Author's Note: Tumblr has ruined me. Someone suggested a Gilmore Girls/West Wing crossover, and before I knew it, I was brainstorming. This story will be a series of mostly unrelated scenes focused on the AU of Rory working in the White House. This story doesn't have any particular date in mind. Both the shows were on air at the same time, but the opportunity for overlap isn't ideal. So this isn't necessarily during any specific season of either show. The pieces should come together here and later of how this AU is conceivable. I hope you enjoy, and please review! Also, if anyone has any ideas of things things they'd like to see, I would love suggestions!

Oy with the Jackal Already

Part 1


He looked up to see Margaret standing above him like a redheaded specter. "Yeah?"

"Richard Gilmore is here to see you."

Leo nodded with a smile. "Bring him in."

Margaret stepped out for a moment and Leo stood up from his desk as Richard walked in.

"Leo, how lovely to see you!" The tall mustachioed man smiled and shook Leo's hand firmly.

"Richard, it's always a pleasure. Come have a seat." Leo led them to his little seating area.

With a kind smile, Richard sighed. "How many years has it been since Noah introduced us?"

"God, twenty years, maybe? That was when I was still with Cultico. You were a lifesaver there."

Richard nodded, remembering. "Well, Noah came to me and asked if I could do anything about insurance issues for a multinational chemical company. It took a bit of effort, but it was all sorted out."

"I'm still grateful. Now, remind me what you're doing in DC?" Leo asked.

"I'm visiting my granddaughter. She just graduated from Yale with a journalism degree, and now she's an intern here."

"Oh that's right, that's how you knew the Lymans. You and Noah were both on the alumni board, is that right?"

"Exactly right. And since Noah's boy works here, and I know this is Rory's dream, I called Ada and asked if she thought Josh could help out. And here we are."

Leo smiled, mentally reminding himself to call Josh's mother sometime soon. It had been a long time since they had spoken. "I'm glad we found a place for her. She's in the Communications Department, is that right?"

"Yes, she's working with someone named Seaborn, I believe."

"Sam's a good guy. Brain of a lawyer, soul of a poet. And the common sense of a ferret a lot of the time."

Richard laughed at that description. Before he could say anything else, the door to Leo's office opened.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were busy."

Leo and Richard both stood up immediately to greet the President. "It was a last minute meeting. Mr. President, this is Richard Gilmore. He did some work with me a while back. He was old friends with Noah Lyman," Leo explained.

Richard shook the President's hand. "It's so nice to meet you, Mr. President."

"Pleasure," Jed replied. "What brings you all the way from Connecticut? Since I assume that's where you're from. Josh never lets us forget that the Lymans are from Connecticut."

"I am from Connecticut, yes. Hartford. Though I spend half my week in New Haven, teaching at Yale. I'm in D.C. visiting my granddaughter. She's just gotten an internship here."

"Rory Gilmore," Leo added. "She's working with Sam."

Jed nodded, wanting to make a mental note to ask about Rory Gilmore later, though he knew he was kidding himself that he'd ever remember her name. "What do you teach at Yale, Mr. Gilmore?"


Leo saw that sparkle in Jed's eyes and groaned, "Oh god."

"You know I taught Economics at Dartmouth for many years."

"Did you? I didn't know that," Richard replied with genuine interest. He smiled at the prospect of bonding over a shared interest with the President of the United States.

"And did you know I wrote a book?"

Leo rolled his eyes. He knew where this was going. "Mr. President…"

"I won a Nobel Prize for that book."

That was the last straw for Leo. "He has not read your book. No one here has read your book. I'm still not convinced that even Abbey read that book. And I can guarantee that he doesn't use it as a textbook because absolutely no one uses it as a textbook."

Richard was surprised by Leo's outburst. He knew the President considered Leo a friend, but this seemed to be crossing a line. Richard attempted to ease the tension. "Mr. President, on what subject did you write your book? I think it would wonderful if I could work a book written by the President of the United States into the curriculum."

"It's called Theory and Design of Macroeconomics in Developing Nations," Jed told him, choosing to ignore Leo for the time being.

"Unfortunately, I only teach an introductory course in Economics, and the odd microeconomic accounting course. I'm afraid your book wouldn't be very pertinent to my classes."

Jed waved him off. "Nah, it's outdated anyway. Posner's been writing some interesting things on the subject recently. He and a few others are the authorities nowadays."

"Yes, I've read some of his articles. Interesting position he takes, law and economics. Unexpected for a federal judge, I'd think," Richard posited.

Jed nodded. "Well he's more theoretical and far-reaching, while Easterbrook is a harsher pragmatist. The Seventh Circuit has some interesting stuff brewing. Though in terms of theoretical macroeconomic plans, I still think I've got him beat."

Leo watched the two economics aficionados feed of one another's unbridled enthusiasm. It was a little dizzying.

Margaret knocked and entered the office. "Excuse me," she interrupted, "Leo, you've got a national security briefing in five minutes."

"And I gotta get back to work. Mr. Gilmore, it was very nice to meet you." Jed shook his hand once more and left to return to the Oval Office.

Leo turned to his friend once more after the President exited. "Richard, I'm sorry we couldn't have more time."

"I understand, Leo. You've got a country to run!"

The two men gave each other genial pats on the upper arm as Leo led Richard out. "Margaret will show you to the bullpen where Rory works."

Right on cue, Margaret stood to take Mr. Gilmore on his way, and Leo went to skim the security briefing that would be the subject of his next meeting.