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Chapter 4: Abilities

Following the arrival of Commander Pixis, the Shiganshina trio were currently walking towards the wall in order to devise a plan to seal the breach in the Trost district. On the way there, Armin was met with an extremely worried girlfriend.

"Armin!" Annie yelled as she lunged at Armin with a hug that resulted in the two falling on the floor, or well almost to the floor since they were floating just above the ground thanks to Armin's wings, much to the disbelief of the people in the street. "I-I thought that y-you were going to get killed!" she all but shrieked in his ear

"Relax Annie… I'm here." Armin said calmly as he got back to his feet with Annie still wrapped around him. She was so scared when she, Jean, Reiner and Bertolt were watching from the roof as swords and guns were pointed at Armin, Mikasa and Eren. She would have been there too but she didn't want to cause unnecessary attention to herself. Attention was one thing she didn't need right now. "Hey Annie…" Armin said softly, loved laced with every syllable. Annie broke out of her trance and looked up at her boyfriend who was flashing that amazing smile at her. She lifted her eyebrow as an indication she was listening since she couldn't risk the chance of her sounding too girly. She did have a reputation to hold. "We're heading up the wall… please come with me?" he asked as though he was talking to a baby. This made Annie a little worried but she wasn't going to deny him such a simple request.

"Uhm… sure." This seemed to turn Armin's smile from a genuine smile to a smirk. This smirk seemed to widen as Annie finally noticed Armin spreading his wings which in turn her made her eyes bulge at her mistake. "Armin Arlert! Don't you dare do it!" she said softly but venomously which would have made Armin shake in fear normally but the look of fear and amusement on her face just pushed him on.

"Do what exactly Annie Leonhardt?" She never got to respond as Armin quickly took flight. He spun around and made sharp turns which he thought wouldn't be the best idea but the sound of Annie laughing told him otherwise.

Eren and Commander were laughing at Armin's childish behaviour but when Eren noticed that Mikasa was looking at him he turned to face her, only to wish he didn't. She was giving him 'that' look… a look that said 'why aren't you doing that with me? Don't you love me?' and boy did it rip his heart into several pieces.

"Look I know that I should be doing that but I really don't know how to unless I use the armour and that drains to much energy… I'm sorry" Eren said as he released his most powerful puppy dog eyes but it was useless as Mikasa continued walking towards the wall with a look of despondency and hurt on her face only for Eren to run after her, hoping to soothe his girlfriend's mind and heart. He could have done so if it wasn't for Annie laughing and screaming out stuff like "This is amazing!" or "I think I'm going to have an orgasm!" which only made Mikasa feel worse.

When the group of four plus the Commander Pixie arrived at the top of the wall it was around late afternoon. The commander then turned to Armin expectantly; he knew that the young soldier knew what he wanted to hear. Armin on the other hand was sweating bullets at this point because he didn't know the extent of his and Eren's abilities and how long they would last.

"One moment please." He told the commander as he sat down with his legs crossed and closed his eyes. "Uhm… Vanishing dragon? Are you there?" This caused everyone to stare at Armin as though he had grown another head and Annie was about to question her boyfriend's sanity but was cut off by the glowing of his wings and the booming voice that erupted from them.

"What is it boy? You disrupted my nap!" Armin could only gulp at the tone; he feared the dragon more than the titans right now. Everyone jumped back the sound of the voice as well as the fact that they could actually hear the creature. It was most defiantly creepy but Armin paid no mind to them, they had a plan to construct.

"I-I'm terribly sorry but we kinda have a situation here and I was hoping you could h-help." This only caused the legendary dragon to sigh in annoyance. He was having a pleasant dream about a past mate… stupid humans.

"Fine… let me quickly scan your mind to see what the problem is." And so began the longest 5 seconds of Armin's life. The gazes of his friends plus the commander only made the sight of his shoes all the more interesting. He was so grateful when the dragon spoke up again. "Hey Ddraig… Wake the hell up!" he roared making everyone, especially Eren, widen their eyes. Eren belittled himself for thinking that no one knew the name of the giant lizard residing inside him. The large green gem on Eren's red gauntlet lit up.

"What is it Albion...?"The gem said causing everyone, save for Armin, to gasp in shock. The dragon soon released a loud yawn which made everyone sweat drop thinking that all they ever do is sleep.

"I want you to read your partners mind and learn about the current situation." He all but commanded only to earn another yawn from the other dragon. After another long five seconds the silence was broken by Ddraig's laughter.

"Well they are most certainly fucked!" Everyone's spirits fell off the wall at that moment. Armin could feel Albion's annoyance and he couldn't blame him to be honest.

"Unless my partner uses Balance Breaker: Second evolution." This made the Welsh dragon stop dead in his tracks… before laughing even harder than before.

"Are you out of your mind!? Your partner hasn't even released the first stage of the Balance Breaker! That would kill him unless he got enough power from… Oh… now I see what you want to do…" The dragon said as a smirk appeared on his face, not that anyone would see it. "It's risky but it might work. I'll implant the plane into my partner whilst you do the same for yours." That was all as the connection between the two dragons and the outside world was cut. Armin and Eren both closed their eyes as the plan leaked into their minds. After 5 or so minutes of waiting, Armin stood up and turned his attention to the commander.

"This plan doesn't require any man power. Only Eren and I shall do the work." It was surprise after surprise for everyone and the commander was shocked to think that his heart hadn't given out yet. "I can't explain the mission because it would take too long. Just stand back and watch." Armin said sternly as him and Eren walked to the edge of the wall. Armin then turned his head to his best friend. "How long will it take you?" knowing the plan already, it didn't take long for Eren to reply.

"5 minutes."






That was all that was heard for the 5 minutes as Eren powered up. His skin was peeling off and his knees were shaking as his body wasn't trained to withstand such power. "Armin now!" Eren yelled to his best friend, who wasted no time and brought his hands up, outstretched with both his hands forming a triangle.

"Balance Breaker: Second Evolution!"The loud voice of Albion boomed. It was then that a magic circle appeared in front Armin's outstretched hands, much to the disbelief of everyone gathered around the duo.

Transfer! It was then that Eren placed his hand on Armin's shoulder. A green aura started to engulf the small blonde, with Eren passing out right after due to exhaustion and blood loss as streams of blood were flowing down his ears, eyes and arms. Mikasa was quickly at his aid.

"Nanji o muku no kyokugen e to izanaou!" Armin yelled in a foreign tongue. The group didn't even have time to dwell on that as veins startled to bulge on the side of Armin's eyes. What happened next was simply unfathomable even amongst all the weird things that happened. A large white western dragon flew out of the magic circle and dashed towards the boulder. Armin at this point was seeing black dots in his vision but he had to remain conscious in order to control the dragon. It only took 2 minutes for the dragon, which was controlled by Armin, to wrap its long spikey tail around the boulder with relative ease and fly towards the breach and effectively seal it.

Armin still had to maintain the magic circle and control of the dragon but he wasn't sure if he could do it since, like his best friend, blood was leaking out of his eyes, ears and mouth. When the dragon was back inside the magic circle, Armin collapsed and failed to see the Commander of the Survey Corps Erwin Smith and Humanities Strongest Levi, who had watched the whole thing.


Chapter 5: Sacrifices

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