!" Pikachu agreed as he and the others continued on walking through the woods.

After the Rustboro Contest with Minato's victory, the six were continuing their way towards Rustboro City, which was right on the other side of the woods they were passing through, where Ash's first Hoenn Gym battle awaits.

But what the group didn't know, was that they were about to run into something surprising... surprising for May, that is!

That surprise happened right now, as she watched as something lower down to her level upside down! It seemed to be a small worm Pokémon that seemed curious to see a human passing by as May screamed in both fright and surprise, catching the others by surprise.

"Uh, May? Did you say something?" Max asked as the older sister shook at remembering on who came to her face! "Yes! Something just popped right into my face! And it's over there!" May shrieked as she pointed to the one that scared her, as the others turned to see it crawling off!

Ash immediately took out his Pokédex to scan this new Bug Type. "How cool! What is it?" Ash asked as the Pokédex made the explanation. "Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon. Wurmple live primarily off of sap from trees. The suction cups on its feet keep it from slipping." Ash's Pokédex buzzed.

Korra folded her arms, as she remembered what the little Bug Type was able to become once it trained hard enough.

"If I remember correctly of what Katrina had taught me, the little one here can evolve into a Beautifly once it gains enough experience! Am I right, Brock?" Korra asked as the Kanto breeder nodded in affirmation. "Yeah, that's right!" Brock agreed, causing May to be surprised.

"That thing is going to become a Beautifly? I guess... once you get used to it, it is kinda cute!" May said as she realized on what she planned to do. "I know! I'll catch it! Hey! Wait for me, Wurmple!" May cried out as she ran after the little Bug Type, causing Minato to raise his eyebrows.

"Since when did May started getting along with Bug Types? I'm guessing it must be because of her desire to have a Beautifly for herself like when she saw Janet's during the Rustboro Contest." Minato said to himself silently.

Back at the Rustboro Contest Hall, he recalled on how awed May looked when she saw Janet and Beautifly battle against him and Torchic at the finals of the Battle Round.

"Hey! May, wait!" Ash cried out as he was the first to run after the older sister as Minato, Max, Brock, and Korra followed after the two. No one noticed a hooded figure was watching them from a large tree above as he folded his arms.

"Well... This is amusing." The hooded boy said as he jumped off the tree branch to jump on another as he secretly began to pursue the group to see what they were going after. But what really caught his interest were how big the group seemed.

He had never seen a group of Trainers and a child together like this, unless... they were a part of the organization that he was after.

[Opening] Pokémon AG: Advance Adventure Opening (English Subbed)

(Minato, Ash and Pikachu all watch the sunrise together, as the two boys smiled)

Full of courage, full of energy

(Ash summons Treecko, Minato summons Mudkip)

So interesting, so triumphant

(The two boys with their two Pokémon were ready to fight, facing Vigoroth and Pelliper)

With the PokéNav, we're ready to go!

(The four Pokémon charges at each other, Treecko defeats Vigoroth, Mudkip defeats Pelliper)

Sure of win if I go first, unpreparedness is one's worst enemy

(Ash and Minato sends Pikachu and Torchic out, facing Mightyena and Houndoom)

(Pikachu and Torchic were bashed away by the two, before they used Thunderbolt and Flamethrower to defeat them)

Willingness, mutual understanding

(An explosion occurs as both Mightyena and Houndoom were defeated)

Far away, beyond the sea

(May smiles as she turns; Torchic and Beautifly runs along)

(Brock tastes his stew; Mudkip and Lotad splashes out of the lake)

(Korra grooms Poochyena, with Houndour at her side)

The setting sun in Lilycove City

(Max holds the PokéNav, as he, Ash, Minato, Korra, May, and Brock see Lilycove City in the sunset)

A Double Battle burns tomorrow

(The group runs from the collapsing bridge as lava flows into the ocean)

Advancing faster with Mach Bike!

(Shadows of Team Magma and Groudon appears)

(Shadows of Team Aqua and Kyogre appears)

I want to be excited

(Minato opens his eyes to see his five friends smiling at him above as he smiles back)

(The group rides on the raft, seeing Water Type Pokémon; The group witnesses forest Pokémon)

Our dreams won't sleep

(The group were walking in a dark cave)

In a new town, flourishing friends

We'll search for them

(In a battlefield, Ash faces Minato as the two sees Latios and Latias flying above them)

(An Absol leaps into the air, unleashing double Razor Wind attacks)

Full of courage, full of energy
So interesting, so triumphant!

(Ash, Minato, Korra, May, Brock, and Max stand together with Ash's Pikachu and Treecko, Minato's Torchic, May's Torchic, and Brock's Mudkip)

(The Japanese opening shows)

[Opening ends]

"Wurmple!?" May cried out as she tried to search for the little Bug Type, only to hear nothing as she sighed in disappointment. It was that time when the others caught up with Ash and Max asking for her sudden rush for the little Bug Type. "Hey, May! Wait up!" Ash called to her.

"Yeah! What's the big rush?" Max asked as the older sister explained for her wish to capture Wurmple as her very first captured Pokémon. "I just didn't want that Wurmple to get away..." May said as Minato expressed his little surprise to her once again.

"I'm kinda surprised that you'd want a Bug Type Pokémon like that one, May... You don't seem to be the type to enjoy those types and their looks." Minato said as the older sister smiled sheepishly, as she knew that the former lonely boy was right about her ways around Pokémon.

"You're right, Minato... But just think! If Wurmple is raised well, it'll evolve into a Beautifly! Remember how gorgeous Janet's Beautifly was?" May asked as she thought back to the day when she and the others met her and Chaz.

"Someday... I hope to enter a Pokémon Contest with a gorgeous Beautifly of my very own!" May said happily as the former lonely boy narrowed his eyes. "You do realize that if you enter a Contest, then you'll have to face me eventually, considering I'm a Pokémon Coordinator, too." Minato said in reminder.

"Of course I know that! And I can beat you with the Beautifly I'll have!" May said confidently, causing the former lonely boy and his Chick Pokémon to swear drop, considering that she doesn't have any experience in real Pokémon battles or acting as a Pokémon Coordinator.

"That's ONLY if you managed to catch that Wurmple which you haven't. And besides, how do you know that Wurmple is going to evolve into a Beautifly?" Minato asked sternly, catching May's attention as she frowned at his question, causing her to ask back.

"Wait, what do you mean, how do I know?" May asked as Brock began to explain about Wurmple and its evolution forms.

"What Minato means, May... is that Wurmple can not just evolve into a Beautifly, but it can also evolve into another Bug Type Pokémon called a Dustox!" Brock explained, as the former lonely boy searched for the evolved Bug Type on his Pokédex, with Torchic watching on his shoulder.

"You'd be disgusted if you saw this one..." Minato said bluntly, as she showed the Petalburg girl the picture of a Dustox: the second evolution form that the little Bug Type could become.

"Dustox, the Toxic Moth Pokémon. Dustox is the evolved form of Cascoon and is drawn toward bright light. When flapping its wings, it will scatter a poison dust." Minato's Pokédex buzzed, causing May to freeze in fear and disgust as she sweat dropped from her rush.

"Oh man... That does look creepy..." May gulped as she was starting to become hesitant with her catch as Korra gave a sheepish smile to her old friend. Despite the hard chances, May shook her head, regaining the determination to capture the Wurmple, despite the half chances of it being a Beautifly.

"It doesn't matter! Even if there is half chance that it could be a Beautifly or a Dustox, I won't know for sure until we see it at first hand, right? I'll take those chances if I could catch a Beautifly for myself..." May said with a sigh as Ash gave a sheepish smile.

"So, I guess you're saying you really like that Contest, huh, May..." Ash said as the older sister nodded in affirmation.

"Definitely! And for the next Contest, I'm gonna enter it and I'm gonna win a first place Ribbon!" May cried out as Minato folded his arms in amusement as he made a reminder and a bitter challenge to the older sister.

"Well then, I guess if you're going to become a Coordinator, try to at least give me a good performance. Even if you say that, you have no experience of real Pokémon battling. And not only that, you don't even know where to start as a Coordinator, too!" Minato said in reminder.

That stopped the older sister from being excited as she frowned, coming into a realization that the former lonely boy was right again as Brock on the other hand smiled, promising his support for her.

"It'll be alright! Once you learn the basics and the train for becoming a Coordinator, then it'll be just fine! Hey guys, I know it's a little early for lunch, but why don't we take a break anyway?" Brock said, before he made a suggestion to the others.

"Okay!" Max said immediately, as May just smiled before she began to run off. "Not me! I'm gonna go and catch that Wurmple! Bye!" May called as she began to run to where she had last seen a Wurmple crawl off as the Kanto trainer tried to call for the older sister.

"Hey, May! Wait a minute!" Ash cried out as he tried to reach for her, only for May to disappear into the woods as the Kanto trainer frowned. "Do you guys think she's going to be okay alone?" Ash asked as Max chuckled, before he made an assurance to the Kanto trainer.

"Don't worry! As soon as she gets a little hungry, she'll come right back!" Max assured as Korra shook her head.

"Even if that is, if she's surrounded by a bunch of wild Pokémon on one time, then it's too dangerous for her to be alone. I'll go on after her, just in case." Korra said as she ran after her, with Minato watching her leave.

"I was going to say that catching a Pokémon all by yourself would be a really good experience for her, but... I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a friend help you out in case if you have trouble." Brock said as Minato folded his arms, as he remembered with all the complaints he and the others had to deal with from May.

"Yeah... I think Korra was right to go after her, considering the issues she had while traveling with us..." Minato said bitterly, with Torchic nodding in agreement.


"Wurmple! Where are you!? Come on out!" May cried out as she tried to call and search for the little Bug Type, only to hear nothing once again. Before she could look around more, Korra called for he while running to her! "Wait up, May!" Korra cried out as she ran to join her old friend.

"Korra? What are you here for?" May asked as the nature girl smiled.

"Going after a Pokémon by yourself didn't seem safe, so I thought I would come. And besides, I want to catch some Pokémon that I haven't caught as well!" Korra explained, causing the older sister to nod with understanding.

"I get it... Well then! Let's look for Wurmple together, then! Once we do that, then we can search for a Pokémon that you'd like to catch!" May suggested, as Korra nodded at the idea. "A good idea..." Korra agreed as the girls reached to an agreement where May's Wurmple would come first.

But before they could start looking around, they all turned their attention to where a group of Bellosom were dancing around on a small flower field! "Oh wow!" May cried out happily as Korra turned as well to see the Grass Types dancing gracefully.

As the two watched together, Korra smiled to see how much fun the Grass Types were having together as she sighed. "Those Bellosom seem to be having so much fun with their dance together..." Korra said as May nodded in agreement.

"Yeah... We can just sit here and watch for hours!" May added, catching the nature girl by surprise. "Hours? May, by the time we do that, the others are going to be worried and we'll be left empty-handed when we wanted to catch ourselves some new Pokémon!" Korra said in reminder.

That made the older sister of Max widen her eyes before she gave a sheepish smile to her old friend. "Oops... Oh... Ha ha, you're right." May said nervously as Korra gave a knowing look.

"I guess Minato was right about you not having the experience to be alone when you haven't experienced real battling..." Korra thought until screams were heard from their left! The girls turned to see a familiar trio running towards them, screaming as they were being chased by something!

"Isn't that Team Rocket?" May asked in surprise as Korra narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "They don't seem to be screaming or running for nothing..." Korra added as Jessie and James snapped at the two to run as well!

"Get your twerpy selves right out of the way!" Jessie shrieked as James added a call to run. "Run for your lives!" James added as Meowth added the finishing touch to the warning call. "This ain't no joke!" Meowth added as they ran past the two girls.

"Wait... What... What's the problem?" May asked until she turned to see what the problem was! Korra also turned to see a swarm of Beedrills coming close to them! Both of them screamed as they joined Team Rocket with the escape as the older sister complained for being chased.

"Ahhhh! But I didn't do anything!" May screamed as Korra kept running while giving May the call to keep running. "I don't think they care! Just keep running!" Korra shrieked as the girls and the evil trio kept running, only for the five of them to fall hard on a lower ground!

The Beedrill swarm flew right past them and above as they all groaned from their chase. "We told you we weren't kidding..." Team Rocket groaned together as Korra snapped at the three for the mess they've caused.

"Why did we get involved with the trouble that you morons caused!?" Korra shrieked angrily, causing the evil trio to immediately begin their motto with smug looks on their faces!

"Prepare for trouble, now that we ARE united!"

"Make it double, because you weren't invited!"

But before they could continue on, May noticed the Pokémon that she was looking for as she ran after it, with Korra running with her from behind! "Hey, look! There's Wurmple! Wait! Here I come!" May cried out as Korra blew a small raspberry to the trio, infuriating Jessie as she grew red as a beet!

"How... How dare those twerps run off when we weren't completely finished! And that raspberry was salt to the wound that you two caused!" Jessie shrieked angrily as James felt the same for their motto being interrupted as well.

"I'll have you two know that we poured our hearts and souls into that motto every time we-" James started to snap until Meowth made a reminder to the two to stop the complaining and start the chasing!

"Save it, James! Let's just go and grab that Wurmple before those two get to it!" Meowth called out, causing the two to agree with their cat's plan. "Good idea!" The two said together as they began to chase after the little Bug Type as well, wanting it to give for their boss.

For Korra and May, they spotted the little Bug Type once again as May took out her Pokéball for Torchic to battle against it! "Okay, Wurmple! Now I'm ready and I'm gonna catch you! Torchic, now! I choose you!" May cried out as she sent her starter out for their wild battle!

"Torchic!" Torchic chirped happily until Jessie smirked, before she interfered with the catch! "Afraid not! Seviper, go!" Jessie called, as she sent her Poison Type out to play! Seviper hissed at Torchic, who chirped in surprise and fear as Korra and May glared to where Seviper had came from!

"Just hold it right there! This is my Wurmple! I saw it before you did!" May snapped as Jessie folded her arms with an arrogant look on her face. "Hmph! Okay, what's your point?" Jessie asked as Korra stepped up to defend her old friend.

"Her point is, since she found that Wurmple first before you morons did, that means she has the right to capture the Wurmple herself! If you guys wanted to catch one, there should be lots of them in the woods here!" Korra cried out as James sweat dropped at the details.

"The twerp does have a point..." James said as Jessie ignored him, before she sneered at the "rights" that May had as Korra had mentioned just now.

"Ha! You twerps got the nerve to talk about rights? Let's talk about my rights, young ladies... 'Cause I believe it's my right to catch that Wurmple and not yours!" Jessie snapped angrily as May stepped up, accepting the challenge that came from her enemy.

"We'll see about that!" May snapped as Jessie made the first attack! "Go, Seviper! Poison Tail on that Wurmple!" Jessie cried out as Seviper was about to do so, aiming his tail at the poor, innocent Bug Type! "Poison Tail? Oh, please! Torchic, go pin Seviper in it's place right now!" May cried out.

Obeying her words, Torchic lunged st the Poison Type by pecking its body all over, much to the Poison Type's confusion as he wasn't feeling anything from the attacks he was taking, which Korra noticed as she frowned with the little effect it was doing.

"That isn't doing much..." Korra said bluntly as the evil trio were annoyed with the small pecking the Fire Type was doing. "Get your little peep out of our way!" Meowth snapped angrily as Korra took out Houndour's Pokéball to lend May some assistance.

"Not a chance! Houndour, it's your turn to play!" Korra called, sending the Fire-Dark Type to fight Seviper as it used Bite onto the Poison Type! Seviper screeched in pain as Jessie complained for the two against one battle.

"We're supposed to cheat, not you, you twerps! I've had enough of this! Now, James! Meowth! Do something, both of you!" Jessie snapped, causing James to nod while causing Meowth to widen his eyes before he sighed as he went along with her demands. "Right! Cacnea! Let's go!" James yelled.

At the order, the Grass Type appeared to fight alongside with Seviper! "I'm fighting too, you stinkin' twerps! Prepare to taste my Fury Swipes!" Meowth yelled as he aimed to lung at both Torchic and Houndour, while Jessie and James followed along with their calls of attacks!

"Seviper! Now, use your Poison Tail!"

"Ha! Pin Missile, Cacnea!"

As the three Pokémon began to lung towards the two Fire Types, both girls tried to call for their Pokémon. "Torchic, no!" "Houndour! Get out of there!" The girls shouted out until something intercepted the three attackers!

"GAH! What's that all about!?" Meowth shrieked as he tumbled on the ground, with Seviper and Cacnea following along.

Everyone widened their eyes to see that it was a Heracross that interfered! While May and Korra were amazed, the evil trio was annoyed with the intrusion as Jessie hissed at the newcomer. "Who invited you to the party!?" Jessie snapped as a Trainer took a step with an annoyed look on his face.

"I don't know who you guys are! But three against two is not fighting fair!" The boy snapped as Jessie scoffed in annoyance.

"Ha! It's obvious that you don't know who we are, because unfairness is our trademark! Seviper, take him out!" Jessie snapped as James joined in to help. "Cacnea! Get in there too, and help Seviper!" James cried out.

At their Trainers' orders, both Pokémon lunged at Heracross, only for the boy to counter. "Go, Heracross! Use Fury Attack!" The boy cried out as the Bug-Fighting Type did so, bashing the two Pokémon multiple times before they bashed into their Trainers and Meowth!

"AHHH! NOW THAT WAS UNFAIR!" The evil trio screamed as they disappeared into the blue sky, leaving the girls and their Fire Types safe. "Thanks! That was a really big help! We really appreciate it!" May thanked as the boy smiled in response.

"Yeah... No sweat!" The boy said as Korra nodded back, only for May to realize that the Bug Type she was looking for was gone! "Hey, where's Wurmple! Don't tell me Wurmple disappeared!?" May shrieked as she frantically looked around to see where the little Bug Type had gone off to.

"I guess that commotion must've scared Wurmple off just now... Things did get heated up a little." Korra said sadly, with Houndour barking softly in agreement. "Oh... That's just great!" May groaned as the boy chuckled, before he made a question to the two.

"I take it that the two of you are trying to capture a Wurmple together?" The boy asked as Korra made the correction. "Actually, my friend here is the one that's looking for the little Bug Type. I'm only here to support her for her successive catch." Korra explained, causing the boy to understand.

"As for me, yes... I am." May admitted shortly as the boy made a suggestion to the two, involving himself into the matter.

"You know, I could give you two a hand with that!" The boy said, causing the girls to widen their eyes, while May was thankful for the suggestion as she turned to the boy with a hopeful smile on her face. "Wow! Would you really help us out?" May asked, causing the boy to nod.

"Sure! I'm Franklin!" The boy, now known as Franklin said as he shook hands with both May and Korra, one at a time. "My name is May! How are you?" "And I'm Korra. Pleased to meet you!" The girls said while they shook hands with Franklin.


While the girls were off searching for the little Bug Type, Brock was making a tasty stew for everyone to eat, while Max watched to see the Kanto Breeder cook. Ash began training with Pikachu so that the Electric Type would be able to master the Iron Tail attack.

As for Minato, he relaxed with his five Pokémon as they began to enjoy the relaxation as well. "That's everything!" Brock said as he set the large pot onto the small fireplace as Max made the simple question. "And now we wait until it's done cooking, right?" Max asked, with Brock nodding in affirmation.

"You got it!" Brock said as the two began to watch the stew boil a little so that it would be warm enough to eat.

For Ash, the Kanto trainer and Pikachu prepared to train, as Ash began the call. "Okay, Pikachu! Today is the day we're perfecting your Iron Tail attack!" Ash cried out, with Pikachu nodding in understanding.

"Great! So, let's go!" Ash called, with Pikachu dashing towards the tree! With the speed and timing right, the Electric Type jumped into the air with Ash's command! "Use Iron Tail attack, now!" Ash cried out, as Pikachu did so, aiming his now glowing Tail onto the tree!

As the attack was in process, it caught Minato's attention as he and Torchic opened their eyes to see the Mouse Pokemon trying to perfect his incomplete move! "Awesome move! That's the way!" Ash said until the glowing from the tail stopped!

Both Ash and Minato widened their eyes as the Iron Tail attack backfired, knocking Pikachu to the ground as his tail just bounced off the tree! As the Electric Type bounced off, he quickly stood back up, causing the Kanto trainer to smile and admire his partner's determination.

"That was great! You almost had it! Now... Just think of your rhythm!" Ash advised, causing the Electric Type to nod back as Ash made another call in an attempt to call for Iron Tail! "Now, one more time! Iron Tail attack, go!" Ash cried, causing Pikachu to do so, slamming his tail onto the tree!

But just when it got good, the glow disappeared once again, resulting in another failure with the Iron Tail attack! The Mouse Pokémon yelped in surprise before he fell back, as Ash frowned, before he tried to make another effort for his Electric Type.

"Okay! You're almost there!" Ash called as Minato walked over to watch. The former lonely boy spoke his comment about the effort the Mouse Pokémon was making with Torchic on his shoulder. "Not bad, Ash... I think a few more tries and Pikachu will be able to do it..." Minato said casually.

"You really think so? That'd be awesome!" Ash agreed, as he turned to his partner, as the former lonely boy made a suggestion to help his Kanto friend out, remembering their first time in battle together. "Hey, Ash... Since you and Pikachu are training right now, how about a battle?" Minato asked simply.

This caught the Kanto trainer by surprise as he turned to Minato, while being stunned to see the former lonely boy making an offer like that as Torchic looked ready to fight, too! "Really? You really mean it, Minato?" Ash asked, causing Minato to frown, before he regained his small smile.

"Yeah... That is, unless you want to decline?" Minato asked, causing Ash to shake his head as he explained the reason for his stunned expression.

"Ah, no! It's not like that! I mean... this is kind of the first time you offered something like a Pokémon battle challenge. I don't think you've ever done that when you were traveling with us..." Ash said as the former lonely boy chuckled a little, as his other Pokémon watched him.

"I think I understand that... The last time I battled you, it was to determine whether I was staying with you and the others or not... and that was when I was still cold." Minato said, causing Ash and Pikachu to nod together, as they remembered their first battle, too.

"Yeah... You were like... serious going and cold as each battle went by, not having any hesitation to attack your opponent..." Ash said, forcing Minato give a small, bitter smile as he nodded back. Swablu, Poochyena, Treecko, and Zigzagoon joined their trainer, until a familiar voice called to them.

"Cool... Practicing your Iron Tail attack?" A boy asked, catching both boys' and their Pokémon's attention.

As they turned, they noticed a boy that looked just like the boy May met, only that he had a red shirt instead of a blue one! "Hey, that Pikachu sure of yours looks pretty strong! If you two want to battle, you guys mind if I watch you two?" The boy asked.

As Max and Brock approached the two, Ash smiled, immediately accepting the stranger to watch the battle between him and Minato as he made his answer. "Well... We could use a practice before our Gym battle... So, okay! You can watch as we battle!" Ash said in a friendly way.

Minato frowned, as he realized that the boy came out of nowhere, having the desire to watch him and Ash battle. Remembering about the incident of his parents, the former lonely boy was hesitant to let a stranger watch the battle, until Torchic gave him a nudge on the cheek.

The former lonely boy turned to his Fire Type, who smiled brightly at his Trainer, as if he was trying to tell Minato to not let his suspicions get to him too much, or otherwise... the results might not be pretty.

Seeing how positive Torchic looked in the eyes, the former lonely hesitated a little before he accepted Torchic's mental desire as Ash introduced himself to the new Trainer. "Hi, my name is Ash!" Ash said as he shook hands with the boy.

"How you doin'? The name's Franklin!" The boy, who is also known as Franklin said brightly. As he introduced himself, Brock and Max introduced themselves as well before Minato made a hesitant introduction to the new Trainer.

Back to May and Korra...

While searching for Wurmple, May and Korra were being guided by Franklin by climbing up the rocky walls that would get them to higher ground. As May climbed up on a rock to catch up to her two friends, she turned to Franklin with a question in mind.

"So, did you say you live around here?" May asked, causing Franklin to nod in affirmation. "Yep! Been living here since I was born! I'm now one of the Rangers!" Franklin explained, causing Korra to be most amazed by this as she gave a soft smile to the boy.

"I see... So that's how you know this area a lot... You must be quite experienced to be protecting the whole area like this if you're a Ranger." Korra complimented, causing Franklin to chuckle in response. "Heh heh... I guess so!" Franklin said brightly as the three continued to climb up.

But before they could get up any further, the rock on May's left foot began to crumble, causing her to nearly fall off, much to both Korra and Franklin's surprise! Before the Petalburg girl could fall, Korra and Franklin grabbed her hands, with each of them holding one of her hand.

"Whoa! Careful! The ground around here can be pretty crumbly!" Franklin warned, causing May to sigh in relief before she nodded with a thankful look on her face. "Oh... Thanks, you guys... I think I won't have any more problems now, I hope." May reassured as she began climbing again.

"Heh... Okay. You're pretty independent, aren't you, May?" Franklin asked, catching May's attention as she turned to the young forest Ranger. "Uh... What do you mean?" May asked as Korra made the answer.

"He means that you're acting self-sufficient, which I think is supposed to be a good thing when someone is handling a situation alone." Korra said, causing the Petalburg girl to smile and flush a little, being touched by the compliments given to her.

"Well~ I guess so..." May said innocently as she continued to climb up, with Korra and Franklin following behind.

Back to Minato and the others...

"What do you mean, Double Battle?" Ash asked as Franklin explained the rules of the battle method he suggested to both the Kanto trainer and the former lonely boy. "It's where you two each have two Pokémon on the field at the same time!" Franklin explained as Brock added the finishing touch!

"Right! Then, the two of you will be battling with a total of four Pokémon! Two Pokémon for you and two Pokémon for Minato!" Brock said as the former lonely boy frowned, having trouble with what choice he could use for the new battling style he was being suggested with.

But for Ash, he was interested as he accepted the new battling style. "Okay... That sounds like it would be an awesome way to have a battle!" Ash agreed. "Pika!" Pikachu cried out in agreement as Franklin made another reminder about Hoenn's battling style.

"In the Hoenn region, Double Battles have been accepted into the standard rules for as long as I've been battling! It's fun!" Franklin assured as Max turned to both Ash and Minato, giving them a reminder on the fact that they might need to use this rule for official battles.

"You know, you guys... You both might have to do a Double Battle when you get to the first Gym so the two of you might as well start getting used to it!" Max suggested as the former lonely boy frowned at being involved with the reminder.

"Um, Max...? You know that I'm not into Gym battles, remember? I haven't decided what to do during this journey besides being a Pokémon Coordinator?" Minato said in reminder as Ash smirked at his Hoenn friend, ushering him to be part of the fun.

"Come on, Minato! It'll be fun! Even if you're not participating in Gym battles, it's good to at least try using a battling method that's new to you, right?" Ash asked, with Pikachu crying out his agreement. Torchic seemed to agree as well as the Fire Type chirped out his agreement.

"You traitor..." Minato grumbled darkly before he conceded to the suggestion. "Alright, fine! I guess I can try the new battling rule, too..." Minato said as Torchic chirped out with joy, seeing that his Trainer was going along with the idea.

With the agreement done, both Ash and Minato walked away from each other to make some distance for their battle. As Franklin and Max watched from the sidelines, Brock became the referee for the first Double Battle for his two friends, as he explained the rules of the battle.

"This Double Battle is about to begin with each Trainer using two Pokémon with no substitutions! And the battle will precede forward until both of either Trainer's Pokémon are unable to continue!" Brock announced, allowing both boys to send out their two Pokémon for the match!

"Let's do it!" The two cried out as Minato turned to his Fire Type.

"Torchic, you're up first! And Treecko, aid Torchic for the match!" Minato cried out, causing the hyperactive Grass Type to nod as he stood besides his Fire Type comrade to face their opponents, as Ash brought out his own two Pokémon for battle!

"My turn now! Treecko, let's go!" Ash called as he sent his Wood Gecko Pokémon out to play, following with Pikachu! As the four Pokémon were out of the field, all glaring at each other, Brock made the call to begin the Double Battle! "Begin!" Brock yelled, signaling the start of the battle.

Minato: Torchic/Treecko VS Ash: Pikachu/Treecko

"Here goes nothing! Get ready to attack! Torchic! Treecko!" Minato cried out, causing his two Pokémon to start attacking while Swablu, Zigzagoon, and Poochyena cheered for the two! Ash followed along by making his orders to his two Pokémon to counter Minato's.

"Pikachu, go! And Treecko, go!" Ash yelled, signaling his two Pokémon to strike back.

To be continued...

Minato's Team:

Torchic: (M): (Ember, Peck, Focus Energy, Quick Attack)

Poochyena: (M): (Bite, Tackle, Howl, Dig)

Zigzagoon: (M): (Iron Tail, Hidden Power, Sand-Attack, Headbutt)

Treecko: (M): (Dig, Quick Attack, Absorb, Pound)

Swablu: (F): (Peck, Sing, Safeguard, Fury Attack)

Next Chapters:

Chapter 28: The Lonely Bird, Tsubasa Tendo!

Chapter 29: Class Starts at Roxanne's Time!

Chapter 30: The Brawn Kid VS The Smart Kid!

Chapter 31: The Nosepass to Track and Hit!

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Next chapter preview:

Ash: The last time when we battled, it was like a grudge match when you were still cold.

Minato: Right... This time, why don't we make this our REAL first battle with each other, then?

Max: Is it just me here, or does anyone notice that Minato has completely changed right now?

May: Wurmple... I hope it's not too far... I need to catch it and raise it in order to make it evolve into a Beautifly!

Jessie: Ha ha ha ha! Too bad, twerp! You snooze, you lose! Wurmple belongs to- AH!?

Boy: Idiots... Thieves like you are destined to perish by being blasted off high into the bright sky!

Events that occurred:

- May follows a Wurmple that she wishes to catch

- May meets Franklin and his Heracross

- The group meets a similar, but different Franklin