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Joy had later found out that her statement had been completely wrong. She only fully realized this once their house had been sold and they were in the car of Riley's parents.

"Wha…?" Joy said, shocked that things had happened so quickly.

"Aigh!" The other emotions screamed.

The back of the car closed.

"Huh?" Joy asked.

Why is this all happening so fast?

The other emotions let out another scream of shock.

The moving van finally drove away, and that was when they let out their loudest scream.

Not what I had in mind.

While she was still just as surprised as the other emotions, she tried to turn it into a pleasant thing; once they'd passed the Golden Gate Bridge, she immediately pointed it out.

"Hey, there's the Golden Gate Bridge!" She acknowledged. "It's not made of solid gold like we thought, which is kind of a disappointment, but still!"

As they passed the Ferry Building, Fear breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad that you told me that earthquakes are a myth, Joy," Fear said. "Now I have nothing to worry about!" The other emotions stared at Joy with confusion.

"Uh… yeah," Joy said, faking a smile.

I don't know how long I'll be able to keep that one up.

They eventually became stuck in traffic, to which Anger began shouting.

"These are my kinds of people!" He shouted.

"Just a few more blocks till we're at our new house," Riley's father said with a smile.

"Step on it, daddy!" Anger yelled once the stoplight turned green.

As they continued driving, Disgust began to get annoyed about how long they'd been sitting inside of the car.

"We might as well live in this smelly car," she said, her nose held high up in the air. "We've already been in it forever."

"Which was actually really lucky because that gives us enough time to wonder what our new house might look like!" Joy exclaimed. "Let's review the top five daydreams!"

One of the five daydreams that Joy held up showed a home that was a spa.

"I can't find anything sad about that," Sadness said, nearly smiling.

"I agree, Sadness!" Joy said, until she saw another. "Oh wait, no, no, this is definitely the one." She showed a gingerbread house.

"Ugh, Joy, for the last time, we will never live in a cookie," Disgust told her.

"Well… okay then, what about this one?" Joy asked. A castle appeared.

"That's the one!" Anger exclaimed. "It comes with a dragon!"

"We're getting close," Joy said with a large smile. The other emotions could feel the anticipation. "I can feel it!" She gave the others her largest smile yet. "Here it is!"

The car finally stopped. Riley, feeling ecstatic, hopped out. The smile on her face dropped a bit once she saw what the house actually was on the outside: boring and non-colorful. It was nothing like her daydreams had been. The emotions themselves were shocked.

"Maybe it looks nice on the inside?" Joy suggested. Once Riley stepped inside of the house, they all saw that she was wrong.

The house on the inside was just as ugly as the house had been on the outside.

"We're supposed to live here?" Anger asked, growing more and more upset by the second.

"Why would our parents do this to us?" Sadness asked. "How could our parents do this to us?"

"It smells like something died in here," Disgust complained. A disgusted memory rolled in.

"We're gonna die," Sadness whined.

"Everybody's overreacting, nobody's gonna" -

"A dead mouse!" Disgust interrupted, shrieking. They all looked to see that yes, there was a dead mouse in the corner. "I'm gonna be sick!"

"Great," Anger said, gritting his teeth, "this is just great!"

"We're gonna get rabies!" Fear screamed. He jumped into Anger's arms, only for him to catch fire thanks to the flames coming from Anger's head.

"Get offa me!" Anger screamed. Joy, though often annoyed by Fear, still was not evil nor sadistic, and therefore grabbed the fire extinguisher.

"Hey, guys, remember how dad told us about how cool our room will look?" Joy asked them. "Let's go check it out."

"Yeah!" Anger and Disgust shouted, smiling.

"That'll be a lot less depressing," Sadness noted. However, just as Joy had been wrong about many things, Sadness was wrong about it being less depressing. If anything, the way that their room looked was even more depressing than how their house had looked, mainly because their father had gotten their hopes up.

"Why," Sadness complained, her eyes filling up with tears.

"I'm starting to envy the dead mouse," Disgust stated, exasperated by now.

"We can't live here," Fear insisted.

"He's right," Sadness agreed.

"It's the worst thing that I've ever seen,"

"Well, hey, it can't be anything that butterfly curtains won't fix," Joy claimed.

"Where'd you read that?" Anger asked, deadpan.

"It doesn't matter, I read it and it's true," Joy stated. She projected an imagination of Riley's future room. "Bed can go right there,

"Our trophy collection can go there," Disgust said, pointing to a spot on their desk.

"Chair can go there," Anger said, pointing to the place behind their desk.

"Stars on the wall sounds good," Fear said, nearly cracking a smile.

"Posters sound pretty good," Sadness stated.

Good. They're all being more optimistic. That's great! Fantastic!

"Now we're talking!" Joy exclaimed, finally happy. "Let's go get our stuff from the moving van!"

"I don't think this'll go well," Sadness said.

"I agree," Fear stated. "Just take a look at what's happened so far! We found a dead mouse, the house isn't fun, and I bet that we'll see something really scary when we go down there!" Joy quietly groaned.

Why do they all have to complain so much? Sure, it's… kinda gross, but we aren't going to die or anything. Today might be a bad day, but we'll get over it. We always do.

And… that ends it! We'll see Riley's parents argue as the story continues, and eventually, we'll get to the main conflict of the story: Joy and Fear have to go through Headquarters. I'm glad to have finally updated this, since I know that a lot of you have been waiting for an update and I really do owe it to you.

I also know that some of you still want Joy and Fear as a couple, and to be honest… I'm starting to fall in love with the idea of Starnerve, so it might happen! Not confirming anything, but it's a maybe.