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Luke trudged through the forest into a clearing. He had discussed meeting here with Axel when they were looking for Zach. Coming fully out of the trees he noticed that Axel, had indeed followed the plan and was sitting on a log by the tent he had set up while warming his hands over a fire.

As Luke walked further into the clearing, Axel stood up and rushed over to him. Luke knew he probably didn't look good, he had fallen down a cliff and been nearly blasted by an Aura Sphere. Though he didn't look his best Axel's countenance showed much more worry than was warranted and Luke started to wonder if he looked worst than he thought.

"Are you alright, Luke?" Was the question asked just as Luke had pictured in his mind. Axel always had been a worrier but he always steeled himself when it was others worrying so that he may comfort them. Axel was a nice guy.

"I'm fine" Luke stated with not a small amount of annoyance in his voice, he had after all just been in a fight and had trudged through the forest on an ankle that was likely sprained. He had all the reason to be annoyed. Axel, however being the worrier he is thought Luke was annoyed at him.

"What did I do man?" Luke said trying to alleviate whatever annoyances Luke hosted.

"Nothing, it is just that after all this we still haven't found Zach, I fell down a cliff, and I sprained my ankle. I did find Ty though." Luke stated motioning to Ty who had gone unnoticed up until now.

Axel crouched down Ty's level and looked him over. Upon finding no abrasions or cuts or anything Axel looked him in the eyes and asked "Do you know where Zach is Ty?". Ty nodded furiously and lifted his paw to Luke's satchel.

"What do you mean Ty?" Axel questioned to which Ty got annoyed and gave a quick "Ri...". Ty reached into Luke's satchel and extracted Zach's new pokeball. Ty turned over the ball to Luke. Luke looked at the ball then looked back to Ty. Ty have a nod and Luke then turned to Axel.

"I caught a Lucario in the forest after we got separated. This is it's ball." He turned back to Riolu "Are you telling me that this pokemon knows where Zach is?"

"Ty thought for a moment before nodding." He was unsure if they would be able to figure it out. Luke and Axel were not the smartest teens in the world.

Luke threw the pokeball and it opened to reveal a white light. That light slowly took form and then dissipated to reveal and astonished Lucario. The Lucario looked to Luke and Axel before glancing at Ty.

Luke took a step forward "Hi Lucario, I'm Luke."

Zach's heart was beating out of his chest, it felt so weird to be sucked into a pokeball and released. Luke stepped towards him saying "Hi Lucario, I'm Luke. "

Zach knew he had to get across to him that he was Zach, he knew it wouldn't work but he tried talking anyway.

"Luke it's me, Zach, can't you recognize me? Cm on man you have to!"

Luke replied with "Lucario, I was told you know where my friend is. His name is Zach and he was with the Riolu there." Zach nodded vigorously and Luke asked "You know? Well, where is he?"

Zach brought up his new, awkward paws and motioned to himself frantically trying to explain that he was Zach. Luke looked confused at this but didn't say anything, however Axel's face had a more angry countenance and he quickly shouted.

"Cut the crap and tell us where our friend is!"

Zach seeing that the situation could get hostile looked to Ty, said "I'm sorry, Ty", and ran. Luke was too quick on the draw for Zach and immediately had his pokeball in his hand.

"Lucario, return!" Luke called as a red beam enveloped Zach and pulled him back into his pokeball.

Luke turned around as he shook his head, he was tired, hungry, and frustrated all for nil. He had yet to find Zach despite hours of searching. Luke sat down by the fire.

"It's okay man, we'll find him, but for now let's get some lunch." Axel stated.

20 Minutes Later...

Luke released his pokemon to eat and play, he hesitated before releasing his new Lucario before putting the ball down. As Luke and Axel were eating Axel looked over to Luke.

"You know that's not going to help..." He said.

"What's not going to help?" Luke was feigning ignorance.

"Keeping the Lucario locked up, if you want him to work with you, you have to train him" Axel said.

"You think I should release him?!" Luke said appalled.

"Yes, he has to get used to the situation, besides he can't run far while captured." Axel replied.

Luke stood up. Axel was right, he had to confront the situation not hide from it. He wondered if the Lucario did know where Zach was. Maybe he could gain his trust and get him to tell him, and if he taught him how to speak psychically he could understand him better...

With his decision made, Luke grabbed Lucario's pokeball and threw it. A bright light appeared and started to take shape.

Zach came back to the world in an explosion of light. He immediately fell back and began to lie down on the ground. He was tired and sad, he just wanted to lie down and give up. There was no way he could turn back, there was no way he could communicate to Luke and Axel, and there was no way he could ever look Ty in the eye again.

He sat up and put his head in his knees. He had to find a way to turn back or he couldn't live with himself. Zach felt something grasp his shoulder and he turned around to see Ty and Luke's Zorua behind him.

"Zach?" Ty said, sounding concerned. He legitimately looked concerned, of course he and Zach had become friends over the weeks. The Zorua(who was just called Zorua) had more of an amazed look, as if he couldn't believe what he had been told.

"W-what?" Zach said with a stutter, he had never been this nervous in his life. He was talking to his own pokemon on an equal level. No longer was he the trainer of Ty, Ty and him were now in the same position. He wondered what Ty truly thought of him.

"Are you alright? I know this must be weird for you, but it's not that bad to be one of us." Ty said with a small smile. Even when Zach couldn't talk to him, Ty always was right beside Axel in comforting Zach whenever Zach thought of his now deceased mother.

"Ty?" Zach said, deciding he would ask what was on his mind.

"Yeah?" Ty responded, wondering what his ex-trainer would ask.

"What did you think of me as a trainer? Like truly, what was I to you? And what now, how has that opinion changed?" Zach queried his old pokemon.

"Zach... you were like a father to me. When you found me I had no pack, no family, and no friends. They were taken away from me by pokemon poachers. As for now, I still think of you as a father... even more so now!" Ty said with a gesture to Zach's new body.

Zach believed Ty actually liked the new him, and it made him wonder what he said to this mysterious Lucario that had bitten Zach in the forest.

Zach's resolve strengthened, if Ty thought of him as a father then he would have to be that. But he also wanted to find out the things Ty was hiding, if these things existed. As Zach thought about this, he couldn't help but recall what Ty had said to him: "Being one of us is not that bad." Maybe Ty was right, maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

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