"Once upon a time, cliché I know, there was a grand marriage.

In all honesty, it was only twenty years ago.

Anyway, back on track!

The small village girl Belle married the man she loved, that being the beast of said village. Well, she and he wed and lived happily ever after.

That's where a typical fairy tail ends, doesn't it? Haha, not this one.

The happy two forfeited a honeymoon to unite all the kingdoms together in happy union, much like themselves, am I right? In turn, the newly wed couple were crowned King and Queen of the United States of Auradon. Does anyone else question why it's 'states' and not 'kingdoms'? What, just me?

Whatever, moving on.

So, with all kingdoms united, King Beast decided to move all the baddies of the kingdom to an island known as the Isle of the Lost. This place is sectioned off with a magical barrier as to keep said baddies from escaping and coming back to the mainland. Now, since this little rinky-dink island is like a place for punishment, there is no wifi, magic, and, duh, no way out.

Hey, you in the sweatpants, chill out, you'll get to see me soon. I mean, pfft, why wouldn't you? I do play an important role here.

At least in my opinion, I do...

But before we get into anything, there's a very important scene to come."

In a castle in the United States of Auradon, a dashing young man stared out the window as he was fitted in a blue suit. This young fellow was Prince Benjamin, soon to be the new king of Auradon, though commonly referred to as Ben. The tailor at his side continuously directed and moved Ben as was needed for the prince's fitting.

"How is it possible that you're going to be crowned king next month," Ben's father King Beast asked rhetorically as he and his wife Queen Belle walked into the room. "You're just a baby!"

"He's turning sixteen, dear," Belle told her husband as a form of reason.

"Hey, pops," Ben greeted casually.

"Sixteen! That's far too young to be crowned king! I didn't make a good decision until I was at least forty-two."

Belle gave a scoff and looked to her husband crossly, "Uh, you decided to marry me at twenty-eight."

"It was either you or the teapot," Beast quipped jokingly as he winked to his son, enticing a chuckle from Ben. Belle shook her head and Beast consoled with a simple, "Kidding."

Ben took a deep breath, "Mom, Dad," the lad attempted a step forward before being stopped by the tailor with a sharp "ah!" Ben took this in stride before turning back to his parents, "I've chosen my first official proclamation." Belle and Beast both exchanged looks of anticipation. "I've decided that the children of the Isle of the Lost be given a chance to live here in Auradon." To say the least, Beast and Belle were quite astounded by this "proclamation" (haha, puns), as shown by how Ben's mother dropped whatever she was holding. "Every time I look out to the island, I feel like they've been abandoned," the light haired prince said, stepping forward regardless of the tailor's protests.

"The children of our sworn enemies... Living among us?" Beast said, not quite believing what he was hearing.

"Well, we start out with a few at first, only the ones who need our help the most." Belle soon began nodding, warming up to the idea a little better. Prince Ben gave a warm smile, "And I've already chosen them."

"Have you?" Ben's father questioned haughtily, taking a step towards his son.

Belle put a calming hand on Beast's arm, "I gave you a second chance." She looked back to Ben, "Who are the parents?"

Ben gave a quick glance down before replying, "Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Evil Queen," Ben seemed to hesitate with the last name, "and Maleficent." The tailor in the back gave a sharp gasp.

"Maleficent! She's the worst villain in the land!"

"Dad," Ben started, "just hear me out here."

"I won't hear of it," Beast stated firmly. "They are guilty of unspeakable crimes!"

"Their children are innocent!" the prince exclaimed desperately. "Don't you think they deserve a shot at a normal life?" The son looked to his father pleadingly, "Dad."

Both Belle and her son looked the King of Auradon as he gave into the idea, "I suppose the children are innocent."

Ben gave a nod of affirmation as his father began to walk away. Belle walked up to the prince with a proud smile and adjusted his blazer, "Well done." She turned away towards her beast and linked arms with him, "Shall we?" And then the queen and king were out of the room.

At Auradon Prep, a boarding school for many of the children of heroes and royalty, a welcoming rally is being held for four new students that are transferring from the Isle of the Lost. Most aren't too happy about it, considering it could be the child of the villain who nearly ruined their parent's life. However, there are a few who are merely cautious of the idea. And lastly, there is only one who is over the moon about the whole decision.

Hours Earlier

"You're inviting kids of villains from the ILSE OF THE LOST?!" A young teenage girl exclaimed in shock to her taller male friend, who so happened to be Prince Ben. Her dark eyes wide in wonder at what her friend told her.

"Yes, Kenzie, I am," Ben sighed. He was constantly hearing about how people think of his decision; he honestly had no idea how she hadn't heard already. Of course many were against it, he can see where they're coming from, but he will stand by his decision no matter what. "Now, hear me out, I would really like your support in this."

"Are you kidding me?!" the tanned female exclaimed before her shocked look melted into a giant grin. "I'm toats down with this idea, Benji! OMG, I'm so stoked!"

Ben started for a moment before regarding his friend with a slightly stunned look, "Really? Y-you are?"

"Ben!" Kenzie grabbed his shoulders before giving him a good shake, "This is so cool! I don't have to deal with all the stuck up princes and princesses around here anymore! Why wouldn't I be?!"

"Firstly," Ben started with a raised finger, "aren't you yourself a little 'stuck up'?"

"Ah, ah, ah!" the Peruvian female interjected sharply. "I am self-centered, not stuck up."

The prince threw his hands up in surrender, "Fine, be that as it may, but still, you're excited about this? Seriously?"

"Oh my goodness, Ben, chill out. Even if I were iffy about the whole idea, I would still give you my support because you're one of my closest friends!"

The dashing lad gave a warm smile, "Thanks, Kenzie, it means a lot."

"Now," she gave a hard pat to his shoulder, "when they comin'?"

"In about... three hours, maybe?"

"Hmm, say what?" Kenzie leaned forward with a pensive smile. "Like, today?"

"Well, yeah," Ben replied before his female counterpart gave a sharp yell.

"I need to plan my entrance!" With that, she was gone like the wind.

"Kenzie! Wait! We already have a rally planned!"

"Too bad, pretty boy! It's in my blood!" The princess peeked back around the corner, "BTWs, you won't see me at the rally, 'kay? BYE!" Now she was definitely gone.


Present Time

The band of Auradon Prep was happily playing while students of the boarding school waved small flags and banners around cheerfully when they saw the limo carrying the newcomers pull up.

However, this happy scene was quickly squelched.

When the driver of the limo opened the door, out tumbled the body of a curly frost haired boy known as Carlos De Vil, who so happened to be wrestling with the perfect example of a "ruffian". Said "ruffian" was Jay, son of Jafar, and was fighting with Carlos over what seemed to be a blue towel.

Carlos gave a sharp scream as he and Jay, who firmly planted his foot on the smaller boy's chest, fought over the towel, "Stop! You got everything else, why do you want whatever this is?!" The two girls with them, Evie and Mal, daughters of the Evil Queen and Maleficent, had exited the limo during the boys' little "performance".

Jay tugged harder on the piece of cloth, "'Cause you want it!"

Amongst the sea of yellow and blue that which was the band emerged a short woman in an outfit of entirely pale blue and a pink bow known as the Fairy Godmother, the tall and dashing Prince Ben, and a brunette girl his age with tanned skin who so happened to be his girlfriend Audrey, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty.

"Guys, guys!" Mal hissed to her male counterparts that had not ceased their quarreling until her voice interrupted. "We have an audience."

Jay grinned at the woman innocently, "Just cleanin' up!" However, neither the boys relinquished their hold of the towel. Jay reached down and tugged Carlos to his feet with a gruff, "Get up."

"Leave it like you found it," the Fairy Godmother said in a sing-songy voice, a smile plastered on her face. "And by that I mean just leave it." Jay then went forth to throw the things in his arms back into the limo, including the previously fought over towel.

Jay then strutted forward to Audrey with a sultry smile, "Hello, foxy." He then crossed his arms with a look of smoulder, "The name's Jay." Audrey gave a strained laugh in return.

"Welcome to Auradon Prep," Fairy Godmother continued unhindered, the same smile in place. "I'm Fairy Godmother, headmistress."

"The Fairy Godmother? As in," Mal gave a twirling wand motion, "bibbidi-bobbidi-boo?"

"Bibbidi-bobbidi-you know it."

"Yeah," Mal spoke once more, "I always wondered what it felt like for Cinderella when you just appeared out of no where!" The purple-haired female produce a laugh, "Ya know, with that sparkly wand, warm smile," Fairy Godmother tilted her head with said smile, "and that sparkly wand."

"That was a long time ago," Fairy Godmother said in response. "As I always say, 'Don't focus on the past or you'll miss the future.'" She added in a hand gesture with her quote.

Finally Ben stepped forward, "It's so good to finally meet you all." He gave a solid nod, "I'm Ben."

"Prince Ben," Audrey added quickly. "Benjamin, soon to be king!" the princess finished excitedly.

"You had me at prince," Evie stepped forward gracefully. "My mom's a queen, which makes me a princess." As a finishing touch she gave a curtsy.

"The Evil Queen has no royal status here," Audrey said with a fake smile as she shook her head, "and neither do you." Evie backed away with a glare.

"This is Audrey," the light haired teen introduced, hoping to clear tension.

"Princess Audrey," she, once again, added quickly. "His girlfriend!" Audrey gave him a pointed look, "Right, Benny-Boo?"

Fairy Godmother looked between the couple before looking back at the villains' children, "Ben and Audrey are gonna show you around, and I'll see you tomorrow." The brunette headmistress broke Ben and Audrey's locked hands in a grandiose manner, "The doors of wisdom are never shut! But the library hours are from eight to eleven and as you may have heard I have a thing about curfews." With that, the Fairy Godmother took her leave with the school band following suit.

Once they were gone, Ben took this opportunity to greet each transfer individually with a handshake, starting with Jay. "It is so, so good to finally," before even trying to shake his hand, Jay punched the prince's chest in greeting instead, causing Ben to falter slightly, "meet you." The dashing teen moved onto to Mal and shook her hand, not noticing he was staring at the pale girl for an extended period of time. Prince Ben quickly gathered himself and moved on, "This is a momentous occasion." He shook Carlos's hand, "And one that I hope will go down in history." Ben noticed some chocolate on his hand from the tanned boy and glanced back up to the freckled lad, "Chocolate?" Carlos gave no reply other than licking off the remainder of the sweet treat on his hand. The prince then moved onto Evie, "As the day our two peoples began to heal."

"Or the day you showed four peoples where the bathrooms are," Mal commented wittily.

Ben gave a chuckle, "A little bit over the top?"

"Little more than a little bit."

Ben gave a winning smile, "Well, so much for my first impression," and proceeded to share a laugh between each other (though Mal's more of a dry chuckle).

"Hey!" Audrey said in attempt to break the pair's little "moment". "You're Maleficent's daughter, aren't you? Yeah, you know what I totally do not blame you for you mother trying to kill my parents and stuff!" You can just hear the bitter, am I right? Mal gave a wide-eyed look to the side. "Oh, my mom's Aurora, Sleeping-"

"Beauty!" the purplette finished for her. "Yeah, I've heard the name." She then decided to play along with Audrey's game, "Yeah, I totally do not blame your grandparents for inviting everyone in the whole world but my mother to their stupid christening." Mega-bitter.

"Water under the bridge?"



An agonizingly painful bout of fake laughter was exchanged before Ben clapped his hands, "Okay! How 'bout a tour, yeah?" The prince then gestured his arms to the school, "Auradon Prep," and with that, the transfers' tour of the school began. They soon arrived to a statue of the king himself. Carlos gazed at it questioningly just as Ben gave a clap of his hands, changing the statue of a man to a statue of a beast, scaring the living daylights out of the small teen. The prince turned his attention to the boy when he heard the high-pitched scream and gave a laugh when he saw Carlos in the arms of Jay, "Carlos, it's okay." Carlos gave the soon-to-be king a look as he continued, "My father wanted the statue to change from beast to man to show that anything is possible."

"Does he shed much," Mal asked, not entirely meaning it as a serious question.

"Yeah, Mom won't let him on the couch," Ben joked with a completely straight face. They all continued on as Jay put Carlos back to the ground. The white haired boy stared at the statue and gave a clap, which gained no response from the statue. He then also continued on, a little more fearfully than the others.

They then reached the inside of the building, which was beautifully lit and decorated. "So, you guys got a lot of magic here in Auradon," Mal spoke, "ya know, like wands and stuff like that?"

"Yeah, it exists of course," Ben replied, "but it's pretty much retired. Most of us here are just ordinary mortals."

"Who happen to be kings and queens."

"Which is true!" Aurora's daughter added in. She drew Ben's arm around her, "Our royal blood goes back hundreds of years." The two shared a laugh when they heard a solitary saxophone playing. They all looked up before a girl jumped over the rail of the staircase to their level.

Said girl sprung up with a jump in her step, black hair pulled in a side ponytail swishing from the rapid movement.

"Boom baby," she said as she struck a pose with grin.

Fun Fact: Kenzie is actually the name of one of my pets. It fit best with who Kenzie's parent is in the story ^^