It was business as usual at Kimihito's house. The Monster-Human group had all been lazing around in different spots of the house. Harry sat on Cerea's back as she told him stories, Miia and Papi played Mario Kart, Meroune swam in her pool and Suu ate the moisture off the floor. It was a perfect day. Sure Miia was getting frustrated after losing so much, but other than that, everything was great. Until Papi suddenly felt it...

"O-Oh! Miia! I'm about to have eggs!" She cried, dropping her controller as she felt something shift again. Miia gasped

"WHAT?!" She exclaimed. "BIG DARLING, HOW COULD YOU?!" She called up to Kimihito.

Papi blinked at her before convulsing, "What does that mean?! I-I have eggs regularly!" she cried. Harry and Cerea rushed in at the commotion, but Miia immediately tried to get Harry out.

"Noooo, little darling! This is not for your innocent ears!" She exclaimed, waving her hands frantically.

Cerea instantly pushed Harry out of the room. "Run along now little one, this is an adult issue." she chided gently.

"Oh. Okay." Harry squeaked softly.

"Good boy." Centorea said approvingly. Miia turned to Papi.

"What do you mean you're having eggs? Have you been doing things with big darling?"

"Well, we played Mario Kart the other day-Oh, they're coming..."


Kimihito briskly entered the room, observing the commotion. He immediately blushed, and covered his eyes.

"I-I didn't know she was having kids!" He responded. Miia huffed at her incompetent darling.


Kimihito took his hands away from his face and blinked. "Wait...We never..."

"I don't believe you because you're a liar." Miia pouted, crossing her arms.

"No I'm not! I'm-"

"Help!" Papi squeaked. "They're coming!"

Kimihito looked around,

"Uhh Uhhh uhh, What do we do?!" He worried. Miia continued to be stubborn, while Meroune could be heard shouting



"Oh dear..." Meroune mumbled. "This IS a predicament...I certainly hope the eggs are safely delivered...T'would be tragic...if...they were to fail..." Everyone stared at her as she gained a dreamy look in her eyes.

"I'M HAVING EEEEEEEEGGS!" Papi screamed, visibly pushing. "SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!"

Kimihito grabbed her hand comfortingly, further enticing Miia's jealousy. After several moments of extreme awkward-ness, Papi got her eggs out of her system. Kimihito was blushing, sweating, and feeling heart pound...

Miia was just jealous.

Harry peeked his head in the room. "Um... Miss Papi...?" He asked softly. " okay?" Centorea peeked in as well.

"Yes, you were screaming rather loudly...Is all well?" Miia huffed and crossed her arms.

"Papi has eggs."

"Eggs? Like normal birdies?" Harry asked. "Does that mean Miss Papi's gonna be a mama...?" Papi giggled.

"No, cutie. These eggs are just something I need to get out."

Harry nodded at her, but then his curious, child-like mind jumped to something else.

"But Miss Papi..what are we gonna do with them..?" he questioned, stepping further into the room to observe. Centorea followed, but the still Jealous Miia swiped Harry off the ground and held him up to her bosom.

"...mine." she promised. HER Harry wouldn't go and leave her for someone else, wouldn't he?

Papi looked thoughtful. Then she looked as though she had an idea. "I dunno!" She said proudly. Everyone stared at her flatly. "...What?"

"We'll...keep them around..." Kimihito said, sweatdropping.

So, they decided to just put the Eggs in the refrigerator until a better idea was decided upon. As the days passed, Harry named them individually.

"Egbert, Eggington, Eggy, and George!" Harry declared proudly, grinning up at Meroune, whom he was spending the day with.

Meroune giggled. "Very wonderful names, dear!" She complimented, patting his head. "Though...George's name seems quite...out of place, wouldn't you say?" Harry opened his mouth to reply...when there was a knock on the door.

"Who's that Miss Meroune?" Harry asked in confusion, further rooting in his new curious outlook on life. Meroune shrugged and lead Harry towards the door, slowly wheeling behind him. However, it was Kimihito who answered the door first.

"Hello...?" He asked. There was a...very sleazy guy on the other end of the door, grinning broadly as he held a camera.

"Hello there!" He greeted enthusiastically. "I heard you're housing a whole bunch of extraspecies! I'm taping a documentary on them, would you mind if I came in to meet your extraspecies?"

Kimihito...didn't very well trust this guy. If he was a film maker...where was his crew?

"Where's your crew though? And like...I'm pretty sure there's papers and stuff you need to sign." The man said

"Oh! Well, we erm...just finished shooting, and I thought a little extra content would be good for ratings!" He explained. "Yeah! And the papers...all blew away. Can you be a pal and just let me in?"

And so, Kimihito let him in with much reluctance.

"So this is the living room...obviously..." he awkwardly stated. "Uh...come upstairs and uh, Miia should be hanging out in her room with Harry, or by herself."

"Kimihito?" Meroune asked, wheeling around the corner.

"A mermaid!" Exclaimed the man, recording her. Meroune tilted her head curiously.

"Oh my! Is this what's called a camera? Ooh! Am I going to be in a film?! Oh, that would be lovely! Being a famous actress, the center of attention! Building a name for myself, only to get too full of myself and have it all crash down around me, leaving me out of work, despised by my former fans..." She almost swooned at the tragedy of such a potential scenario.

Harry poked Meroune.

"Miss were Fan-ta-si-ing, again..." Harry said, failing to pronounce Fantasizing correctly. Meroune was pulled from her fantasy, and she gave Harry a pat on the head.

"Oh. So I was. How silly of me!" She chirped cheerfully.

"You and your tragedy..." Kimihito mumbled, sweatdropping. If he had a nickel for every time he saw Mero watching Titanic in her bedroom...

"So!" The man said, continuing to film her, "what's it like living here? And who is this kid?" He questioned Meroune, who pulled Harry onto her lap.

"Ah, yes! It's quite lovely, as a matter of fact!" Meroune chirped. "And the child? This is Harry! He's the son of the household, and we love him dearly!" Harry giggled and snuggled closer to her.

"May we see your room?" The man asked.

Meroune nodded up at him.

"Of course! Let's go, right this way. I have to take a stair lift, so bear with me." She chimed, wheeling past him. Kimihito picked Harry up off of her lap, and helped Meroune slip into the seat.

And so, they entered her bedroom. "This is my bedroom! As you can see, it contains a swimming pool! We mermaids must always have water at the ready!" She explained.

"That's nice. Do you wear panties?"

Multiple Red Flags went off in Kimihito's head at that point. But Meroune continued regardless.

"No no, I don't have much of a need for them." She shrugged.

"After all, they...don't fit me..." She said, blushing slightly.

"I see, I see!" The man said, grinning broadly.

After a moment, Meroune decided to step into the pool and swim. The man decided,

"Hey, how about we meet the others?"

"Suuuuure..." Kimihito said suspiciously.

Next they went downstairs and outside to meet Centorea, who was dashing around outside, leaping over obstacles. The man paid extra attention to her chest however...

"Miss Cerea!" Harry cheered, rushing over

She skidded to a halt and turned to him with a smile. "Ah, sir Harry!" She greeted, trotting up to meet him. Picking him up gently, she held him to eye level. "I trust you are well?"

"You're gonna be on TV!" Harry said excitedly.

Cerea took note of the man with the video camera, and blinked.

"So...much like the entertainment device, with the cars we play with?" She asked Harry, who nodded eagerly.

"I see..." Centorea said calmly. "Very well then...What must I do?"

"He wants to see your room." Kimihito said uneasily.

Cerea, suspicious, reluctantly nodded. If the man did ANYTHING, she would kick his head off with her hooves. She briskly pulled Harry into a basket hold, and lead the two men off.

Soon, they entered Cerea's room. It was decorated to look traditionally Japanese, with swords and bonsai plants. Instead of a bed, Cerea had a small mat on the floor.

Cerea pointed out all these different objects before Harry pointed at the bonsai plant.

"Miss Cerea can we cut the plants?" He asked eagerly.

"Well they are growing rather too long...Perhaps later-"

"Do you wear panties?"


Kimihito and the man quickly rushed out of Centorea's room. The centaur huffed, and looked at Harry, who had grown pale. She remembered that Yelling was somewhat of a "No-No" around Harry, and especially so close to him. She quickly gave him a hug.

"Hush temper is in control."

Meanwhile, Kimihito was contemplating kicking this guy out. He was a PERV.

Little did he know, this man had other intentions...

"Ooh, who's room is this?!" He exclaimed, entering Miia's room.

"AGH! NO, DON'T COME IN, GET OUT, LEAVE NO!" Miia called out in a panic. She was shedding! She didn't want anyone to see this!

The man, despite her wants, took a quick look around the room anyway, and Miia shrieked. She shrieked like a banshee, and Kimihito grabbed the man, pulling him harshly out of the room and back into the hallway.

"Okay! I think it's time for you to-"

"Hold on! What's in there?!" The man exclaimed, pointing at Papi's room.

"That's Papi's room. She's a harpy." Kimihito said, with a hard tone. This guy was clearly, CLEARLY a gross perverted...thing. And Kimihito wanted him gone.

"Wonderful!" The man stepped forward and entered the room. Papi was on the floor playing Candyland with Suu.

"Eh? What's that?" he asked, pointing at Suu. Papi whipped around, and Suu tilted her head up to look at the man with the camera.

"Who's that?" Papi asked

"This is a guy who's gonna be LEAVING." Tsukune said sternly. But the man wasn't listening. He had his eyes on Papi's eggs, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

"Wait...Papi I thought the eggs were in the fridge." Kimihito asked, gesturing to them. Papi giggled at him.

"They're cute! Harry named them too."

"Oh...I see..." Kimihito said with a frown. "...Hey, what's your deal?" He noticed the man's stare.

The man was shake from his stare and he put on a sleepy grin, revealing yellowing teeth.

"Just never seen Harpy eggs's' is all. Can I touch them?"

"Noooooo..." Kimihito said, getting really creeped out at this point. "You may certainly NOT touch the eggs and I think it's time for you to go..."

"Ah...That's cool, man... Just a...liiiittle closer look..." He tried to lunge forward so he could grab the eggs and run, but Kimihito was ready for him.

He immediately grabbed the man's arm and dragged him away, nearly pushing him down the stairs. Afterwards, Kimihito pushed him off the front steps.

"Don't you EVER come back here again, you sicko!" he shouted at him. The man groaned, rolled over, then stood up and dashed away

'DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT!' He seethed internally. 'BASTARD TOOK MY CAMERA TOO! SON OF A...' He internally cursed all the way home. Now he was stuck with just selling spider thread...

With Kimihito and Papi, the Harpy was shaken by the event.

"He...that was very close...he was so creepy." she mutted

"Don't worry." Kimihito said, hugging her. "He's NOT coming back." And with that, he slammed the camera he had snagged into the floor, destroying it. "God he was stupid..."

Meanwhile, at the said man's house...

He bust into the door, still grumbling in anger. Arachne looked up at him, in confusion and anger

"Oh, let me guess, another failure?" She asked snarkily.

"Shut up and weave, I'm in a bad mood." The false director snapped, slamming the door shut. Arachne smirked.

"Oh don't be so angry. Just because it didn't work the last eighty times you tried it doesn't mean it won't work the next time. That is, provided the miraculous lack of police involvement doesn't catch up to you."

The man continued griping, regardless.

"Guy had like, 5 different of'em looked like, JELLO! Ugh...what a dick..."

Rachnee rolled her eyes. "Yes, very nice, now shut up. I'm trying to sleep here."

"Worthless monster lover! Treats them like part of the family or something...And what's with that creepy kid?! He acts all warm and cuddly with those things like they're his mom or something!" Rachnee raised a brow, intrigued.

"Hmm...I see..."

"Weave some thread."




"RIGHT now."

"Do you know what 'no' means?"

"DO IT YOU BITCH!" Rachnee's eye twitched.

"...Well...All right. You asked for it." She said maliciously as she approached him.

"Wh-What are you doing?! Hey, put me down!"

"You've made a mockery of me for the LAST. TIME!" she declared, silencing the man with a single shot of her silk sack. She then proceeded to hang him up, trapping him in an intricately mad web. It didn't take long, as her work was very fervent and quick.


"You weren't even supposed to have me! YOU ILLEGALLY BOUGHT ME!"

The man...couldn't really argue with that...especially because she extra muffled him by spraying more silk at him. Oh how satisfying it was to fight back...

Now...These humans he had visited seemed intriguing... They seemed to like Extraspecies...But it was most likely all a ruse. They were either using the girls or scared of them.

She wasn't one to leave people in need...So she decided to pay this human a visit. Find out what he was doing...maybe get him imprisoned. Yes...that would do.

She would likely have to interrogate him. If he WAS a good human, then she'd let him go. Otherwise...Well, she' the police, get him arrested and go home.

Simple...with that thought in mind, the busty monster grabbed a few items and dashed away into the night, searching for a "Kurusu Kimihito"...