"More?" Kakashi asked, holding up a bottle of sake.

Sakura nodded and gave him a small smile. "Thanks."

They were at the pub, celebrating Sakura's 31st birthday. Most of their friends were there - Naruto sat to her left, bickering across the table with Ino while Hinata looked on indulgently and Sai watched the pair with what might have been a hint of amusement between sips of his beer. At the other end of the row of tables that had been pushed together to accommodate the large group were Shikamaru and Temari; they were joined by Chouji and his wife and seemed to be enjoying the rare night away from their young daughter. To Kakashi's right, Genma was joking around with Kotetsu and Gai (generally at Kiba and Tenzo's expense), and Sakura could hear Shino discussing insects with his wife and the dog-nin's visibly creeped-out date as they sat opposite her.

All in all, it had been a fun evening, though Sakura's silver-haired lover/tormentor had been working hard to tease her under the radar of their friends every chance he got - to the point that she didn't know whether she wanted to punch him or drag him out to the alley behind the pub to make him pay for trailing his wicked fingers over her arm (or her knee or her thigh) and tickling her ear with his warm breath whenever he leaned in to whisper something that inevitably brought a flush to her cheeks.

His latest attempt to seduce her had been to surreptitiously slide one of his hands along the small of her back as he reached over to pour her drink with the other, and once he'd set the bottle back on the table, he bent down to brush his masked lips over the corner of her jaw.

"Don't drink too much, birthday girl," he murmured. "I want you to be very aware of everything I'm going to do to you when we get home …"

His words made the space between her legs pulse with need, and she scowled as she couldn't help but cross them in an attempt to alleviate the desire. "Quiet, you …" she ordered under her breath.

Of course, he noticed her discomfort, and she felt him grin victoriously against her neck … it made her want to drag the smug bastard into a kiss, to nip at those smirking lips until he was too caught up in her mouth and her teeth and her tongue to keep taunting her, until she was the one making him lose his composure ...

"Oi!" Ino suddenly shouted, breaking through her vengeful (yet aroused) haze. "Don't think we don't see you two acting like a coupla horny teenagers …"

While Sakura turned bright red at her friend's loud pronouncement, Kakashi just chuckled and leisurely slipped his hand from her hip to pick up his beer.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Ino-chan," he replied unashamedly, offering her his classic smile as he lifted the bottle to his lips.

Ino rolled her eyes. "Sure, you don't, ero-Hokage …"

"Pig!" Sakura scolded, embarrassed, while Kakashi muttered "Former Hokage" with a frown and took another drink.

The clearly-intoxicated blonde waved her hand dismissively at both of them. "What are you waiting for anyway, Forehead? You obviously can't resist him," she drawled.

Sakura sighed. She knew exactly what her friend was talking about … Despite her agreement in the woods to marry him, in the end, she had found herself unable to take that next step as quickly as Kakashi would have liked. Part of it was that she felt guilty rushing into something right after divorcing Sasuke … she didn't want to trivialize the relationship they'd had either in his eyes or in the eyes of their friends.

Another part was that, as much as she hated contemplating it, there was always the possibility that what she felt for Kakashi was ultimately due more toward the novel experience of being involved with someone who valued her for who she was, someone who wanted to spend time with her … she'd been in a relationship for so long with a man who had constantly held himself at a distance that she could very well just have been caught up in the feeling of being truly wanted for the first time.

And then there was the desire not to be drawn into another situation where she allowed herself to be subsumed by someone else … it wasn't that she thought that Kakashi wanted that from her at all, and it wasn't that she had felt any desire to sacrifice herself for him the way she had with Sasuke, but she worried that she might unconsciously fall into that habit if she jumped right back into marriage, so she had insisted that they take the time to get to know each other not as friends or as illicit lovers but as two people in a real relationship.

"Look, jiji, I realize that the end is near for you, but it's important that we do this right," she'd argued after they had taken a break from having sex long enough for her to regain some of her sanity.

He'd pouted adorably at that, but the pout had softened into a smile almost immediately as he drew her into a strong embrace, kissed the top of her head, and told her that he was sure he could manage to wait a little longer to officially claim her as his own.

And so they'd spent the last six months going on dates and sparring and bantering and making love and sleeping curled up in each other's arms.

They had been the best six months of her life; she couldn't deny that ...

Her inner musings were again interrupted by Ino, who drunkenly flopped her elbows on the table and pointed at her.

"No, but seriously, Forehead …" the blonde insisted. "Just marry the man already!"

Sakura's cheeks flamed once more, and the blush only spread when Kakashi grinned down at her.

"Well, there you have it, Sakura-chan …" he shrugged, his eyes twinkling in spite of the light flush she could see from behind his mask.

She glared at him, annoyed that he seemed to be finding the whole exchange more amusing than embarrassing.

"I am not marrying you just because Pig's drunk and running off at the mouth …" she declared crossly.

Kakashi laughed and ruffled her hair affectionately, and Sakura frowned as she swatted his hand away.

"It's not just me, yanno," Ino huffed, folding her arms. "Everyone else here thinks so too!"

At that, Sakura looked around the table to find all of their friends nodding or otherwise making expressions that left no doubt that Ino was right. With a frustrated groan, she hid her head in her hands, but even as she did so, she couldn't help thinking that maybe her annoying friend had a point … she did love Kakashi - and not just more than she had when she'd first admitted her feelings but more than she had the day before and the day before that and the day before that. Her fears that her love might have been situational or that she would lose herself to him had proven unfounded so far … in fact, being with Kakashi had helped her begin to figure out who she really was and what she really wanted out of life.

And Sasuke … as much as she had wanted to keep her relationship with Kakashi under wraps for awhile out of respect for her former love, it had been hopeless from the get-go; the minute people found out about the impending divorce, they subtly or not-so-subtly brought up the former Hokage, because apparently nearly everyone had seen the chemistry between them long before she herself had realized it.

Feeling suddenly and inexplicably shy, Sakura lifted her head from her hands to look up at the man beside her. His gaze as it met hers was soft, with the slight creases at the corners of his eyes only emphasizing how handsome he was. What was she waiting for? She loved him, truly, and he made her happy … she couldn't imagine her life without him.

An all-too-familiar warmth started filling her heart as she continued to hold his gaze, and finally she threaded her fingers through his under the table and leaned up until her mouth was close to his ear.

"Okay," she whispered.

When she pulled back to see his reaction, the love in his eyes as he inclined his head in acknowledgment made her face break into a goofy smile that disappeared only when Genma abruptly reminded her that she and Kakashi weren't alone.

"To Kakashi and Sakura!" he announced loudly, raising his glass, and Sakura self-consciously stared into her sake cup as she tried to avoid making eye contact with their grinning companions, all of whom had raised their drinks along with the senbon specialist.

"To Kakashi and Sakura!" they chorused cheerfully.

There were several more rounds of congratulations before normal conversation at the table finally resumed and Kakashi and Sakura were no longer the center of attention (much to Sakura's relief).

"Well, that was interesting …" she grumbled when she was sure their friends weren't listening anymore.

"Ah," Kakashi agreed, though he didn't actually seem at all put out by it as he gave her his usual smile, and she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Whatever … you enjoyed it …" she accused, half-seriously and half-playfully.

"I wouldn't say that exactly …" he shrugged. "But I did enjoy the part where you said you'd be my wife …"

He winked at her then, and she had to bite her lip to hold back another silly smile.

Wife … She was going to become Hatake Kakashi's wife ...

The thought filled her with an anxious sort of joy, and she found herself unable to hold his gaze.

Kakashi couldn't resist … the shy way she'd hidden a smile, the dusting of pink across her cheeks, the fact that she had finally agreed to marry him ...

He couldn't resist.

With one corner of his mouth slowly curling into a roguish grin, he put a hand over hers, stilling their nervous fiddling, and bent down to her ear.

"So, wife-to-be …" he started, low enough that only she could hear. "When are you going to let me take you home and make love to you?"

To his satisfaction, he heard her heartbeat pick up at his question, and the scent of her arousal spiked pleasingly as she shivered beside him. It made him want to tease her more, to see how far he could push her before she gave in to him, before she succumbed to her desire … It made him want to build the need inside of her until she soaked through her panties right there - in the pub - with all of their friends around them, until she couldn't stand to wait any longer for him to make her come, until she wanted him as much as he wanted her ...

Sakura couldn't deny that Kakashi's husky voice had her body begging for her to say, "Right now," but the rest of her had had enough embarrassment for one evening, and she tried to tamp down her arousal by putting a little distance between them.

"We can't leave yet … everyone would know why!" she replied in a quiet but clipped tone, hoping that it would stop him from torturing her anymore.

Of course, she had no such luck ... instead of leaving her alone, Kakashi snuck a warm hand around her waist and closed the distance between them again.

"That's too bad …" he hummed mischievously, his masked mouth skimming the shell of her ear. "Because I don't want to wait to feel you wrapped around me … warm and wet and begging me not to stop …" He brushed a languid kiss under her jaw. "I don't want to wait to slide into you again and again until you're breathless … and needy … and so close ..."

In spite of herself, Sakura couldn't gather the willpower to push him away, not when his dirty mouth and his deep voice and his enticing scent were heating her body so deliciously ... it was all she could do to whisper his name as some sort of meaningless threat that he completely ignored.

"Sakura …" Kakashi murmured, his voice rough. "I want to thrust my cock into you so hard and fast that you can't think straight …" He nipped at her ear. "I want all you can feel to be me fucking you into the bed … or the couch … or the wall … or the counter ... "

Her breath caught in her throat at his wicked words, and she felt the dampness between her legs spread as his calloused fingers dipped under her shirt to caress the bare skin of her hip.

"Kakashi …" she repeated weakly.

He nudged her neck with his nose. "I want to make you come until you think you can't come anymore … and then I want to make you come again ..."

He paused to squeeze her waist tightly and pull her even closer before continuing, his voice darker than she'd ever heard it.

"I want to drive you over the edge again and again …" he went on. "... And then I want to come inside you … I want you to feel my c-"

The rest of his sentence was abruptly cut off when Sakura stood up and grabbed his hand.

"I'm not feeling well … we need to go," she declared brusquely to the table, and without waiting for a response from their friends, she yanked an unprotesting Copy-nin out of his chair and headed for the exit.

They'd barely made it outside before she tugged down his mask and he pushed her roughly into the wall of the alley next to the pub and their mouths met in a desperate, fiery kiss.

"I hate you," Sakura bit out between kisses, even as she held him closer and hooked a leg over his hip.

Kakashi tangled his tongue around hers and jerked his growing erection against her clothed core. "You love me," he argued, his breathing heavy as he dragged her into another deep kiss.

"Mm …" she protested, digging her fingers into his shoulders and meeting the movements of his hips. "Take me home …"

Not needing to be told twice, he locked their lips together again and formed the seal that flashed them to his living room, where he wasted no time tearing off her shirt and shoving down her shorts while she reached into his pants to wrap her hand around him.

He groaned at the feeling of her soft palm running over his shaft as he unhooked her bra and latched his mouth onto one of her breasts, licking and sucking until her nipple was distended and her fingers were in his hair and he couldn't wait any longer to be inside of her.

With one last bite, he returned his mouth to hers and lifted her up, only to break the kiss a minute later when he laid her out on her back on the kitchen table. For the briefest of moments, he stared down at her, at his woman, lying there with her mussed hair and her bare chest and her needy eyes, and then he spread her legs wide, took his cock into his own hand and drove into her with all of the pent-up need from the evening.

Sakura cried out at that first rough thrust, and her hands instinctively clutched the edges of the table for balance while her back arched up from the wood and he slammed into her again and again without pause, his rock-hard length hitting deep inside every time.

"I -" she whimpered, her eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the sides of the table. "Kakashi …"

"I've wanted to do this to you all night," he growled, continuing to thrust into her. "You have no idea how hard it was not to drag you to the nearest bathroom and fuck you right there …"

"Oh god …" she breathed helplessly, unable to stop herself from imagining him doing just that, and her brow furrowed, her eyes still tightly shut. "You drive me crazy … your stupid … hands … and … stupid mouth …"

She could almost feel him smirking at her as she panted beneath him, and she wanted to fight back, but he felt so good … he was so hard and big and …

"Fuck …" she hissed, and his fingers dug into her hips.

"Are you going to come for me, Sakura?" he asked, his voice gruff as he picked up the pace.

"I'm …mm ... I'm so ..." she mumbled, barely aware of what she was saying as her back arched even higher, unconsciously begging him to touch her, and he answered by grabbing one of her breasts and teasing the nipple, his large hand and twisting fingers coaxing another moan from her lips.

"I want you to come for me," he ground out, still driving into her. "I want to hear you call my name as I fuck an orgasm out of you ..."

That dirty mouth

Sakura's breathing grew even shallower at his words, and she felt herself getting wetter, felt her inner walls starting to contract around him at odd intervals as she drew nearer and nearer to the edge.

"Kakashi ..." she pleaded, her body fairly burning with need, and then he pressed a hand to the small of her back, changing the angle just so, and she was lost, her mind going blank except for a dim awareness that he was still pounding into her as she came, drawing out her orgasm, intensifying the pleasure pulsing between her legs and singing through her body.

Kakashi watched her hit her peak beneath him, and he was so caught up in his desire for her, for the woman who would be his wife, that he barely noticed moving the hand that had been on her breast to her hips and lifting her lower body off the table so that he could reach even deeper inside of her, could take even more from her as she shuddered around him.

But he did hear her surprised shout at the shift in position, and it made his own back arch as another bolt of arousal shot through his balls, through his cock, slick with her juices and impossibly rigid, until he felt his release overtaking him, until he was jerking into her and filling her with all of the cum he'd built up over hours of teasing her, hours of imagining what he would do to her once he got her alone.

When he was finally spent, when her rippling walls had finally milked the last of his cum from him, he gazed down in satisfaction at her flushed cheeks and her closed eyes and her boneless arms dangling off the edges of the table.

"You're mine now, Sakura-chan," he grinned, his voice still husky, his chest still rising and falling rapidly in the aftermath of his orgasm.

She shook her head as if to disagree, but a fond smile danced on her lips as she slowly opened her eyes to look back up at him.

"I've been yours, Kakashi," she countered softly. "It just took me awhile to figure it out …"

With one of his signature smirks, he slid a hand sensually up her spine to bring her to a sitting position, and then he captured her mouth with his in a deep, lazy kiss that didn't stop until long after he'd carried her to the bedroom.

Two months later, with Sarada at her side as her maid of honor and Naruto as the officiator, Haruno Sakura became Hatake Sakura in a small, private ceremony at Hokage Tower.

To Sarada's supreme disappointment and despite the fact that the only other people in attendance were Tsunade, Ino, Sai, Hinata, Tenzo, Genma, and Gai, all of whom had already seen his face, the Copy-Nin had stubbornly refused to remove his mask for the wedding, even when he kissed his new wife for the first time, so before she'd left to rejoin her father on his travels, the dark-haired girl had vowed that she was going to make her stepdad show her his face the next time she saw him, and a little over a year after the wedding, she made her way back to the village with an elaborate plan to do just that ...

"I'm home!" Sarada called as she set her pack down in the entryway and removed her sandals.

Sakura immediately dropped the knife she'd been using to chop vegetables for dinner and rushed out of the kitchen to pull her daughter into a tight hug.

"Jeez, Mom," Sarada protested, trying to wiggle out of her mother's hold. "It's not like I've been gone forever."

"It's been more than a year … I'm not allowed to miss my own child?" Sakura asked testily, but she let the girl go anyway.

"I guess …" Sarada grumbled, frowning.

The pinkette smiled as she reached out to brush her hand over her daughter's hair and cheeks. "You've gotten taller," she said softly.

Sarada rolled her dark eyes. "That's kinda what happens when you grow up ..."

"Fine, fine … I'll leave you alone," Sakura sighed, resigning herself to the fact that her daughter was now apparently acting like the teenager she'd recently become. "Anyway, Kakashi's in the baby's room if you want to go meet your brother."

Sarada immediately brightened. "Yeah!" she grinned and ran down the hall to the nursery … only to stop cold the instant she stepped through the door.

"You - you don't have your mask on!" she exclaimed, staring open-mouthed at the silver-haired man who was standing by the window, holding his five-month-old son.

Kakashi just shrugged and gave her his trademark smile. "Ah, well, Ren-kun pulls it off every time I wear it around him, so I've given up," he replied, sounding only slightly bothered by it as he fondly ruffled the baby's fuzzy white hair.

Barely hearing his response, Sarada couldn't stop gaping at the Copy-nin's bare face. "How old are you again?" she asked, a light blush gracing her cheeks.

"Thirty-six," Kakashi answered, not missing a beat.

"Lies!" Sakura called from the kitchen, and he cleared his throat guiltily while his stepdaughter furrowed her eyebrows.

"This is weird …" she muttered. "I think you should put your mask back on …"

Kakashi let out a heavy sigh and pulled his mask back up. "I can't win …" he complained. "First, you want me to take my mask off; now you want me to put it back on. And meanwhile …" He was abruptly interrupted by his son, who smacked him in the face with a tiny hand, then gripped the mask and tugged on it. He sighed again. "Meanwhile … Ren-kun here thinks it's a toy."

"Serves you right for teasing all those kids all those years, if you ask me," Sakura interjected affectionately as she walked in to join them.

By then, Ren had managed to pull the mask back down, and he proceeded to stick two small fingers into his father's mouth as Sarada's grand plan to reveal the Copy-nin's face crumbled to pieces in her mind.

"Beaten by a baby …" she mumbled disbelievingly.

Chuckling at her dismayed expression, Kakashi gently pried his son's fingers away, then blew a raspberry on the palm of the baby's hand. Ren giggled, and Kakashi smiled and repeated the action while Sarada continued to watch them in something not unlike shock.

"This is too bizarre …" she said, shaking her head.

Sakura caught her daughter's eye and nodded in agreement. "Right?" she laughed. "Do you want to hold him?"

Seeming to snap out of her daze at that, Sarada looked up in surprise. "Can I?"

"Sure," Kakashi said as he carried the baby over to his stepdaughter and gestured for her to sit down in the rocking chair beside the crib. "Here, just put your hands under his arms and let him stand on your lap," he instructed. "He likes that."

Sarada gingerly wrapped her fingers around her brother's little torso and rested his bootied feet on her thighs. He immediately began bouncing, and the odd babbling sound escaped his mouth as she stared into his dusty green eyes. "He's so cute …" she smiled wonderingly.

Kakashi beamed. "Watch out for his fist though," he warned, the pride in his voice obvious. "He's going to be punching like you and your mother someday …"

Without turning away from her little brother, Sarada grinned. "I'll teach him for sure," she promised, and Ren smiled back at her, waving his arms about as he continued to bounce on her lap.

Thinking that maybe this big-sister thing might turn out to be pretty fun after all, Sarada pulled him closer and planted a big kiss on one of his chubby cheeks. To her delight, he giggled happily in response.

"Yeah, I think we'll get along just fine," she mused to herself, and in the background, Kakashi and Sakura exchanged smiles of their own.

8 months later

Having finally finished folding her laundry, Sakura stood at the window in her bedroom, looking down at Sarada leading a tottering Ren around the backyard.

Perhaps it wasn't particularly surprising, considering he was arguably the cutest thing to happen to Konoha in years, but her daughter seemed to have taken to her little brother in the months since she'd returned from traveling with her father. It had come as something of a relief, because although Sakura hadn't been overly worried that Sarada would resent her new sibling, she had naturally had some concerns - after all, Sarada had been an only child her whole life, and Ren was only a half-brother, the product of her mother's marriage to the man she'd left her father for.

But her fears had proved unfounded; Sarada was more than happy to play with her brother when she had time between missions and her friends, and Ren worshipped his older sister … it was clear in the way he always reached for her if she were near and by how much he smiled whenever she paid attention to him.

Really, her children made a dangerously adorable pair of partners in crime, and she was just beginning to smile at the thought when she felt two strong arms wrapping around her waist from behind, and the scent of Kakashi surrounded her.

"Hi," he murmured, and she leaned easily into his embrace.

"Hi," she said contentedly.

He rested his chin on the top of her head, and she put a hand on his forearm, and they held each other like that in a peaceful quiet for several minutes, just watching their children.

It was Kakashi who broke the silence.

"They look lonely, don't you think?" he asked suddenly.

"Lonely?" Sakura echoed, confused … they seemed perfectly happy to her.

"Mm," her husband agreed, then placed an open-mouthed kiss on her neck. "They look like they could use another little brother or sister to play with …"

As he spoke, one of his hands ventured slyly up under her shirt to cup her breast over her bra, and she couldn't stop a low moan from escaping when he tweaked her nipple … but then she gathered herself and raised an eyebrow at his reflection in the window.

"Kakashi …" she warned, reluctantly pushing his hand away. "The kids are right down there …"

Undaunted, he returned her eyebrow raise with a devilish grin as he trailed his other hand up between her breasts and along her throat to her chin, where he used his fingers to gently tilt her head back onto his collarbone.

His touch was so familiar, so sensual, that she couldn't bring herself to stop him, and he took the opportunity to suck lightly on her pulse point.

"We can be quick …" he hummed seductively into her ear, then dragged his lips along the side of her neck.

Sakura intended to protest, but instead she found herself pressing her body into his and raising an arm to thread her fingers through the hair at the back of his head.

"Another baby?" she mumbled almost absently, lightly tugging on his silver locks as he nibbled her earlobe.

"Mmhm …" he nodded, letting his hand wander achingly slowly down her stomach.

She wrinkled her brow - half at his suggestion and half at the pleasure of his tongue flicking over her ear, at the warmth of his lips on the corner of her jaw.

"That's easy for you to suggest …" she managed to say, her voice growing thick with desire and her grip on his hair tightening as his fingers teased their way under her panties.

Seemingly ignoring what she said, Kakashi trailed his mouth from her jaw down to nip at her neck, then slipped his hand between her legs, running his fingers along the top of each thigh until he reached the part of her that was already damp with need. Her breath caught involuntarily at his touch, and she had to fight to keep back another moan as he slid a large finger between her lower lips.

"What was that you were saying?" he smirked, his voice rough as his finger rubbed languidly up and down her slit.

"Mm …" she panted, and he started tracing lazy circles around her clit. "But you're not the one who has to - ah -" He hit a particularly sensitive spot then, and the hand that wasn't in his hair grasped reflexively at his arm as she struggled to stay focused. "Y-you're not the one who has to go through nine months … of pregnancy - mmm - and ... twenty-something hours of labor …"

Kakashi lifted his mouth from her neck to the edge of her ear without stopping the movement of his finger. "I'll give you all the back massages and foot massages you want …" he promised.

"Uh huh …" she drawled skeptically, her breathing steadily growing heavier as his other hand ducked under her bra to cup her breast.

"I'll go out in the middle of the night to buy dango for you to put in your miso soup …" he vowed, pulling her even closer.

Though her eyes had closed with her increasing desire, she couldn't help but make a face at that. "Gross ..."

He smiled against her neck. "You craved weirder things with Ren-kun …"

"... That's true," she admitted breathily, and he curled his finger up inside of her, eliciting a gasp and then a pleasured groan as he slid it out and then pushed it back in.

"I'll even change more diapers ..." he whispered.

At that, she pulled her head away to look up at him over her shoulder, and his finger, still inside of her up to his second knuckle, stopped moving.

"No, you won't," she said flatly.

He grinned sheepishly. "I might …"

She raised a disbelieving eyebrow, and he slipped his finger out of her, then leaned down to brush his lips against hers.

"Make another baby with me, Hatake Sakura …" he murmured, his grey eyes lacking their usual teasing light, and their seriousness combined with the sound of her full name in his voice to send a frisson through her body.

"You …" You're not playing fair, she wanted to say, but the words wouldn't come, and instead she found herself smiling softly at him.

Clearly sensing victory, he grinned in response and spun her around in his arms to kiss her deeply before backing her toward the bed.

She broke away from his kiss as he pushed her down onto the mattress. "You really want another baby?" she asked skeptically.

His expression sobered again, and he brushed his thumb tenderly across her bottom lip.

"This isn't the first time we've talked about it …" he pointed out, and when she didn't immediately respond, he began trailing kisses from her neck down to her stomach.

She furrowed her brow as she watched him lift up the hem of her shirt and run his hand in a circle over her abdomen.

"I want to see you pregnant with my child again …" he said quietly, and Sakura couldn't help that her pulse sped up at the loving way he gazed at her stomach as he spoke.

"Who knew Hatake Kakashi was such a caveman?" she teased in an attempt to calm her racing heart, and he turned his eyes up toward hers as he wordlessly slid his hand further down her abdomen.

The look in those charcoal depths made desire burn between her thighs, and he flashed her a knowing half-smile as he began stripping off her shorts, placing gentle kisses on her stomach along the way until she was half-consciously raising her hips to help him.

After he'd finally tugged the garment over her feet, he sat back on his heels and lifted one of her legs to his mouth, where he met her gaze again as he brushed his warm lips against her calf, then trailed them down to the inside of her knee. Goosebumps formed in his wake, and he licked her cheekily while running a hand leisurely up her thigh to the curve of her ass and letting her leg fall back into the bed before pressing his hips into hers.

Sakura couldn't keep back a gasp as the fabric of the pants concealing his hard length rubbed pleasurably against her clit, and her arms automatically wrapped around his neck as she finally gave in and initiated a kiss herself.

Kakashi groaned into her mouth and thrust his tongue past her teeth to dance with hers as he started rocking into her, each time the coarse material passing between her lower lips, making her want him even more, and then she felt his hand between her thighs, his fingers moving alongside his clothed cock, and she thought she might actually lose her mind.

He let the contrasting sensations of skin and fabric against and around her clit stoke her desire until she was whimpering with need, and when he finally reached into his pants to pull out his cock and bury it deep inside of her, filling her, stretching her wide, her eyes rolled shut, and she gripped his shoulders.

"Fuck …" she sighed as she began to meet his movements. "No matter how many times we do this …"

Her voice trailed off into a series of panting moans, and he lowered his head to her neck.

"It still feels incredible?" he finished, his breath hot against her throat.

"Yes …" she breathed, holding onto him tightly as the bed began to shake with his quickening thrusts and everything that was Kakashi overtook her senses.

"I want to you make me pregnant too," she admitted, and he dragged her into another rough kiss before tearing his lips from hers.

"Goddammit, woman, I love you …" he growled, then kissed her again - hard - before she could respond.

His words made her inner walls contract around him, and with the way his pelvis was pressing against her clit every time he pounded into her, she knew she was close. Only half-aware of her actions, she broke the kiss, biting his bottom lip and then licking and sucking down his neck and back up to his ear.

"Make me come, Kakashi …" she ordered needily, then locked their lips together again. She swore she felt him get even harder as her tongue swirled around his mouth and her fingers dug into his shoulders, and she was so turned on it almost hurt. "Make me come … please ..." she repeated, clinging to him desperately. "Make me co- ... mm ... god … now …"

Her inner walls were clamping down on him before she even finished her sentence, and heat rushed through her body as she reached orgasm.

"Shit …" he bit out, his fingers tightening their hold on her ass, and then he drove himself into her as deeply as he could and held still as his cock spasmed inside her and he filled her with his seed.

"I love you too," Sakura said after she finally caught her breath, a pleasurable post-sex fog still floating through her mind.

Kakashi squeezed her waist and smiled against her collarbone, letting some of his weight fall onto her, and they lay like that for a long moment, wrapped around each other, connected as closely as two people could be.

Eventually, he lifted his upper body to look down at her. The tenderness in his eyes made her heart twist with happiness, and he leaned down to kiss her softly.

"We should get dressed before we have to explain to Sarada-chan where babies come from …" he murmured with a teasing grin as he pulled back.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "She already knows that …" she muttered, but her mouth quirked into a smile anyway.

"Ren-kun then," he shrugged, sliding off of her.

She giggled as she sat up and straightened her clothes. "He's too young to understand …"

Kakashi tossed her shorts at her head, but she caught them easily and stuck her tongue out at him.

He frowned. "We don't have time for another round, Sakura-chan …"

She raised an eyebrow. "Or maybe you've just gotten too old, jiji …" she taunted, biting her lip to hold back a grin.

His eyes narrowed, and the next thing she knew, she was flat on her back with him pressing her body into the mattress. He held her gaze and trailed a hand down her side. "If I didn't know any better, wife …" he hummed as his fingers skimmed over her hip to dip between her legs. "I'd think you wanted me to -"

He shoved his middle and ring fingers roughly into her, drawing a gasp from her lips.

"... fuck you -"

Her inner walls pulsed around him at his dark tone, and he began to stroke her slowly.

"Again -"

He added his thumb to the mix.

"Right now …"

He gave her a smug smirk when she glared at him, but he didn't stop his torturous movements … He just kept sliding his fingers in and out of her and circling his thumb around the bundle of nerves that was still sensitive from her earlier orgasm until she was dripping all over his hand and moaning with need.

"Where are the kids?" she panted as the tips of his fingers pressed into her g-spot.

He rubbed it unhurriedly back and forth. "Still outside …" he said, and though his voice was dispassionate, she could see the desire swirling in his eyes and feel him hardening against her thigh, and she flashed him a devious grin before reaching up and tugging his mouth roughly down to hers.

Ten months and twenty-eight days later, Kakashi smiled contentedly while Ino fixed his hand.

"You know, Hokage-sama," the blonde said. "Most people aren't this happy when they have twelve broken bones in their hand …"

"Former Hokage," he corrected automatically, but he was still grinning.

"Whatever …"

He relaxed his eyes then and looked across the room to where his wife was sitting in her hospital bed, cradling their new, pink-haired daughter in her arms while Sarada held Ren up so he could see the baby.

"How could I not be happy?" he asked quietly.

Ino followed his gaze, and Sakura glanced over at them, but her eyes automatically settled on her husband's as if her blonde friend weren't even there.

Ino smiled softly to herself. "I see what you mean," she agreed, but Kakashi was too busy admiring his family to hear.

A/N: Fluffier than my Pomeranians.

No, but seriously, I had the Ren scene planned out maybe a month or two after I started writing this thing, and it's been killing me not to share it, because there was so much angst, and everyone knows Kakasaku babies are the best cure for angst ... I kind of want to squeal every time I imagine one, and I'm not the sort of girl who squeals ... I'm not even going to have kids myself.

Anyway, I kind of just had fun with this (I mean, it's an epilogue, right?). It took longer than I expected partially because I'd forgotten about the spate of bridal showers and weddings I had to go to (June … sigh) and partially because the first part was originally just going to be a summary sort of thing, but then I decided to make it a real scene, and then that scene was only supposed to have some dirty talk, but of course my muse was like, "No … smut!" So then that was extra work.

Couple of comments about the epilogue itself:

1. I just have a feeling Kakashi would be into dirty talk … he reads all that smut, you know?

2. As far as the basically unrealistic scenario of Kakashi being able to get it up again that quickly after coming … let's just assume that one or both of them knows some chakra trick, k?

3. And lastly, no, Sakura didn't get pregnant that afternoon ... I don't think even chakra could make her ovulate on the spot like that. She got pregnant a couple weeks later ... hence 10 months and 28 days.

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I've also thought about an Itasaku, but I dunno. Either way, I'm afraid nothing else will go as smoothly as this story did … it came from somewhere mysterious I didn't know existed in me ... and I wouldn't want to disappoint you guys.

Anyway, I guess we'll see. In the meantime, below are a couple of random, silly omakes that you can read if you want, or you can skip them and just let the story stand as-is. Shrug.

Bonus Omake 1: Sarada and Ren's First Meeting - An Unpleasant Occurrence

Sarada had been holding Ren for several minutes when her nose suddenly twitched.

"Um … what's that smell?" she asked slowly, though she suspected she knew the answer and automatically began leaning away from her little brother.

Kakashi had already been pulling his mask back up. "Ah yes … my least favorite part about being a father …" he murmured, frowning.

Sakura sighed and walked over to take the baby from Sarada. "If you think it smells bad, just imagine what it's like for him …" she said to her daughter as she pointed at her husband, who was pinching his masked nose. She rolled her eyes. "I'll take this one."

Kakashi looked at her gratefully. "Have I mentioned that I love you?"

"Once or twice, I think," she teased, grinning at him from over her shoulder as she carried their son to the changing table.

Sarada's eyes darted back and forth between the two adults. "Ugh …" she coughed, a disturbed expression on her face. "I'm not sure which is worse … Ren-kun's dirty diaper or you two …"


Bonus Omake 2: Sasuke - A Happy Ending (Of Sorts)

It had been almost four years since his marriage had ended and a little over eight months since he'd returned to Konoha when Sasuke found himself sitting at a bar, nursing the beer he'd ordered while waiting for Naruto to join him. His teammate should have been there a half an hour ago, and Sasuke was contemplating going home when a petite figure flopped unceremoniously onto the stool beside him. He glanced out of the corner of his eye to see one Hyuuga Hanabi studying him intently.

"Uchiha," she greeted bluntly, and he could tell by her voice and the loose hold she had on her drink that she was not sober.

"You're drunk," he said flatly, meeting her gaze with a blank one of his own.

She shrugged. "Well, as you know, my sister and her noisy Hokage of a husband just spawned again, and newborn babies don't make getting any sleep very easy … even if they are on the other side of the compound …" She held up her glass. "This helps."

After watching her throw back the rest of the liquid and gesture to the bartender for another, he turned away and took another sip of his beer, and the two divorcés sat in a not-uncomfortable silence while he finished his drink.

A few minutes later, having emptied the bottle, Sasuke was about to set some cash on the counter and leave when she spoke up.

"So ... where are you staying these days?" she asked nonchalantly, stirring the ice around in her glass and then sucking up more of the clear liquid through the straw as she looked at him.

His brow furrowed. "I've got an apartment a few blocks away ..." he replied slowly.

"Alright," she said with a grin. "Let's go then."

He stared at her, confused. "What?"

Hanabi just rolled her eyes, then stood up and grabbed him by the collar.

"Look, Uchiha, if I'm not going to get any sleep tonight, it's going to be for a better reason than a crying baby," she stated as if it were obvious and abruptly pulled him off of the stool.

Caught completely off-guard for possibly the first time in his life, Sasuke didn't have a chance to protest, and by the time she'd dragged him out the door, he'd decided he didn't want to anyway.

Six months later, Sasuke watched from the bed as Hanabi changed into her nightgown. After tying up her hair, she made her way over to him and climbed on to straddle his waist, a determined look on her face. He automatically put his hands on her hips, and she planted one of her own down on the middle of his chest.

"Look, Uchiha," she started, her voice serious. "If I'm going to keep staying here every night, it's going to be because I'm your wife."

Caught off-guard once again, Sasuke didn't have time to protest before she was kissing him, and by the time he'd rolled her over and entered her body, he'd decided he didn't want to anyway.


A/N 2: I know, I know … Omake 2 is unrealistic, and you can choose whether or not you want to go with that ending for Sasuke, but for whatever reason, I like the idea of him getting bossed around by a woman, and why not Hanabi? I think it would be funny if she were basically the opposite of her sister, so that's how I wrote her, and since it would be unrealistic for her to be unmarried by that age as the clan heir, I've got her as divorced … let's say she been in some political marriage and finally decided she'd had enough. Then enter Sasuke.

A/N 3: And that's all she wrote, folks.