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[Where am I going…what can I do next…I can't tell anyone about this…I can't…….]

The boy slumped forward, his body weighing him down like a sack of potatoes. Every step was a challenge as he dragged his ash covered shoes across the concrete.

[One foot in front of the other…repeat….one foot in front of-]

Kai lost his concentration when he suddenly heard the sounds of beating footsteps on the burning ground. He lost his footing and tumbled to the ground, while in his mind he thought he was still moving.

[One foot in front of the other…]


[Who's there…?] His mind pondered questions that his mouth couldn't ask.


[Someone's calling me…Dranzer…Is that you…]

There was no answer in the back of his mind where Dranzer normally was found. Kai could hear the voices coming closer as he realized his face was scraping the gritty concrete.


Kai pulled his head up as two blurry figures entered his vision. He looked down at the ground littered with debris, his slate haired bangs covering his eyes. [Why…why are they here…?] Kai put his hands under his chest and forced himself to his knees as the two boys ran up to him.

"Kai! What are you doing here?!" Max was immediately at Kai's side trying to help him to his feet as Kyojyu examined the battered boy. "Did you get caught in that explosion? Are you hurt anywhere? Kai?!" Max kept throwing a hundred questions at Kai. The scarf adorned teen pushed Max away with a weakened arm covered in bruises and burns. Max wasn't overpowered at all but instead took hold of Kai's wrist and examined his arm.

Kyojyu looked down at Max and shook his head. "It doesn't look very good, we need to get him to a doctor and fast…"

Kai's eyes widened as if he had suddenly snapped to reality. He pulled himself away, managing an awkward standing position. "I'm…fine…" he said in a menacing tone. "I don't need to go to a damn hospital…" Kai could feel his strength leaving him as the two boys watched with gaping mouths. They could see now how tattered his clothing was, bruises all over his ash covered skin, blood dribbling down the side of his forehead.

[Fuck…they won't go away…]

His legs finally gave way and his body was met by the gravel. His vision blurred again and he could faintly hear the voices of Max and Kyojyu.

"…wait…falls aslee…"


"He…back any…no other…"

Kai's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he cursed mentally, knowing full well there was nothing a doctor could do to help his situation, and he actually started to worry what Burack was planning on doing.

[Idiots…get away…I don't know what he's planning…] Kai's final thoughts drifted away as he lost conscience.

Kyojyu realized Dizzara was being a little too quiet and opened his laptop. "Dizzara?"


"Diz, stop playing around…we need you to locate the closet hospit-"

"Go down 6 streets, turn right, go down 3 more streets. You'll come to an intersection; go straight 2 more streets, then turn left and you'll see a hospital sign." Dizzara replied in a hurried tone. "Is that all you need? Okay? Good bye!" she said disappearing from the screen

"Di…Dizzara?!" Kyojyu exclaimed shaking the laptop. "Come out now!"

"Kyojyu, she gave us directions, that's all we needed right?" Max said in a calming tone.

Kyojyu looked up at his blonde friend and nodded. "Right. But can we carry him?"

"Let's just start walking, hopefully we can find a pay phone to call Takao and Rei."

"They aren't at the hotel…"

Max sighed and shoved a piece of smoldered wood away with his foot. "Looks like we are on our own then. I hope no one else is trapped down there…" He went over to Kai and held his bloody head in his hands. "I've never seen him like this…you know whenever I think of Kai, I envision him this strong, unbeatable leader…but now…he looks so fragile…" He grabbed onto Kai from his waist and looked to Kyojyu who was putting his laptop on Kai's stomach, supporting Kai from the waist down by holding his legs.

"Let's go then…it's going to take awhile to get there, unless we're lucky and we find a pay phone." Kyojyu sighed as he started trudging ahead, repeating the directions in his head. [down 6 streets, turn left, go down 3 more streets…or was it turn left…? Which way was it…?]

"Something wrong Kyojyu?"

"Huh…oh…it's nothing…okay we'll turn here." Kyojyu said. [We've been walking a while now…still no sight of a pay phone…]

The two boys kept going through the streets and allies, occasionally coming across a dead end. "Are you sure we're going the right way…?"

The glasses toting boy laughed nervously. "Um…well...ya see…"

"…Don't tell me we're lost…"

"…Only a little…"


Takao and Rei headed towards the area where they heard the explosion, gaping at the destruction. Smoldering wood every where, an occasional sizzle was heard along with crackling, and the stench of smoke filled the air.

"This is bad…" Rei remarked as the sound of sirens could be heard coming in the distance. "It doesn't matter if the ambulance comes now." He remarked walking over the rubble. "Whoever was here is dead now."

As if a signal, a hand popped out of the debris and latched onto Takao's ankle. The boy leaped back in shock and immediately started screeching "ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!!"

The rubble parted from the side, as a figure pushed away charred wood. He looked up at the two boys, his face matted with blood and disfigured from burns, but they could recognize his large nose.


He smiled up at them, blood seeping through his teeth as he said in a garble voice. "I'll get him for this…"

Takao looked at Rei who was just paralyzed with fear. "How…how can he be…alive…?"

Takao shuddered and looked at Ian, glaring at them with crimson coated pupils. "You…you'll all die…" he snickered at them. All of you…so called…friends of Kai…you'll all die…"

"He's…insane…" Takao said under his breath.

"Wait…Kai?!" Rei suddenly said "Where is he? Did you guys do something to him?!" Ian could only answer by laughing psychotically. Rei grabbed the boy by his collar, his eyes piercing into his. "Where…is….Kai…?"

The boy looked at him in the eye, the bloody smile still plastered on his face as he only said. "You're little bird went…bye bye…….BYE BYE." Before he passed out in Rei's grip. The Chinese boy dropped him in the rubble, turning to Takao, who was shocked by his friend's sudden out burst.

"H….hey man…you okay?"

Rei seemed to be in his own world as he pulled Drigger from his pocket. "Drigger, hey!"

The tiger yawned within the back of Rei's mind. [Uuuuuuh, and I was having such a nice dream about Galux…hehehe…I MEAN. Yes master Rei!]

[Drigger, do you sense Dranzer in this rubble?]

[…No…I don't…you mean you haven't found them yet?!]

[Can you sense her ANYWHERE?]

[Um…well I can feel her coming from the west…it's faint but I know her scent anywhere…Draciel and Dizzara are with her!]

"Takao, Kai's with Kyojyu and Max."

"At least we know he's safe…now let's get going before police try to question us." Takao grabbed Rei's hand and started going back to the hotel. Rei pulled him westward. "They went this way…"



Max put Kai's head gently on the ground and leaned against a wall, sweat dripping down his face. "Kyojyu…we're lost…open up your laptop and ask Diz for help."

"She signed off remember? She sounded terrified." Kyojyu opened the laptop, now void without his bit beast. "I don't understand why she's being so jumpy tonight." He looked over to Max, who was keeping an eye on the slate haired teen.

"I don't think we'll make it in time…" Max said glumly glancing over to Kai, who by now was heaving every few seconds and breathing in shallow gasps. The air was starting to get colder and Max burrowed himself into his jacket.

Kyojyu stood looking helpless. "It's no good…he's going to die…"

"DON'T SAY THAT!" Max cried up, looking at him with frosted eyes. "He won't die! A miracle will happen…I…I know it…"

"…Max...don't be so naïve…."

"Did someone call for a miracle?"

Max and Kyojyu looked up quickly to see Takao smirking without a care in the world. Rei ran up behind him and immediately noticed Kai's state. He pulled a cell from his pocket and started dialing for the nearby hospital.

Every stared wide eyed at Rei, especially Max who was twitching. "Y…y…you have a cell phone…"

"Um…yeah. Mr. Dickenson gave this to me…after the ordeal in London I requested a cell phone, and he agreed."

Max fell to his knees and started laughing hysterically. "You mean…we walked…all that time…" his laughs were turned into sobs as Takao walked over cautiously and patted him on the head comfortingly. "Um…hey its okay man…it's alright now…"

As Takao consoled his blonde friend, Rei hung up his cell phone. He turned to the group, "They'll be here in 5 minutes. We're pretty close, so they should be able to help Kai…what happened to him…?"

Kyojyu shook his head and adjusted his glasses. "We don't know, we found him limping around the crash site and he refused to talk to us…"

"Sounds like something Kai would do." Rei said walking over to the taller boy. "He's stubborn…Let me guess, he didn't want to go to a hospital too right?" Rei looked down and noticed Kai's hands were clenched onto something. "What's this?" he said kneeling down and prying away his fingers. Even in his weakened state, Kai fingers tried to keep a grasp on the object, his beyblade. Rei took Dranzer from the boy's hand and distinctly heard him mutter her name.

[Drigger, talk to Dranzer please. Try to figure out what happened.]

[Whatever you say, Rei]

Rei put Drigger and Dranzer in his pocket when he heard the ambulance sirens. "Finally."

The ambulance pulled up to the boys as 4 men in white suits came out. They took one look at Kai and brought out a stretcher, placing him softly on it so not to further any injuries. Takao went to follow his friend into the back of the ambulance but was pushed away.

"We're sorry, only enough room for the patient and the doctors. The hospital is just a few blocks down, please go that way." The doctor waved a hand to the west as he boarded the van.

Takao pulled on his eyelid and stuck out his tongue. "Rude doctors, yeesh."

"Come on, Takao, let's follow them." Kyojyu said with a now composed Max behind him. "If we wait too long we won't be able to visit him."

The boys arrived at the hospital 15 minutes later and ran right up to the reception's desk. Takao, of course, got their first, huffing from all his running. A middle aged woman looked down at them, her name tag shining the words Sera Mouto. She pulled a strand of grey hair from her face and in an irritated tone asked; "Can I help you…?"

"Yes! Yes you can! We're looking for our friend!" Takao explained as Rei and the others finally rushed in.

"Yes, yes I'm sure you are." She pulled a pair of glasses over her eyes and pulled out a list. "Why do I always have to deal with the crazy children…?" Takao gave her a glare, ready to retort. "Okay, first name…"


"Last name."

"Oooh…what was it?" Takao looked at the ceiling. "Um…hi…hiwa…There we go! Hiwatari!"

Suddenly, the receptionist looked shocked, her hands quivering violently. "Wha…what was that name…?"

"Kai…Hi...wa…ta…ri…" Takao spoke to her as if she was a child.

She dropped the list in her hand and reached over the small desk, grabbing Takao's shoulders. "Kai! He's alive?!"

"Um…hopefully…" Takao replied, but realized the woman had started crying into her hands. "Is something wrong…?"

"Sixteen years ago…sixteen years ago they took my little baby…Oh Kai! You came back to your mother!"


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