Don't Skip! Read it All!

Hello everyone! This is my first Fairy Tail Fanfic and I'm really excited and hope that I do it justice! So this is basically my long A/N before getting into the story. I wanted to explain better as the summary doesn't allow you to write that much and there is quite a bit I wanted to say.

Okay so first of all this is an AU with all the characters in their normal world until you get to the alternate side, which I don't want to give away, but you will see what I mean in the first chapter.

So this is my twist on Beauty and the Beast with a small hint of The Princess Bride. This is a Nalu story mainly with some Gale in there as they are my two favorite couples in the show.

Also I'm not using every character in the alternate world, mainly because I only cast those that I needed to. So if there are some missing it's not because I plan on shipping two characters together instead it's just because they were not needed in this one to add anything. So the character list for this is-Natsu, Lucy, Gajeel, Levi, Grey, Erza, Wendy, Happy and Mirajane. Because they were the best fit for the positions I needed filled in the alternate world.

Now for the MOST IMPORTANT part, you have to read please! I'm rating this T because I want to be sure that my normal readers can see it, BUT! No one under fifteen is to read this story! Mostly because I may step over the T rating at some point (I'm still deciding) and there WILL be adult themes in this story i.e. suggestive and sexual moments, but I'm not sure how deeply they'll run. But seriously this is not for young eyes so NO KIDDIES! And you know who you are if you're reading this so you've been warned!

Like I said I'm not sure how deep into the adult stuff I'm gonna go cause those that know my style of writing I haven't written anything like that yet, but that's because it was a bit awkward for me to do so with non-humans. As these characters are human it's a bit easier to delve into the deep end.

So those that decide to read this story, I hope that you enjoy it and always feel free to tell me what you think. Whether it be praise or fire I can take it all and need to be told what I'm doing right or wrong. Oh and sorry if characters sometimes seem OOC, but remember this is an AU so some leeway is permitted. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the first chapter once it's finished and up. Let me know what you think!