Morning June sunlight filtered into the kitchen of the Victorian house that had been home to the Owens women for generations.  Inside, Jet Owens wiped her sugar-dusted hands off on a towel, not realizing that her cheek was also smeared with the white powder. She stood back, admiring her work. She had been up for a few hours, baking while her sister slept. Satisfied with the end result, she placed a steaming cup of raspberry tea on the tray beside her baking, then picked the ensemble up and carried it towards the downstairs bedroom where her sister was.

Although the rest of the house was light, the drapes in the spare bedroom were drawn, leaving it in shadows. Jet didn't bother to knock; even if she had wanted to, her hands were full.  "Franny?" she called softly to the blanketed lump in bed that was her sister.  There was no answer.  There hadn't been much of one for almost a week.  Fran hadn't left the bedroom in that amount of time, except to attend Ethan's funeral and go to the adjoining bathroom. 

Taking a few more tentative steps into the room, Jet placed the breakfast tray on the bedside table.  "I made cream puffs.....your favorite....." she ventured, a slightly cajoling note in her voice.  Still nothing.  With a sigh, Jet crossed to the East window and pulled the drapes open, letting sunlight burst through.  A muffled groan came from under the covers, and the figure underneath curled up tighter.

"Come on, honey...." the older witch pleaded, sitting down on the edge of Fran's bed.  "You can't stay in here forever."  She paused, then asked hopefully, "Will you at least eat the cream puffs?  You've barely had anything except toast all week.  I brought you some raspberry tea, too." she added as an afterthought.  The covers moved down slightly, revealing a pale face framed with messy brown hair.

"I'm just not hungry, Jetta."  Fran answered tiredly, rubbing at her eyes with one fist.

'Well, she's talking....that's a start.' Jet thought to herself, reaching a hand out to smooth stray strands of hair from her sister's face.  "Please try them,'ll hurt my feelings if you don't!"  she teased aloud, smiling gently.  Sighing in acceptance, Fran snaked one arm out from under the covers to grab a cream puff off the tray.

"These are good." she announced a few moments later, sounding a little bit surprised.  Jet smiled encouragingly.

"See there?  You'd better sit up and drink your tea before it gets cold." she persisted, scooting the tray a little closer to the bed.  Nodding slightly, Fran reached for the teacup and took a small sip before looking down into the cup, shaking her head.

"I just feel empty, Jet." she admitted, her eyes still focused on the steaming tea.  Her sister nodded, the smile fading from her lips.  "I just.....I knew, you know?"  Fran's voice wavered slightly, but she swallowed hard and kept talking.  "I knew I shouldn't love him, I knew it would turn out the way it always has.....I just wasn't prepared for it to be so soon."

"I know."  Jet said after a moment, taking the teacup out of her sister's hands and setting it on the tray again.  Fran looked at her a moment, then started to chuckle lightly through her tears.  "What?" Jet asked blankly, half afraid that her sister had lost her mind.

Fran hesitated a moment before saying, " didn't put any sugar in the tea."

For a moment, they both just looked at one another, then both burst out laughing.  The situation wasn't even that funny....but they both needed a good laugh.  They cackled together for what seemed like several minutes before the laughter ran out.  Jet had moved so that she was lying in the empty space beside her sister, looking up at the ceiling. 

After a long minute of silence, Jet asked suddenly, "Do you remember Papa?"  She reached for the cream puffs as she asked the question, taking one for herself and handing the other to Fran. 

"A little."   The answer came after some thought, as if she had to dig through a lot of memories to find one of their father.  "I remember the picture of him Mother used to keep on the mantle piece And I remember he used to toss me up in the air and catch me again."

"He used to carry you in his arms and me on his shoulders." Jet commented idly, looking at the center of the cream puff she had bitten.  She paused a moment before adding quietly, "I wish you could remember more of him."

Fran nodded slightly, eating the last bite of her own cream puff and looking up at the ceiling.  "Well, we're here because of him.  At least he lasted that long." she said quietly.  There was a slight tinge of bitterness in her voice, but there wasn't any sarcasm to it.  She laughed slightly and propped herself up on one elbow.   "I guess it's up to you to carry on the family heritage." she joked a little sadly.

Jet propped up as well, facing her sister, and she shook her head slowly.  Fran frowned slightly, then raised one eyebrow in suspicion.  "Bridget Owens, what is it you know that I don't?"  she demanded.  Jet just shook her head again, smiling slightly.

"Nothing, dear.  You'll know in time." she answered.  Fran rolled her eyes.

"Oh, Jet, stop with the whole mystical psychic thing, you know I hate it when you do that and won't tell me what you know."  Fran complained. 

"Now's not the time, dear." 

"Jet, I am not in the mood to play games.  Whatever you've got to say, just tell me."  Still, there was no answer.  The brunette rolled her eyes, exasperated.  "If you don't tell me, I'll....I'll.....I'll put a hex on your flower garden!" she exclaimed, digging for some sort of threat.  After a moment of hesitation, Jet slowly and gently placed one hand on her sister's stomach.

"You've already got the family heritage taken care of, dear." she replied, smiling knowingly.  Fran stared blankly at her sister for a moment, disbelief written on her face.

"Jetta, you've got to be kidding me.  We weren't even married two months!" she exclaimed, sitting up straight.  Jetta chuckled lightly.

"For one thing, just because you've only been married two months doesn't mean you weren't having sex before that."  she replied bluntly.  "But, the point is, you've been pregnant nearly two weeks.  You just hadn't realized it yet." she added, smiling slightly.  Still shocked, Fran drew her knees up to her chest, hugging them against her.  Biting her lip, Jet sat up as well and snuggled close to her sister, resting her head against Fran's shoulder.  After a moment, she said hopefully, "Well, now you've got a good reason to start eating."

They both laughed again.  "Come on, now."  Jet said, getting up out of the bed.  "Let's go get some sugar for that tea."