For those of you who don't know me, I'm an Irish Teenage Girl, my name is Rachel, and this is my first Alex Rider/Harry Potter crossover fic!

For those of you who HAVE read my other fanfics, or are (hopefully) CURRENTLY reading one or two, welcome back!

This is an eventual Alex Rider SLASH Harry Potter, though I promise you there'll be no graphics involved cause I don't write smut/lemon (*cough* sex scenes *cough*) so if you're homophobic (Shame on you!) or actually WANT a smutty fic (I won't judge) then this is NOT the fanfiction for you!

It's set entirely in Third Person Point of View (POV) and I doubt that's gonna change, but, as usual, if it DOES, I will tell you!

Now that all formalities are out of the way, I hope you enjoy my writing!

Rachel :D


Chapter 1 (It's a prologue really)

In the back of the Leaky Cauldron, near-invisible in a shadowed corner, sat an enigma.

No one at the bar knew who the fair-haired-dark-eyed stranger was, yet he was young, very young, stirring a mug of tea with a simple twirl of his hand as he read a battered old novel by something called 'James Patterson', the pages turning by themselves.

Underaged Magic.

No one reported it in.

Why would they?

The Ministry, after all, had a knack for finding these very situations... But so far, no one had come in to caution him.

Not yet anyway.

It was almost as if he had beaten the system.

And as the Ministry was still recovering from the defeat of You-Know-Who from over two years previous... It was a very plausible theory.

Sitting in a less-shaded corner, not so far back, was another boy, also dark-eyed and quite problematic.

He got his fair share of stares, too.

But his name was known by all who sat in the small inn's restaurant.

Harry Potter.

The Boy Who Lived.

The Boy Who Single-handedly defeated the world's greatest and most infamously known dark wizard.

But now, at 20 years of age, he was no longer the main man in the spotlight.

Something, for which, he was extremely grateful of.

And on that particular Monday morning, at that particular time and place, it was these two particular boys that made Daily Prophet headlines.