Author's note: What can I say? I was really excited to get to work on this story. For those of you who haven't read it, this a sequel to my first fanfic, Vacation in Kurain. If you haven't read it, I would suggest it so that you at least understand why Phoenix/Maya and Apollo/Athena are together.

This will most likely be the only chapter that focuses exclusively on the couples. I still had a little lovey dovey crap in my system to get out, so the case won't really start until next chapter.

Also, I am aware that this is a pretty short chapter, but I wanted to do a short one leading into everything rather than having the characters come home to "Hey man, here's a case, solve it."

I hope you guys stick around for the ride. I'm interested to see how you think I handle writing investigations and trials.

Anywhore, here's the first chapter!

Disclaimer: I do not Ace Attorney, The Walking Dead, or Attack on Titan. Obviously.

June 12
6:08 PM
Wright Anything Agency

"Ah, it's so good to be back here!" Maya cried as she rushed into the office. Phoenix and Trucy followed shortly behind her. Phoenix smiled as he watched the girl rush all around the office, touching everything she remembered from her days as his assistant.

"Charley!" She cried, stroking the leaves of the office potted plant. "It's been too long! Has Nick been keeping you watered?" She giggled to herself.

Phoenix chuckled at her. "Don't worry, I asked Larry to come and water him every day while we were gone."

"Nick! What were you thinking!? Larry probably brought a girl here every day and completely ignored him!" She began to look around frantically. "Where's the watering can? Poor Charley's probably dehydrating!"

Phoenix sighed as she tore the room apart. Just like the old days.

June 12
6:22 PM
Apollo Justice's Apartment

"Wow, Apollo. This place is nicer than I expected." Athena said as she stepped into the living room of the apartment.

"Yeah, well, I manage to make ends meet." Apollo said, closing the door behind him. "And rent's been easier to make lately with all the cases we've been tackling.

Just then, the two heard a bark come from the back of the apartment as a large golden retriever bounded into the room and jumped up onto Apollo.

"Icarus! How are ya, boy? The neighbors been keeping ya fed?" Apollo patted the dog on the head and scratched behind his ears. Icarus barked excitedly at his master.

"Aww, he's so cute!" Athena cried reaching out to stroke the dog's golden fur. "You never mentioned you had a dog, Apollo."

"Yeah, well," He carefully pulled the dog off of him. "It never really came up." He knelt down to Icarus's level. "But Icarus here is about the best dog a guy could ask for. Aren't ya, boy?" he asked, petting the dog's head. Icarus barked in response.

Athena giggled, looking on at the two. I never would have taken Apollo for an animal person. Then again, he probably thinks I own a cat.

"So, Athena." Apollo said, standing up from the floor. "What sounds good for dinner?"

June 12
7:32 PM
Pat's Burger Palace

Phoenix sighed as he watched Maya unwrap her fourth burger. "How did you manage to talk me into this?" He asked.

Maya swallowed the food still in her mouth. "I didn't. I told you we were getting burgers and going shopping since I hopped on the train without a suitcase. I need clothes, Nick!"

Phoenix took a bite of his burger, still on his first one. Unless I get a case TOMORROW, I may need to sell half of Trucy's props to get by.

"Don't worry Nick. I really just needs pajamas. I can wash my robes each day." Maya said, balling up the wrapper of her burger.

Phoenix sighed and looked at the girl. "If you're ok with that, that's fine. Just don't make me take you for burgers every day. My poor wallet can't handle it."

Maya smiled as she pulled back the wrapper of her fifth burger. "I make no promises, Nick."

June 12
8:02 PM
Apollo Justice's Apartment

Athena took a bite of her pizza, causing a large string of cheese to form between her mouth and the slice.

"Wow, this is really good pizza, Apollo! What was the name of the place again?" She asked the red clad man on the couch next to her.

Apollo absent-mindedly scrolled through the movies on Netflix. "Peppa Cinni's. They opened down the street from here a couple years ago. Instantly became my favorite."

Athena took another bite. "Probably my new favorite now!" She cried.

Apollo smiled and took a bite of his own slice. "Good to know we don't have to argue over dinner when you're here." Icarus then walked up to him and began to beg. "Aw, you want some too, boy?" He pulled a pepperoni off his slice and fed it to the dog, who devoured it excitedly.

"Apollo! You shouldn't feed dogs table scraps!" Athena exclaimed.

Apollo chuckled and patted the dog on the head. "Please, Icarus here is usually the only company I have. So it goes without saying that I spoil him. Isn't that right, buddy?" Icarus barked excitedly.

Athena grimaced. "Don't expect me to feed him any of MY food."

Apollo laughed to himself. "Yeah, like anyone could wrestle you away from pizza."

The redhead glared at him. And grabbed another slice. "Watch yourself, Apollo, or you may not have a girlfriend for long."

Her horned companion chuckled as he finally found something to watch on Netflix. "Hey, you know I'm not wrong."

Athena glance at the screen to see what he'd chosen to watch. "The Walking Dead? Really, Apollo?"

Apollo shrugged. "I'm a guy. What'd you expect?"

June 12
9:23 PM
West Pavilion Mall

Phoenix followed shortly behind Maya, his arms loaded with several bags. I just need pajamas, she said. Pajamas and burgers, that's all. In retrospect, I should have seen this coming.

Suddenly, a voice came over the intercom system. Attention, shoppers: The West Pavilion Mall will be closing in 5 minutes. Please make your way to the nearest exit, and we thank you for shopping with us today.

"Aww, we didn't even make it to the candy store. Guess will just have to come back tomorrow, Nick."

At that moment, Phoenix could swear he felt his wallet sprout wings and fly away. "Y-yeah. Sure." Guess I don't need money. I'll just move the office into a tent. Buildings are overrated, right?

"Well, c'mon Nick. We gotta get moving now if we're gonna make it."

"Make it where?" Phoenix asked, having a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Well duh, to Eldoon's! They close pretty soon, don't they?" Maya exclaimed as they rushed out the automatic doors of the mall.

Phoenix sighed. If there is a God, please send me a rich client. The two strolled along for a while before reaching Guy Eldoon's noodle cart in People Park.

"Mr. Eldoon! Ya still open?" Maya cried, rushing up to the stand.

Eldoon poked his head out from inside the stand to see his customers. "Maya-doll! Feels like it's been years! Course I'm still open for my favorite customer!"

Phoenix strode up to noodle cart, having placed the shopping bags on a nearby picnic table. "Good evening, Mr. Eldoon. Sure hope we're not interrupting you."

"Nah, don't let it bother ya none, Wright, me boy. Was about to close up shop, but how can I turn away Maya-doll here?" He turned his attention back to Maya. "So what'll it be? First bowl's on the house!"

"Really? You're gonna regret that, Mr. Eldoon!" Maya cried as she ordered the most expensive bowl on menu.

"And for you, Mr. Lawyer?"

Phoenix shook his head. "None for me, thanks. I'm still stuffed on burgers."

"Bah!" Eldoon exclaimed from inside the stand. "Burgers! Ruin your appetite, they do."

Phoenix chuckled. "Yeah, well, I was hoping we wouldn't be stopping for food every five minutes. But, then again, I'm dating a woman with four stomachs."

"Dating, ya say? When'd this happen? You always seemed adamant about the two of you NOT being together." Eldoon asked as he began to add more salt to the broth.

"Uh, pretty recently actually." Phoenix said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yep, he finally gave into my charms, Mr. Eldoon!" Maya cried, grabbing Phoenix's arm and hugging it closely.

"Ah, young love." Eldoon said, beginning to fill the bowl with noodles, veggies, and ham. "Reminds me of the wife and me back in the day." He finally handed the bowl to a very eager Maya and looked at Phoenix. "You treat her good, now. I know just the way to salt the noodles to make it look like an accident."

Phoenix laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "Of course, Mr. Eldoon." He and Maya then made their way to the table Phoenix had left the bags at.

"Boy Nick, it's not easy being you. Even the noodle guy plans to kill you if you hurt me." Maya said as she broke apart her chopsticks and began to dig in to the bowl of salt with noodles thrown in.

Phoenix slumped forward, sweating. "Don't remind me. It's bad enough knowing I'll probably be haunted if something happens to you."

Maya slurped up a few noodles loudly. "Not to mention you'll probably find yourself covered in scalding coffee."

Phoenix held his head in his hands. "I sure got myself into a mess asking you out, huh?"

"That you did, Nick." Maya said, continuing to fill her mouth with noodles.

June 12
10:04 PM
Apollo Justice's Apartment

Apollo was now on the verge of being bored to tears. Athena had wrestled the remote away from him after one episode of the Walking Dead and immediately changed it to some chick flick he'd never even heard of.

"Athena, I'm begging you. PLEASE find something else to watch. ANYTHING."

"Shhhhhh, it's just getting to the good part!" She cried. On screen, the two main characters were confessing their undying love for each other and blah blah blah.

Apollo groaned and sank into the couch. I really had hoped she wasn't a sap for this romantic crap. Guess I'll just have to get used to this.

Another half hour passed before the credits of the movie began to roll. Apollo breathe a sigh of relief.

"Thank God, I thought that would never end."

Athena glared at him. "Oh, c'mon Apollo, it wasn't that bad."

The horned attorney reached for a slice of now cold pizza. "Says you."

The girl tossed the remote at him. "Well you find something."

Apollo began to sift through the list when Athena yelled at him.

"And no zombies!"

Apollo sighed as he moved to the anime section of the list and chose a series to play.

"Attack on Titan? Never heard of it."

Apollo chuckled to himself. "Oh you'll like it. Trust me."

June 12
11:21 PM
Wright Anything Agency

"Shhh, Maya, be quieter. Trucy's asleep."

"Sorry, Nick. I don't remember where everything is. Hit the light already!"


Suddenly, the light flipped on, much to the two's surprise. Phoenix looked in the direction of the light switch to see his daughter, clad in her blue pajamas, with a scowl on her face.

"Uh, h-hey, Trucy," The man started. "Did we wake you?" He swallowed a lump in his throat, knowing all too well that Trucy has a temper when she's woken up.

Trucy remained silent, glancing at the two for a moment before sighing. "Just keep it down. You're not the only one who goes back to work tomorrow." With that, she left the room and Phoenix breathed a sigh of relief.

"Geez, Nick. Scared of your own daughter?"

"Hey, you haven't seen her when she's angry. One time, I swear she put a tarantula in Apollo's pocket because he ate the last cookie."

Maya jumped at this. "Yikes. Okay, I got ya."

Phoenix made his way over to the couch and set the shopping bags down. He then reach behind him and popped his back. "Maya, you're lucky I love you."

Maya bounded over to the man and kissed him on the cheek. "I know I am." She then reached out and grabbed one of the bags. "Now go get changed. Some of us need our beauty sleep, Nick!"

Phoenix sighed and headed to his room to get changed into his pajamas.

A few minutes later, Phoenix stepped out of the room to check on Maya, having expected her to join him by then. He looked around the living room but didn't see her. "Maya? Where are you?" He heard a muffled voice from the bathroom.

"Hold your horses, Nick! I'm getting changed. Just go get in bed!"

Phoenix shrugged and made his way back to his room and settled into bed, feeling incredibly comfortable. A few minutes later, he heard the door creak open.

"Nick? You awake?"

Phoenix didn't turn to look at her but responded nonetheless. "Yeah. I'm awake."

He heard the door click shut and felt the girl climb next to him in the bed. "Good. Cause I wanna show you something."

His curiosity piqued, Phoenix turned to face the girl. And his jaw nearly dropped.

Apparently among the items Phoenix had purchase for her that night was a purple nightgown. It was see-through, but had enough fabric around the chest to keep her from being fully exposed. He could see underneath that she was only wearing a pair of black panties. He swallowed a huge lump in his throat. "M-Maya?"

She blushed deeply. "Do you like it, Nick?"

"Y-yeah. It looks great." He managed to stutter out.

Still blushing, she smiled shyly at him. "I-I'm glad. I, uh, got it just for you."

"For me?"

She nodded silently. "To say thanks for taking me out tonight."

"Uh, say thanks? I don't get what you mean, Maya."

Still blushing, Maya placed herself on top of the man. "You'll see, Nick." She then leaned down and pressed her lips against his.

June 12
11:37 PM
Apollo Justice's Apartment

"Oh c'mon, Apollo! That was just Walking Dead with giant naked people!"

Apollo chuckled. "You said no zombies. You never said anything about Titans."

"As if I knew what those were!"

Apollo laughed as the two headed for his bedroom.

"Honestly, Apollo. I'm not sure I can date a guy who watches such disgusting stuff."

"Really? I watch a couple gory TV shows and feed my dog a slice of pepperoni and you're ready to dump me? Guess you never cared about me then."

"Hey now, I never said that!" Athena cried, climbing into the bed.

Apollo laughed. "Yeah, I know. If you were having second thoughts about us, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be begging to stay the night here." He too slid underneath the covers.

Athena shrugged, smiling. "What can I say? I got used to using you as a pillow." She then cuddled up closely with her boyfriend. "And don't act like you wouldn't miss me if I'd gone home tonight. I can hear your heart."

Apollo smiled as he placed his good arm around the girl. "You got me there."

The two shared a soft, loving kiss.

"I'm so lucky to have you, Apollo." Athena said, nuzzling into his chest.

Apollo smiled and buried his face in her hair. "I'd say I'm the lucky one."

With that, the two fell into a deep sleep, holding each other as close as they could.

June 12
Time Unknown
Place Unknown

"Here's your pizza, ma'am. Large, extra pepperoni."

"Oh, thanks a lot! I've been waiting for this all day."

"Not a problem, ma'am. You have a good evening."


"Ah, pizza and the Steel Samurai! What could possibly be better!?"


"Mmmmm, now that's- Gack! *cough* Oh Go- *cough* H-help! *cough cough*"


"Urgh, p-poison…"

Oh, snap! Looks like someone just kicked the bucket, but who? Well, you'll find out the details in the next chapter!

By the way, for anyone wondering, yes. Phoenix and Maya did the do. The did the hanky panky. They made the beast with two backs.
I just don't feel like getting into writing lemons. Doubt I could pull it off.