Adameus Fletcher (Head Gamemaker)

Holding my weekly progress report in my hands, I snake my way through the many halls of the president's mansion, heading for the president's office. Months have passed since President Trekk warned me about making the 127th Hunger Games more exciting than ever. Since then, I've spent over twelve hours a day planning the Games with my team of Gamemakers. I've had to fire plenty of Gamemakers who haven't been enthusiastic or creative enough to suit my needs. I've hired some new ones too, and I'm very happy with my current team. I've worked with some Capitol scientists as well, who have introduced me to plenty of new technology that I can use this year. Overall, I'm satisfied with how things are going.

For the first time since I took the position of Head Gamemaker, I'm very excited to see how this year's Games will play out. Of course, I'm still anxious and nervous that the president will be unimpressed, but I'm getting more confident every day. The Games will be starting in two weeks, so I've started to wrap up most of my major projects. The arena design is almost complete, and I've developed five different types of mutts that could be used during the Games. Since the tributes will be arriving in the Capitol in about a week, the training center is complete and equipped with thousands of deadly weapons. The interviews auditorium is ready to seat hundreds of Capitol citizens, and most of the stylists have arrived to begin designing the costume their tribute will wear during the chariot rides. I couldn't be happier with how smoothly everything is running.

I reach the door to the president's office and knock three times. After he calls, "Come in," I open the door and come face-to-face with the most important man in all of Panem.

"Hello, President Trekk," I say, looking into his dull gray eyes.

"Hello, Adameus." The president smiles, and I immediately feel uneasy. There have been rumors that the president has begun to go crazy lately, and I admit that I've started to believe them. He smiles more nowadays, but it's not a warm, welcoming smile. It's a cold, devilish smile, that makes you question if he's planning to whip a knife out and murder you right on the spot.

"I have your weekly progress report," I say, trying not to look right into his eyes.

"Thank you, Adameus. You may leave it here on my desk. I would appreciate if you hurried as I have many things to work on."

I quickly place the file of papers on the president's desk and walk out of the room, closing the door behind me. I have no desire to learn what 'things' the president is working on, but my guess is they involve lots of murders and executions. Oddly enough, that's not so different from what I've been planning over the past year. And I'm sure the twenty-three murders I've been planning will be the most exciting Panem has seen in a while.

Hello everybody, and welcome to my newest fanfic. :-) I'm so excited to get these Games started, but I can't do that until I have tributes. :-P The details for submitting are on my profile, so once you look at those, feel free to submit your heart away. I would also recommend reading my other stories in this series (The 125th Hunger Games: The Fifth Quarter Quell and The 126th Hunger Games) before diving into this story since I plan to include POVs from the victors of both of those Games.

Thanks for reading! :-)