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It had been a few years since Lucas and his 'family' came back from Johto and Kanto. They now live in Sandgem Town where Lucas works for Professor Rowan studying Legendary Pokémon.

Lucas was called into Professor Rowan's office where he came into and sat down.

"You wanted to see me Professor" asked Lucas

"Yes" said Rowan

"Have you heard of Mega Evolution" he asked

"Yes" said Lucas nodding his head

"It was discovered in the Kalos region and requires both the trainer and Pokémon to hold a special stone" he explained

"It allows Pokémon that can't evolve anymore to temporarily evolve into a more powerful form" he continued

"They become stronger and gain new abilities and even new types" he finished

"Correct" said Rowan

"A friend of a colleague of mine in Hoenn has contacted me asking for your expertise" he said

"What does he want" asked Lucas

"He believes that he has found the origin of Mega Evolution and that it's connected to the ancient Legendary Pokémon of Hoenn" said Rowan

"How could Mega Evolution have origins in Hoenn when it was discovered on the other side of the world" asked Lucas

"We do not know" said Rowan

"Do you want to go" he asked

"Sure" said Lucas

"I always wanted to conquer the Hoenn League" he said

"Excellent" said Rowan

"Head to Littleroot Town and talk to Professor Birch, he will help you get started" he said

"Alright" said Lucas

"His friend's name is Steven but you will have to ask Professor Birch where he is since he is always on the move" said Rowan

Lucas nodded his head at that.

"Good luck on your journey" said Rowan

"Thank you" said Lucas as he left

He went home and his 'family' came out of their pokeballs once he was inside.

"We are going to explore a new region" cheered Mesprit

"Do you know what he was talking about Ho-Oh" asked Lucas

"He must be talking about Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza" said Ho-Oh

"In ancient times, the world was overflowing with energy" she began

"This energy went into Groudon and Kyogre causing them to become much bigger and more powerful" she continued

"But this power caused them to go mad and crave more of it, so they started fighting each other to claim it" she continued

"After twenty days and nights, nature started to go out of balance and Rayquaza came down to stop them" she continued

"Hearing the peoples' cries for help, Rayquaza was surrounded by light and came out in a new form" she continued

"Using this new form, Rayquaza was able to defeat Groudon and Kyogre causing the energy to leave them and for them to enter a deep slumber" she continued

"Then Rayquaza returned to its previous form and returned to the atmosphere once more" she finished

"Wow" said Lucas in awe

"That light must have been Mega Evolution" he said

"Knowing my luck, I will wind up fighting against them" he said sighing

"Any other Legendary Pokémon I should know about" he asked

"There is Regirock, Regice, and Registeel" said Ho-Oh

"They sound familiar" said Lucas

"That is because they are needed to awaken Regigigas who is sealed in the bottom of Snowpoint Temple" said Giratina

"Oh yeah, that plaque on the bottom of the statue" said Lucas

"That wasn't a statue" said Giratina

"Oh" said Lucas

"Anyone else I should know about" he asked

"There is Latias and her brother Latios" said Ho-Oh

"So I should avoid them at all costs" said Lucas

"You don't want her joining us" asked Mesprit hugging Lucas

"No" said Lucas shaking his head returning it

"You three are all that I will ever need" he said

Mesprit, Cheryl, and Suicune all smiled as Cheryl and Suicune hugged Lucas too.

Next morning everyone returned to their pokeballs as Mesprit teleported them to Littleroot Town. Celebi and Suicune came out of their pokeballs as they went into the Pokémon Lab. They walked up to one of the assistants where Lucas said "Excuse me"

"Yes" said one of the assistants turning around

"How may I help you" he asked

"We are looking for Professor Birch" said Lucas

"He is not here right now" said the assistant

"He is out in the field doing research" he said

"Can you tell us where he is" asked Cheryl

"He is on Route 101" said the assistant

"I just sent a new trainer that came to get their first Pokémon after him" he said

"Thank you" said Lucas

They left the lab and started on their way to Route 101. Once there they saw boy using a Torchic to knock out a wild Poochyena that had Professor Birch cornered.

"That brings back memories" said Lucas seeing it

"Except the Pokémon that me and my friend found we had to use to defend ourselves instead of someone else" he said

Brendan turned around and saw a young man standing there along with three young women with him.

"Who are you" asked Brendan

"I'm Lucas"

"These are my girlfriends Cheryl, Mary, and Sydney" he said pointing to each one

"Ah, you must be the Legendary expert that Professor Rowan sent" said Birch

"Yes I am" said Lucas

"Legendary expert" asked Brendan

"What do you mean" he asked

"He is a fast up and coming expert in the field of Legendary Pokémon" said Birch

"It was all Professor Rowan's idea" said Lucas

"Let's head back to my lab" said Birch

They all went back to Littleroot Town and went to the Pokémon Lab.

"You did an excellent job for your first ever Pokémon battle Brendan" said Birch

"You are truly your father's son" he said

"You can keep the Pokémon that you choose as your first Pokémon" he said

"Thank you" said Brendan

"Why don't you head to Route 103" said Birch

"My daughter May is there doing some work for me" he said

"She can teach more about what it means to be a Trainer" he said

"Alright, I will do that" said Brendan

"Bye Professor" he said as he left

Once he was gone, Professor Birch turned to Lucas and asked "Are you going to challenge the Gyms of Hoenn while you are here"

"Yes I am" said Lucas nodding his head

"Here you go" said Birch giving a pokeball to Lucas

"It is the Fire type Pokémon Torchic" he said

"Thank you" said Lucas taking it

"Professor Rowan told me you like to choose Fire types, so I put that one aside for you" said Birch

"Your friends can choose from the remaining two Pokémon that weren't chosen if they like" he said

"No thank you" said Suicune shaking her head

"We are not trainers" said Mesprit pointing to herself and Suicune

"I'm not challenging the Gyms and I am happy with the Pokémon that I have" said Cheryl

"Alright then" said Birch

"Take this" he said holding out a PokeNav Plus

"What is it" asked Lucas taking it

"That is a PokeNav Plus" said Birch

"It has apps on it that can help you and can be upgraded to have more" he said

"It is already loaded with the AreaNav and DexNav apps" he explained

"AreaNav is an interactive map that that gives you information on all the routes, towns, and cities in Hoenn and keeps track of all the trainers that you have battled" he continued

"DexNav is app that tells you what Pokémon can be caught where you are currently" he finished

"Wow, thanks Professor" said Lucas happily

"Do you know where we can find Steven" he asked

"No I don't" said Birch

"But I'm sure you will meet him while on your journey" he said smiling

"I should have known that would happen" said Lucas sighing

"Who was the kid" asked Mesprit

"That was Brendan" said Birch

"He just moved here from Johto with his mother" he explained

"His father is the Petalburg City Gym leader" he continued

"They just saved up enough money to move here" he finished

"I guess that it was cheaper to get a house here than in the city" said Lucas

"It was" said Birch

"Bye Professor" said Lucas waving his hand

They left the Pokémon lab and Lucas gave the PokeNav Plus to Cheryl.

"Here you go Cheryl" said Lucas holding out the PokeNav Plus

"Thanks" said Cheryl taking it

She started looking over the map of Hoenn as they walked down Route 101. As they were walking down the route Cheryl said "Oh boy that is a lot of water"

Everybody stopped and looked at the AreaNav.

"Wow" said Lucas

"Look at the size of those routes" he said

"You will need to cross the water to get to five different cities and towns" said Suicune

"It seems three of them are close together though" she added

"That means Sui is going to get ridden more than us" said Mesprit pouting

"Do you have to put it like that" shouted Suicune blushing madly

"Ha, I knew I would corrupt you eventually" proclaimed Mesprit

"I'm just glad I can go into my pokeball this time so I won't get soaking wet" said Cheryl

"What's the matter, scared of a little water" asked Mesprit

"Yes" said Cheryl nodding her head

"My clothes would always get soaking wet when we crossed the water" she said

"Especially when we had to go past those damn whirlpools" she added grumbling

They arrived in Oldale Town but found there wasn't anything to really do there. They saw there were two ways to leave Oldale Town. Route 103 to the north and Route 102 to the west.

"Where to next" asked Lucas

Cheryl looked at the AreaNav and said "Route 102"

"Most of Route 103 is cut off by a river that a beginning trainer wouldn't be able to cross" she added

But before they could leave the town for Route 102 they were stopped by a man with a large backpack.

"Please don't go any further" said the man

"Why not" asked Lucas

"I just found some footprints that belong to an ultra-rare Pokémon and I want to get a sketch of them before they are destroyed" said the man

"Fine" said Lucas

"Looks like we are going to be stuck here for a while" he said sighing

"Let's go check out Route 103" exclaimed Mesprit

"Maybe he will be done by the time we get back" she said

"Alright" said Lucas

"We got nothing better to do" he said

So they went north and left Oldale Town for Route 103.

I will be writing this as I play through Omega Ruby. I had the same problem with this that I had with Majora's Mask. I preordered it and bought it the day it came out but didn't have time to play it until now.