It's All Right, Everything Is All Right
Chapter 1/?
A Girl Fan Fic by Lucky Star

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to the 1998 movie Girl starring Sean Patrick Flanery and Dominique Swain. I just want to borrow the characters for my own little story. Please don't sue, I don't have anything anyone would want.

Chapter 1:

I noticed her because she looked like Andrea. Not that I was looking for Andrea, or anyone who looked like Andrea. But this girl caught my eye, and for one split second, I thought she was Andrea. I wanted her to be Andrea. I just wanted to see her, to know with my own eyes that she was all right.

I used to tell her "It's all right, Andrea. Everything is all right." Even when it wasn't. I guess that was my catch phrase. Like saying it somehow made everything seem all right, at least for a little while.

Nothing was ever all right. Nothing except me and Andrea, together. She made me feel alive, she made my music real and worth while. I just didn't see it at the time, and I didn't realise it until it was too late. By then she was gone and nothing would ever really be all right again.

I used to look for her in the crowd. Every night, in every city. I just knew she would show up, eventually. I just knew she would be there, at some show, some place I never thought I would see her. She'd be there and everything would start to make sense again.

Nothing ever made sense without her.

So back to this girl. She sat in the third row, dead center, right in front of my microphone. I couldn't help but see her. And I couldn't keep myself from staring at her. I knew immediately that she was not Andrea, the eyes and the smile were all wrong, but she looked enough like Andrea that I couldn't stop looking at her.

I knew she would probably make her way back stage, especially if my security guards noticed me looking at her. And I would have to talk to her. I thought of the first time I saw Andrea, backstage at one of our shows back home, before the record deal, before the stadiums and arenas. She had been looking for the bathroom, but fate took her to my dressing room instead.

I could still picture the scene so perfectly. Carla and I sat together in an over sized chair, and I know Andrea must have thought we were lovers. That day was the first time I told her the lie, "It's all right, Andrea. Everything is all right/" I was a lie because I felt all jumbled up inside, like somehow I knew she was my destiny.

But, as usual I let her slip away. Carla used to say I could ruin anything just by touching it. I hated to hear her say it, but she was right. Carla was right about a lot of things, and I wish I had listened to her more instead of blowing her off like I did.

I shouldn't think about Carla during a show. I shouldn't think about Andrea either, but that was a little harder to do, or not do, with an Andrea look-alike at my feet.

"It's all right, Todd. Everything is all right," I whispered to myself between songs. And I silently prayed it was.


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