"After Kagome had knocked out Shaulia a large hole had appeared on the back of the stage. An old man and a giant came through the hole.

"What did I tell you, giant. Its chaos out here!"

"Hachi took a look at the man. "Rayleigh?!"

"Huh?" Chopper did a double take on the old man. "You mean this is the guy who will coat our ship so we can get to Fishman Island?"

"Oh, why if it isn't Hachi?! What are you doing here?" Rayleigh scanned around the room. His eyes landed on Kiemi. "I see..."

"Rayleigh, nyouu..."

"You guys saved Hachi, thank you." The old man had a grin on his face then all of a sudden out of nowhere all of the guards were knocked out.

Everyone had been confused of the phenomenon while Rayleigh had seemed calm.

"Straw hat" Rayleigh addressed Luffy. "That straw hat suits a courageous man such as yourself."

Luffy looked confused.

"I've always wanted to meet you Monkey D. Luffy."

"What are doing to Kiemi you old man!" Pappang grew nervous as Rayleigh drew in close to Kiemi.

The chains of the collar were in hands.

"You have to be careful, those things explode!" Chopper warned him.

"Don't worry." Those were his words of assurance.

"!" Rayleigh easily striped of the collar and tossed it aside. The collar had exploded in midair.

"What the hell?! She's free?" Franky had came back with the keys. "Ah, to hell with it." He threw the keys to the other slaves. "Oi slaves to be, your buyers ran away. You guys better escape while you guys have the chance."

"Thank you! Thank you very much." The slaves had tears in their eyes. They would be forever grateful to them.

"Ah, geez it was nothing!" Usopp blushed. "Ah, Kagome! That hurt!" The girl had hit him on the head.

"You didn't really do anything idiot. Franky was the one who got the keys." She answered.

"Attention!" The voice came from outside. "We have you surrounded and a marine Admiral will be here any minute. Surrender now and release the hostages, the Roseward family (The tenryuubito). There's no way you can escape you damn rookies!"

"Rookies?" Eustass Kid, a pirate of the same rank as Luffy and Law, scoffed at the actualization.

"I guess they think we're his accomplices." Law smirked. "That means we're apart of this even if we don't want to be."

"I guess its true about the Straw hat Pirates, they're all crazy. Their captain lives up to his name." Kid couldn't help but chuckle.

"Oh that thing I did earlier, I won't be doing it again. I wouldn't want the marines to catch on who I actually am so I'm leaving it all on you guys." Rayleigh told them.

"It'll be alright. Me and my men" Kid pointed at his crew. "We will handle the commotion outside so you guys won't have to worry about hurting yourselves."

Kid's words had egged Law and Luffy on.

"They're coming! Ready yourselves men!"

The doors of the auction house slowly opened and three shadows slowly made their way out.

"All three of them are captains. Eustass Kid bounty 315 million beli, Staw hat Luffy 300 million beli, and Trafalgar Law 200 million belli."

"Hit them with the cannons!"

"Fuusen!" Luffy had blocked the attack by sucking up enough air to look like a ballon. The elastic of his rubber body made the cannon ball repel back to the cannon it came from.

"Repel!" The cannon that was coming to Kid repel back to the cannon, destroying it.

A cannonball made its way to Law. "Room" A sphere encompassed the ball and a lone marine making the cannon stop in midair. Law slashed at the air causing the marine's head to be cut off. "Shambles" The cannon switched places with the marine's head. The switched cannon ball destroyed the cannon.

"All three of them...ARE DEVIL FRUIT USERS!"

Next chapter will be Kagame's debut on the battlefield.