And now seven years have come and gone, and Chris and I stayed together and were finally married. One evening we sat watching the League Tournaments on TV, while our little son Adam scampered around the living room.

"Easy there, Jeff, you'll have a heart attack." I said with a smile.

"What's that, mommy?" he asked, eyes sparkling.

"Never mind."

"And now," said Oak on the TV, "Great moments in the Indigo League! It was seven years ago today that the power of love caused two very special trainers to win the Indigo Championship."

"Look, honey," I said to Chris, putting my arm around him.

"Kris Wilson and Chris McManson fought a brutal battle in the final round of the Indigo Tournament, and though Chris retreated in the end, Kris's love for him shone through, and they wound up sharing the award. We hope they're doing well now, wherever they are."

"Jeff, look," Chris said, pointing to the TV where a picture of us was showing, "That's mommy and daddy!"

Jeff wandered closer to the TV, then turned back to us and grinned. "That can't be you, sillies! They're too young!"

"What do you think?" I whispered to Chris, "Future Champion?"

He laughed as I snuggled up to him. "Likely. Most likely."


A work of Father Maximillian J. Hulk of the St. Eva Church


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