When Duncan first transformed, it was because his fear for his mother overcame the fear he had for himself. Yes, he could survive a building being dropped on him but she sure as hell couldn't.

Diving out of the bank he jumped in the air, changing as his feet left the ground and heading straight for the monstrous Kaiju that was making a bee line for the building he'd been in. Wings pumping he smashed into the creature's face, knocking its head back and letting loose a stream of white hot fire into its eyes.

Understandably, it stopped walking and focused more on swatting the painful little firebreather that was flying circles around it. Humans didn't have these abilities and required the large suits in order to fight, the collective knew this, so the surprise (and the fact that it could cause rather considerable damage) was quite unwelcome.

The humans were also surprised. Before the Jaeger could finish mobilizing and set out to force the creature back, this…thing attacked. The footage they were receiving showed grainy images of a winged orange blur that could spit fire and hit with enough force to stop a Kaiju in its tracks, which filled no one with confidence.

Not knowing this, Duncan kept up the barrage, aiming his fists at joints and his fire at vulnerable, exposed places like the eyes, ears, and mouth. Slowly the creature was being forced back on its still functioning limbs, roaring and creating a large circle of destruction around itself. Luckily there weren't any tall buildings to destroy, the debris cloud would have made flying much more difficult. Backing up for a moment to look around while the monster flailed, Duncan looked around for a way to end this. He might share DNA with the thing but he wasn't about to let it live and take out its anger on another city after it healed. Weapons, weapons, what could possibly take this thing down? He was dealing damage but it was small and focused like bullets and he needed something big enough to just smash this thing into submission. When he could find nothing, Duncan sighed tiredly and decided to change tactics.

"Alright, so just smashing you isn't going to work. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought it would be." Taking a deep breath and lighting his hands, he narrowed his eyes. Here goes nothing…

It took a lot of fire, more than he'd ever used before, more than he ever thought he could use, but eventually even the Kaiju had to give in to his flames. Especially since they weren't normal flames, no matter how much they might look like it. Right before he could finish it though, the creature exploded. After wiping the Kaiju goop off his face, Duncan could see why.

That Jaeger's cannon looked massive.

Oh and it was pointed at him.

Duncan dropped like a rock and barely avoided being reduced to Kaiju slime as well.

Geez, he helps keep this thing from killing people and this is the thanks he gets, see if he ever tries helping out again. Now the only problem was getting past the giant robot, returning to the bank, transforming back without anyone noticing, and finding his mom.


Another drabble that's been floating around in my head. Don't expect a sequel, I just needed to get it off my mind haha.