She was going to be late.

Shit, Hermione thought as she flew through the door of her office, slamming it behind her. She had 2 minutes to get to the wedding and she wasn't dressed. With a wave of her wand Hermione darkened the windows in the room and quickly stripped off her robes. There was a knock at her door and, before she could answer, her husband strode through the door, quickly shutting it behind him when he realized his wife was mostly naked. He wore a black muggle tuxedo and grinned at his wife. He moved quickly across the room and, before she could pull on her dress, pulled her into his arms and gave her a searing kiss. He slid his hands over her stomach, the smallest bump beginning to show.

"We're going to be late," Hermione said, half heartedly pushing Draco away. "I don't think Pansy would forgive her bridesmaid for not showing up on time. She's already angry that Greg and Millicent can't make it to the wedding since they're off on vacation with their kids in Greece or something."

"Gina and Blaise are already there, Erin and Theo too. I'm sure my mother is smothering her to death. She'll be fine. Besides, they've already waited this long to get married," Draco pointed out, sliding his hand between Hermione's legs. "What's another hour?"

Hermione pushed his hand away again and this time, gave him a shove. "You know perfectly well they waited so Pansy could take that photography job in Italy," she said. "And after they moved back, they waited so she could have Rose. Then they postponed since Ginny happened to have Albus the day before the wedding."

"So what you're saying is they can wait a bit longer," Draco smirked, moving toward her again. "Maybe the Potters will have another kid today and it'll be postponed again. James and Albus would love another sibling."

Hermione grabbed her wand from the desk and pointed it at him. "Don't make me hex you," she threatened. "Ron and Pansy are getting married today and we are going to be there ON TIME."

Draco backed away, palms in the air in retreat, and moved to sit on the couch in her office. He looked around the room with a smile. This office was a far cry from the office she'd had at St. Mungo's. As Hermione pulled on the dress, Draco thought of everything they'd accomplished since his probation had ended three years before. He and Hermione had gotten married a year later and he unconsciously twisted his ring on his finger. He didn't even notice it was there anymore. It was a part of him, he thought, just like she was.

He'd managed to take the family business and turn it into the most successful private potions corporation in the wizarding world. After they had successfully treated all of the patients in the patient wing, Hermione had left St. Mungo's and now led the research teams which did a variety of work with spell damage and the after effects of all dark curses. Draco occasionally stepped in to the lab when she asked but found himself more at home behind a desk, working out deals and balancing the financials. They'd made a great deal of money, he mused, but he knew that wasn't what mattered to his wife. Hermione had found them a gorgeous house near the Potter house and they'd moved in just last year and, grudgingly, Draco had allowed the floo to be connected to the Potters, the Weasleys, and the Zabinis.

Draco's eyes returned to his wife who was standing in front of the window she'd charmed to be a mirror and felt his heart warm. The Mudblood scar on her arm remained but had faded after Draco had performed the spell on her himself. She no longer had episodes and, even after being kidnapped those years before, seemed completely fine. Flint remained in jail and neither of them ever gave him more than a passing thought. He'd be out of jail in a few years, they both knew, but they had no reason to worry about it now.

Hermione turned and caught Draco staring at her and smiled at him. She was more in love with him now than she had been when they married, she thought as she looked at him. He'd become an extraordinary man, husband, and she had no doubt he'd been an amazing father.

Draco smiled back at her. No matter what they'd accomplished, she was still the most important thing in his life. They, he realized, thinking of his unborn son (it was obviously going to be a boy). He would love both of them for the rest of his life.

"How do I look?" she asked, twirling once so Draco could fully see the dark green and silver dress.

"You're the most beautiful woman in the world," Draco replied, rising from the couch and holding out his hand.

Hermione crossed to him and slipped her hand in his. "I love you," she said, placing a quick kiss on his lips.

"I love you too," he replied. "Let's go see Pansy marry that wanker you call a best friend."

Hermione hit his shoulder lightly but laughed. "Let's go."

Together they walked out of Malfoy Enterprises and apparated to the wedding, excited to watch their friends begin their own new phase of their life.

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