Where Loyalties Lie
"The only people I owe my loyalty to are those that never made me question theirs."

Its been a month since they have started seeing each other and Jason finds being in a relationship a lot easier than he had initially anticipated. From what he has seen of relationships, being with Elizabeth is unlike any relationship he has encountered thus far in his short life. She doesn't ask too much of him and she appreciates all that he can give her. Dinner dates consist of food from Kelly's or the Grille by the statues before ending the night with a ride on his bike. When they have lunch together, its simple and yet unimaginable at the same time.

One thing that has come out of being with Elizabeth that he hadn't expected is friendship. He hadn't cared too much about making friends with the guards, but the longer he's with Elizabeth, the more he has opened himself up to that kind of connection. The top two guards that he has come to trust above just about everyone is Francis and Johnny. The two have become somewhat of a permanent fixture in his life and he's thankful for it. When things start to confuse him, Francis is able to give him clarity and that's something he finds truly invaluable. Johnny...well, Johnny can be summed up as his comic relief. Having them in his life has come to mean more to him than he ever could have anticipated.

"Just get it done." Sonny states, successfully snapping him out of his head space, oblivious to Jason's wandering mind. "I want a full report once you're done."

"Understood." Jason says plainly before rising to his feet.

"No loose ends." Sonny says firmly. "I want this done and over with."

Granting his boss a single nod, Jason walks out of the penthouse, set on accomplishing his task and reporting to Sonny as fast as possible, freeing up his weekend. He's never had to plan out a weekend before, but she's worth the effort and he won't let anything ruin their plans, not even his job. Sending a quick text to Johnny, letting him know he'll be out on assignment, he checks his gun before securing it back in place and heading out of the building. Shutting off his personal thoughts and feelings, he gets to work, needing to finish this cleanly and put it behind him.


Staring at the letter in her hand, Elizabeth was torn between wanting to scream and wanting to run away all at the same time. As much as her first relationship had meant to her, she has put that all behind her, her rape included, wanting to keep all of it where it belongs, in the past. Reading the letter, Elizabeth swears she could just about strangle Lucky for putting her in this position. It wasn't the first time that he's done this, but she just couldn't handle being gentle anymore. That part of her life is behind her and she won't let him or anyone else bring it back up again.

Crumpling up the letter, she tosses it swiftly into the trash bin, thankful that Jason has suggested they leave town this weekend. Lucky will come into town, he won't find her, and he'll return to his home and leave her alone for another year or at least until something else happens in his life. Whenever something bad happens in Lucky's life, whenever something falls apart, he searches for her to help him put it back together. As much as she's thankful for him during her dark days, she tired of putting Lucky back together when he self-destructs. Some days she can't help but wish it could have been anyone other than Lucky that night.

Just as she was about to sit down at a blank canvas a knock sounds at the door, part two of her blast to the past. Like clock work, a letter from Lucky will appear and soon after a knock will sound at her door, the person on the other side being none other than Lucky's half-brother Nikolas Cassadine, a true prince by birth. Taking a deep breath, she ignores the knocks on the door and starts painting anything to take her mind off things. Like always, Nikolas starts talking, trying his best to convince her to see Lucky when he gets to town.

"Please, Elizabeth, I know you're in there...I know you can hear me." he voices pleadingly. "Just meet with him. Hear him out. That's all I ask."

Sliding her earphones into her ears, Elizabeth drowns out his pleas with music as she throws herself headlong into her art, needing an escape now more than ever. She told them that the last time was exactly that, the last time. She will not allow herself to get sucked into the drama known as Lucky. Every time she let herself get sucked in, she falls deep and hard just before he heals and moves on. Every time he says its different and every time it ends just the same. Not this time. Not again.


Lighting a candle in the small chapel, Robin takes a deep breath before clasping her hands together and lowering her head in prayer. Like every night since Jason awoke from his coma and cut all ties to his family, Robin prays for him to find his way back, for the Quartermaine family to find peace and for their family to be whole again. She wishes more than anything that they can have what they most desperately want. The Quartermaine family has come to mean so much to her that she can't stand to see them going through so much pain. As much as she hurts over losing Jason in her life, she hurts for them even more.

"All the praying in the world isn't going to fix what's been broken." AJ Quartermaine voices from the doorway. "He's never coming back to the family."

"You don't know that." Robin counters, rising to her feet to face him. "Miracles can happen."

"Not this time." AJ says firmly. "You have to learn to accept that."

"Jason's my friend. He's practically family." Robin states in frustration. "I'm not about to give up on him."

"Seems like you're the only one." AJ shrugs. "Jason has moved on from his life. He's over it. Maybe you should take a page out of his book and let it go."

"You mean, like you have?"

"Jason will always be my brother. His accident is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life." AJ states sternly. "You and Jason were friends, but that's all you were. If Keesha, the love of my brother's life, can find a way to let him go, I'm sure you can figure out a way to do the same. Holding on will only cause you more pain. Trust me."

Watching him walk out of the chapel, Robin shuts her eyes tightly against the tears that threatened to fall, swearing that AJ couldn't be more wrong. Jason may not come back completely, but she has faith that he will come back to his family. One way or another he will return to them and she swears she will be there to see it. AJ is carrying more guilt than anyone else and she feels for him, but she refuses to let his thoughts cloud her hope. She and Jason had been important to each other and, if praying is all she can do, she will pray her heart out.


The moment that he stepped out of his meeting with Sonny, he was more than ready for the weekend away, having gotten permission to take an extended weekend. As far as Sonny's concerned, he's going to take a long ride up the coast and back. Another thing he learnt from Sonny, keep personal and business life separate, something he fully intends to do. If he can't share his work with Elizabeth, he's damn sure not going to share Elizabeth with his work. As long as being with Elizabeth doesn't affect his work, Sonny doesn't need to know a damn thing about it.

"Hey." Jason greets her when she meets him at his bike outside her studio. "You okay?"

"Yeah." she shakes her head. "Can we go for a ride?"

"Sure." Jason says without hesitation, handing her the helmet. "You sure you're okay?"

"Just need to escape for a moment." Elizabeth says as she straps her helmet on. "Is that okay?"

"As long as you know I'm here if you want to talk."

"I know." she smiles slightly. "I'd just like to ride."


Waiting long enough for her to straddle the bike behind him, Jason kicks the bike off its stand and takes off at top speed down the streets of Port Charles. Feeling her cling to him, Jason gains the realization that there was something seriously going on with her, something that had her clinging to him rather than relaxing into the ride. Driving her up to the statues, knowing that it would get her to relax more than a simple ride could, Jason helps her off the bike and over to the bench by the statues. He wasn't sure what was bothering her or if she'd open to him about it, all he cared about was getting her to relax and let go of it for now.

They had been sitting there for little over an hour before Elizabeth slowly started opening up about what was bothering her. She thanked him for not pushing her to open up right away before going on to explain what had her stressed out and in desperate need of a long ride. As he listened intently to her explain all that had happened, it took everything in him to stay there with her and not go in search of the bastard that hurt her with the intent of making him suffer for what he did. He listens as she explains Lucky and his place in her life. Accepting that she has a past and its just one of the many things that came with being with her.

"Will he become a problem for us?"

"No." Elizabeth says firmly. "He'll get the idea."

"And if he doesn't?"

"He will." Elizabeth assures him.

"And if he doesn't?" Jason counters once more. "Are you willing to let me handle it?"

"If it comes to that, we will figure it out together." Elizabeth concedes. "Are we still leaving tomorrow?"

"If you still want to."

"I do." Elizabeth says wholeheartedly. "And it has nothing to do with Lucky. I want the time with you. Just the two of us."

"I want that, too." Jason admits, pulling her close. "I want the chance to wake up to you."

"I know." she whispers, a soft smile touching her lips. "I can't wait."

"Elizabeth...this...us...its important to me." Jason says as he stares into her eyes, placing a gentle kiss upon her lips, needing the connection to show just how much. "I hope you know that."

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