It's All Right, Everything Is All Right
Chapter 3/?
A Girl fan fic by Lucky Star

I have to apologize first, before I go any farther. Have neglected this story far too long. I specialize in 7th Heaven fan fictions and while I have been working two jobs for the tax season, I have been struggling just to keep those stories updated, and this one has fallen by the way side. But tax season is wrapping up in he next couple weeks and I hope to have more time to devote to writing, and this story will get the attention it deserves...And now, here is chapter 3...
I wondered if the miss me yet. Luke and the others. Luke would be the first to realize I was gone. And knowing Luke he would stay calm and act like nothing was wrong until five minutes before showtime. Then what would he do? He wouldn't find me, even if he figured out where I was. He wouldn't. He would probably try to do the show himself, and make up some crazy excuse to pacify the crowd when they screamed for me.

Todd Sparrow the no show. My career may be over. Oh well. It would be worth it if I found Andrea.

I had to find Andrea. I would find her. And if the fans waited for me to come back to them, that would be great. If they didn't, oh well. Life would go on. I could sing without the arenas. I like the clubs better anyway.

I booked the first flight back home, dressed in Khakis and a blue polo shirt with m hair combed neatly against my head hoping no one would recognize me. I earned some curious glances, but no one approached, no one questioned me, except the ticket girl who asked for an autograph. Of course gave it to her with a little wink.

I would start my search with Andrea's parents. They probably wouldn't tell me anything, because they never liked me, never approved of Andrea dating me, but I had to have a place to start. And when they rejected me, I would have to start over. But maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't reject me. Maybe Andrea had been missing me all these years, and her parents could help her find me...Yeah right.

"Quit dreaming, Todd-o," I muttered to myself.

I rented a car, still successfully incognito. The middle aged guy at the car rental desk didn't know who Todd Sparrow was. He just gave me the keys and the lot number and sent me on my way.


My stomach knotted up and I felt like I might be sick before I got to the Marr residence. I didn't even know if they still lived there.

I took a deep breath and got out of the car. My feet felt like lead, like I couldn't move fast enough, but somehow I made it to the door, and rang the bell.

A woman opened it. Andrea's mother? I searched her eyes. She didn't look like Andrea. But I had never met the woman, so I really didn't know. "Mrs. Marr?"

"Who's asking?"

"My name is Todd Sparrow. I'm looking for..." My words trailed off at the sight o a child behind the woman. A little girl. She looked to be about three, three and a half. And she stared back at me from behind the woman's legs, looking at me with eyes very much like my own.

I took a step back, took another deep breath, swallowed hard. My child? Between three and three and a half, she would be the right age. Andrea had my baby? I stepped back again, nearly tumbled off the front step, but caught myself on the railing behind me.

"I think you should go, Mr. Sparrow."


She was there, just behind her mother, behind the little girl. Her baby. My baby. I couldn't see her, but she was there. My heart seemed to beat a little faster. I felt dizzy. I wanted to let go of the railing and pass out.

"Go back upstairs, Andrea. Take the baby with you." The baby. So I wouldn't know her name. I wanted to scream at her, she couldn't do this. She couldn't keep me from my Andrea, she couldn't keep me from my daughter. "Now!" The woman barked.

"No. I want to talk to him."

I saw the shock of her hair as she knelt and picked the child up. Mrs. Marr stepped back, and Andrea stepped into the open door. She looked old, so old, worn down, exhausted. She reminded me of Carla all those years I was growing up and Cara took care of me. If my child had even half my personality...

"Hello, Todd," she said and jerked her head so her hair went behind her shoulder and out of her face. "This is Skyler. Skye, baby, say hello to your daddy."

'Daddy," the child echoed. And the edges around my vision wavered, turned black. Everything went black. I felt myself falling, and then there was nothing.


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