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A couple of days of almost-constant running were the most the youngest wolf in Beca's pack could handle. She had to rest as well as the others; they're supernatural beings, but even they had limits. They put enough distance between them and that awful creature, Beca thought, and covered their scent; they could stop. They'd have to spend another night sleeping in a forest, which wasn't that bad for them, but they needed stability and furthermore, they needed to blend in.

Beca watched how Stacie helped Emily lay down against a tree. The young girl, now werewolf, was exhausted and it was evident on her body; Emily's eyes closed the second her back pressed against the tree and she was dozing off. The change was hard enough without adding what Emily had been through and the physical strain she was under for almost a week. The pack had to take good care of her or Beca knew the young woman wouldn't survive. It was a miracle she did so far. Luckily for the young wolf, Beca's pack found her and Beca, as the alpha, made an exception and accepted her into the pack.

The alpha turned to look around and caught Lilly changing to her full wolf form and then running to check the area to make sure it was safe. Beca didn't have to give orders; everyone knew there was a job to be done and took initiative. They worked together well because they knew one another; it was one of the main things that made them a strong pack. They were all grateful because Beca brought the best out of them; she took care of them and it's thanks to her they were the strong wolves they are today. However, Beca never took credit - For her it was what alphas were supposed to do. She was humble and it was known. Many wanted to join her pack, but she turned them all down. She had her principles and was willing to fight anyone who challenged them.

"Hey, Beca," Jesse called her attention as he approached her. "I'm running to buy us something to eat, you want to join?"

"We can just hunt. I'm sure there is something around here," Beca replied and crossed her arms.

"We've been hunting all week-"

"-It's good for us to hunt, improve our abilities," Beca argued.

Jesse rolled his eyes; the alpha would isolate herself from humans if she could and use every excuse to do so. "We have great skills and Emily can barely move, so no hunting for her anytime soon," Jesse argued back. He loved being in the nature. His wolf was having a blast, but the human part of him needed to see and interact with other people. "I'm sure everyone will appreciate a good pizza. Come on!"

Beca sighed, Jesse had good points and her stomach made a noise at the mention of pizza. "Fine," she agreed. "Let me just check on Emily and we can go." Jesse nodded and stayed put while Beca walked over to Emily and Stacie.

"How is she doing, Stace?" Beca asked the woman who was tending to Emily's injuries. Her eyes were fixed on Emily's closed ones and she kept a stoic expression to cover how worried she was. It was pointless since Stacie was the person who knew her best; they were friends since they were kids and only grew closer when Stacie was the first member of Beca's pack. Still, Beca needed to be tough and Stacie knew it and didn't comment.

"Running for hours for almost a week surely didn't help. Some wounds healed, but some had gotten worse," Stacie told the alpha worriedly. "What's the plan?" She knew it was the biggest issue Beca had to deal with since becoming a leader of a pack. So far she decided between certain death of a complete stranger and risking her own life and her pack's to try and save a dying wolf. The chances were that Emily wasn't going to make it through the distance they had to run, yet Beca took her in her arms and ran as fast and as far as she could the first day. Stacie was confident the short girl standing in front of her, trying to mask how much she cared for the newest member of her family, had something in mind.

"We stay here for a while," Beca stated and dropped to her knees. "She has to fully heal and be trained. It's not something we can do while moving from one place to another, especially with a wolf who was turned like she did." Beca's heart clenched at the pain she knew for certain Emily was feeling. Stacie saw Beca moving forward and backed away some. "I think we're safe, but we need to be careful. Once we settle in, we'd think how to handle that... thing." Beca took a deep breath in to keep her emotions balanced. When her shoulder touched Emily's, Beca closed her eyes and reached for her hand and held tightly. She felt Emily's pain coursing through her body. She hissed at how every part of her body throbbed with pain. Beca did it every night since they found Emily, took some of her pain away to help her hang on so her body could heal. She never felt so hurt before, and it was tearing her apart. But she was a strong alpha and she could take it and she needed to for her suffering beta.

"Beca, that's enough," Stacie said when Beca's eyes opened and she saw they were red and she was starting to change. Stacie didn't touch her, though, respecting the intimate action between an alpha and its beta. She simply didn't want it to take too much out of their leader.

Beca dropped Emily's hand and gasped for air. She needed a few moments to get her control back. She felt angry, wanted revenge for the one who dared do this to the young girl next to her. Her wolf was growling inside her, fighting to get loose. Beca dug her fingers in the ground and fought to keep it inside. It was when she felt Emily snuggle up to her that Beca regained control. Her wolf purred at the closeness and her breathing became normal. Emily rubbed her head against Beca's chin and the alpha could hear the young wolf whimpering inside her, but not as horribly as the previous days. Beca wrapped an arm around Emily and held her close. She silently promised to protect her and tear the one who did this to her apart.

Beca stayed with Emily a little longer, keeping her in a comforting embrace. The young wolf pouted when Beca let go and stood to leave—she even opened her eyes for a brief moment. Beca allowed a tiny smile to form on her lips at the sight. She explained that she and Jesse were going to get food and Stacie would take her place. It wasn't the same, they all knew it, but Emily liked Stacie; she didn't make her feel as secure as Beca did, but it was very close.

Beca couldn't see Lilly, but she felt she was close and trusted her and Stacie to protect Emily if anything happened. She walked towards Jesse and the two took off.

"The cub is really attached to you," Jesse said when they were far enough away from the pack. Beca didn't respond and kept her usual blank expression. "You did an amazing thing by taking her in, you know. It's a huge responsibility that you just sign yourself into without blinking."

"Did you expect me to leave her to die?" She didn't look at him. She didn't need to; her tone said it all.

Jesse was used to the way Beca expressed her emotions (if it can be called that). It didn't faze him. "You're just embarrassed that we saw how big your heart is." He grinned at his friend and got a punch in the arm that could've left it broken if he wasn't a werewolf. "Damn it, woman, chill."

"You better not treat her like she's any less," Beca ignored him and warned instead. "She's a part of this pack like the rest of us and just as good."

"You don't need to say that, Beca. It doesn't matter how she was turned, she's family now." Jesse was a bit hurt that the thought even crossed Beca's mind. He understood, though; Emily was different and Beca was going to worry about her more because of that.

Beca only nodded. Inside, she was glad; she knew she made the right choices in picking her pack. "I saw you look through your phone earlier. I'm sure you know all about this place by now," Beca said dryly—Jesse and his love of everything human. "Do tell," she asked as they walked on the sidewalk.

"It's a big city with some forests around. I think we'd have no problem staying here without anymore getting suspicious," Jesse summed it up. "Actually, I found us a place next to where we're now. It's basically a student's area, because we're near Barden University, but what can be more perfect? They'd be busy either studying or partying."

Beca could feel Jesse's excitement and she knew that apart from wanting to find a safe place for the pack, being close to what humans called normal was something he craved. It wasn't like she didn't want to give them that life—it was just that she worried about all the things that could go wrong. That was why they moved a lot. Now, with Emily, they had to stay no matter how bad Beca's trust issues were or how anxious she was around humans. "Can you get us a place by tomorrow?"

"Of course," he answered and Beca shook her head when she heard his wolf howling. She could never see what he and Stacie found so intriguing about the humans.

"We'd need to find jobs. All of our parents would probably help for a little while, but we need to support ourselves."

"There are plenty of bars. Stacie just needs to walk in and she's hired," Jesse said and they both chuckled. Stacie loved to drink and interact with people. Working in a bar was perfect for her. "You and me, we'll figure it out and Lilly can stay with Emily."

Beca nodded and the conversation died down as Jesse led them to a pizzeria. She was in her own mind, thinking over things that needed to be done. She had to call her mother to update her and discuss the issue they'd pushed aside. Aside from the supernatural-related topics that needed to be handled, there was other normal stuff, such as buying groceries for the new house and other things they'd need on daily basis now that they settled down. Beca's brain was divided to lists and she didn't notice they reached the pizzeria.

Not being a fan of interaction, Beca let Jesse place their order. One pizza to each member of the pack; the man behind the counter probably thought they were having a party.
The place wasn't full, but there was a good amount of people, Beca estimated. The music that was playing was acceptable by the alpha's standards and not too loud. It was a rather classic-looking place and Beca thought that if the food was good, they might find themselves here often.

What was unexpected was the warm feeling Beca felt against her chest. It was a slight change in temperature, but it came from her pendant and that surely got her wolf's attention. Before Beca registered what was going on, her wolf was on high alert. She quickly caught on and instinctively snapped her head to the right, then to the left.

"What's wrong? Jesse asked and looked at Beca, then around the pizzeria. He didn't feel anything unusual, but maybe Beca picked up on something more subtle.

As quickly as the sensation hit her, it was gone. "Nothing," she dismissed and picked up a couple of pizza trays. "Grab the rest of the food and let's go." Beca convinced herself that it wasn't possible. Although her wolf sensed it as well, Beca pushed it away. It couldn't happen, especially now. She walked through the exit and when it was safe enough, ran back to their makeshift camp followed closely by Jesse.

When they arrived back at camp, there was a fire ready and Lilly was back and sitting guard. Lilly, like the Beca and the other two, was born to werewolf parents. The difference was that as a human, Lilly was mute. Her only way of communication was through her wolf or sign language. Since she was a child, Lilly chose to focus more on her animalistic side; she'd spend days as a wolf, growing strong and fast. When she met with Stacie and Beca, she was in her wolf form in a forest in South America. It was the first time Beca and Stacie left home and the pack. It was four years ago when Beca finished her Alpha studies. Stacie, who was pretty much her sister, wanted to be her first beta and Beca accepted that wish only after she finished her studies and gained more confidence. They made a promise to protect each other and build a family. The trip was a bonding one between an alpha and its beta. When they met with an omega, they were careful, having been fully informed about the danger wolves without packs can cause. And yes, the green-eyed wolf came at them, but only to their surprise she wanted to play. They ran around for a couple of hours, having fun and enjoying nature. Later, Beca and Stacie didn't ask why the werewolf didn't change back with them, but they did ask if she would like to join them on their trip. The wolf considered it through the night and when the next morning arrived, Lilly joined them. They made a strong bond throughout that month and learned a lot from and about each other; one of the thing they learned was the reason for Lilly being a wolf most of the time. Close to the ending of the trip, Beca suggested Lilly join her pack with the promise of protection, support and friendship. It was hard for Lilly to decide after living alone for a long time. It took her the rest of the four days of their journey to accept the offer. Stacie got so excited and was extra affectionate towards the two. It's needless to say that up until Jesse joined them, almost a year later, Stacie had to handle on her own not one, but two grumpy wolves who pretended not to appreciate the love she'd shown them.

Jesse announced there was food and Lilly listened closely to make sure they were safe before turning human. Beca took over looking out for Emily while the other three sat closer to the fire and ate.

"Hey, Emily," Beca said quietly and only got a hum in response. "We brought food. The only thing that I need you to do is chew every bite I give you, ok? You need to get stronger and this is going to help you," she explained while cutting the first slice into pieces using her index claw. Emily didn't object and opened her mouth as wide as she could, which was just enough for Beca to feed her. "We're going to spend the night out here," Beca started to tell her as she fed her more of the pizza. "Tomorrow Jesse is going to get us an apartment. We're going to have our little place to share... You're going to have a TV and... Walls... And you know, an actual bathroom." Beca wasn't a big talker and pretty awkward for a mighty alpha. She did it for Emily, knowing how scared they young girl was. A lot happened to her in such short time and Beca wanted to provide comfort and a sense of familiarity in all the chaos.

The young girl wasn't responding much; she was more focused on opening her mouth and chewing the food. Her wolf, on the other hand, was strong enough to express her excitement and Beca felt it. She thought it was a good sign of Emily fully recovering in the near future. She took some bites of her own pizza while Emily was busy convincing her tired muscles to move and chew the food. It took a while, but in the end Emily almost finished the tray. As the young girl fell asleep next to her, Beca once again took her arm and transferred some of the pain to herself, giving Emily a chance to catch a few hours of good sleep.

Not that Beca had any intentions to leave Emily's side, but the young girl let her body practically fall on Beca. Her head rested on Beca's lap and her body cuddled up to her alpha. Beca was uncomfortable. She wasn't a cuddler or into being in close proximity to others, even her own family. It wasn't strange; she just liked personal space. But Beca didn't have the heart to move Emily away. After all, she knew what she got herself into when she took a wolf that turned like she did into her pack.

Beca sighed and looked up to see the other members of her pack staring at her. Lilly had a curious expression, while the other two had an obvious mocking one. All Beca could do was glare, though even her red glowing eyes didn't erase that look from their faces. Beca flipped them off and lowered her eyes to the sleeping Emily.

During the night all four of them were on patrol duty. They were far away, but still out in the open in an unknown area. They all preferred being safe than sorry. One more night of patrol wasn't going to kill them.

The night was uneventful and it didn't take Jesse too long to find them an apartment. It turned out the college year was just starting and luckily for them, there were a few places available. It wasn't dorms of any kind, simply an area with small houses and apartments where mostly students of Barden University lived. Stacie went with Jesse to check for a good three-bedroom apartment while Lilly and Beca stayed behind.
Beca only talked briefly with her mother to arrange for the money and promised to call back for a proper conversation. Once the deal was made, Stacie called Beca and told her the address and how to get there.

The place wasn't huge—most people would've considered it a bit small for five people to live in—but it was enough for them. The apartment had three bedrooms; Stacie and Beca shared, like Lilly and Emily did and Jesse got the small room. It had basic furniture and electric devices—all they had to do was go shopping and that task, of course, was claimed by Stacie and Jesse. They waited until the other three arrived to their new home before leaving with a long list of things the house just needed. Beca rolled her eyes at them; she really didn't care about clothes or type of shampoos or whatever. She did tell the two to be careful, after making sure they would buy groceries before anything else. The talk about getting a rental car was short; after Stacie's car broke down and while they were on the run, they agreed on getting one as soon as they could. Their parents were ok with helping them until they could find jobs to support themselves, so it was a no brainer.

After the two's departure, Beca went to the living room and saw Emily laying on the couch with the TV on. Lilly probably covered her with a blanket and turned the device on to make her feel good. Beca was so proud.

"The pup is sleeping; I can hear her wolf snore. It's kind of soothing." Lilly came behind Beca, though she passed her and sat on one of the two empty couches.

Of course Lilly would think snoring is something relaxing. Beca isn't surprised. "She's strong," she stated. "Not many others would've survived that."

"She's a fighter." Lilly looked from Emily to Beca and relaxed back. "It's good that she's with us."

"Can't argue with that." Beca nodded. "Well, since you're watching over her, I w-will... Just go take care of some things." She hurried to say before silence took over. Lilly shrugged and Beca went to her room.

Beca closed the door behind her and went to the mirror that was on one of the walls. She looked at herself and pushed some hair back from her face. She grabbed her pendant and looked at it through the mirror. It was clear and cold, like nothing had ever happened. No matter how hard Beca would try to convince herself of that, she can't; her wolf felt it, despite it being brief and weak.

It didn't matter, Beca decided. Her role as an alpha was taking care of her pack; they're her priority and her family. There were much bigger and important things that needed her full attention. With that set in her mind, Beca went to take a shower and then call back her mother.

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