The sun was beginning to set by the time Harry and Hermione were finally allowed to leave their reception. Their friends all wished them well, and Ron threw in a comment about them not even wanting to wear clothes on their honeymoon. He'd received a playful slap from Hermione and a firm jab in the ribs by Lavender. Hermione hugged her parents goodbye, and Melinda pulled Harry into her arms.

"Make sure you call us in a few days, all right?" she asked with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry, we will…mom," Harry replied with a wide smile.

Hermione rejoined her beloved, and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Ready, angel?"


Harry tightened his arms around his bride, and with a twitch of his eye, they disapparated.


She turned to see her husband wrap his arms around her waist.

"Why did you ask him that? You know it's not gonna happen."

"What do you mean, John?" Her husband grinned widely at her.

"Don't you remember, sweetheart, your mother asked me the exact same thing, and if I remember correctly, it was at least two weeks before you talked to her," he said with a rather smug smile.

Melinda Granger blushed at her husband's comments, and Ron and Lavender giggled next to them.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Granger, it won't be two weeks," Lavender said happily. Ron stepped up next to her with a wry grin on his face.

"Not at all. With those two, I'd say it'll be at least a month maybe two before we hear from them again," he snickered.

Harry apparated the two of them into a large bedroom. Hermione's eyes widened as she took in the gorgeous surroundings. There was a huge four-poster bed that had a sheer linen curtain hanging across the top of it. A large fireplace rested against the adjacent wall, and Hermione could imagine snuggling against Harry by the fire on a cold winter night. She could see a cherry wood nightstand to the right of the bed, and a matching dresser was on the opposite wall. The bed was already turned down, and the fireplace roared to life with a snap of Harry's fingers.

"Harry, where are we?"

He smiled and turned her around. Hermione then noticed the large mirror attached to the top of the dresser. She could see their reflection from their hips on up, and Harry wrapped his arms around her. It was amazing how good the two of them looked together.

"Don't worry about that, angel, you'll find out tomorrow. Right now, I want to spend the rest of this wonderful night making my wife scream my name over and over again."

As he spoke, Harry's finger traveled down her spine, undoing the pearl catches that held her dress in place. He quickly pulled of his jacket and tie and slid the dress off Hermione's shoulders. It fell into a pool at her feet, and Harry growled at seeing the lacy, white lingerie he found her wearing. After divesting himself of his shirt, Harry pressed himself up against his wife's back.

"Hermione, you're beautiful and sexy, and…you're all mine!"

She made a move to turn towards him, but he stopped her.

"Not yet, just watch me for a while."

His nimble fingers undid the catch on the bra that was straining to contain her breasts. After sliding the lingerie off her body, Harry slid his hands up her sides and cupped the firm mounds.

"Hermione…you have such beautiful breasts…absolutely perfect."

He looked at her reflection and saw her face turn beet red at his blatant compliment. One hand left its appetizing bundle and moved down to slide off her underwear. A minute later, Harry was naked as she was, and he stood behind her with his arms secured around her waist.

"Do you trust me, Hermione?"

"Of course, Harry," she replied without even thinking.

She saw his smile in the mirror, and it quickly turned into a sly grin.

"Spread your legs a little."

"What?" she gasped and turned her head to face him. He merely caught her lips in a fiery kiss.

"You said you trusted me now do as I say."

Hermione felt a little nervous, but she obeyed. A few seconds later, she felt Harry's skillful fingers cup her womanhood.

"Harry!" she screamed and nearly collapsed against him.

"Open your eyes, Hermione."

Obeying his wishes, she raised her eyelids and saw her reflection in the mirror. She saw Harry's reflection smile, and his hands slide up to cup her breasts again.


"I want you to watch me make love to you; I want you to see the expression on your face when I'm inside you. You drive me crazy with how amazing you look when we're together, and now, I want you to see it for yourself."

Some time later, after they both managed to remain standing, and Harry slipped out of her channel. Hermione turned around with a satisfied but curious smile on her face.

"Well…that erased my ideas of you being all romantic and gallant tonight."

"Who said I wasn't going to be? However, after seeing you in that gorgeous dress all day, I just wanted to devour you on the spot, once we were alone."

"Oh really, so is the beast inside satiated?"

"No, merely calmed for a short while, just like that part inside of you that acts like an insatiable nymph sometimes."

"That's no way to talk to your wife, Harry."

He grinned and swept her up into his arms.

"Oh yeah, but I like it when my wife's an insatiable nymph."

He carried her over to the bed and laid her down on the soft mattress. Sliding in next to her, he curled his body around hers.

"Well…I kinda like it as well…when you decide to just fuck me senseless!"

"And I like it when you talk dirty, Herm."

Harry caught her lips for a long sensuous kiss, and Hermione slid her body on top of his. She loved being on top of him, and she knew that he loved it when she rode him.

"Now that our desire is tamed for a while, why don't you love me, Harry? Love me all night long!"

"I'm at your command, Mrs. Potter."

Their passion burned all night long and into the wee hours of the morning. Harry took her in every position he could think of, and Hermione added a few of her own as well. There final time was Hermione riding him once more, and she collapsed into his arms as the ecstasy claimed them both.

Harry wrapped his tired arms around her, but he didn't even think of pulling out of her. They would not be separated this night! Hermione's eyes drooped shut, and she curled up on her favorite cushion – Harry's chest. He, on the other hand, laid his head on his favorite pillow – her bushy, brown hair.

Harry raised his hand slightly, and the covers were pulled over them. The fireplace was still going strong, but a wave of his hand lowered its glow down a few notches. There was nothing more either of them wanted than what they had this moment.

"Goodnight…my darling seeker…"

"Goodnight…my angelic bookworm…"

Hermione opened her eyes the following morning to find herself wrapped in Harry's arms. She leaned back against his chest, and a soft kiss on her neck let her know that he was awake.

"Good morning, Mrs. Potter."

She rolled over and smiled at her husband.

"Morning, love. That name sounds so wonderful coming from you."

"I'm glad to hear that. Now, would my darling wife care to see where I've brought her to?"

"Well…only if my dashing husband agrees to give me the grand tour personally."

Reluctantly crawling out of bed, the pair quietly dressed, and Harry prepared to show her just where they'd be spending their honeymoon.

Taking her hand, Harry led her out of the master bedroom and towards the staircase. Hermione's eyes were wide as saucers as she took in the gorgeous interior. The stairwell and banister were made out of beautifully varnished cherry wood, there was small-size crystal chandelier hanging above what appeared to be the front door, and several house elves rushed out to meet them as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Good morning, Master Harry…Mistress Hermione."

Hermione immediately recognized two of the house elves in the front of the group.


"At your service, milady."

She almost squealed with delight, and Harry tried not to chuckle. Hermione thought they all looked adorable. Each of the elves wore dark britches, but the male elves wore simple black shirts, while the female elves had on white shirts.

"What are you doing here?"

Dobby grinned slightly and looked at Harry.

"Master Harry had asked Professor Dumbledore if I could come work here, and I was ecstatic when I realized that Harry Potter had requested me to be his house elf."

"And how many times has 'Master Harry' asked you not to call him that," Harry said with a slight glare.

"Sorry sir, it is merely a habit; I will try to correct it."

"It's all right, Dobby, you may call me and Hermione whatever you wish."

"Thank you, sir."

"And who might the rest of these fine elves be?" Hermione inquired.

There were six others aside from Dobby and Winky. The males' names were Winch, Rygald, and Norris; the females' names were Dormia, Minia, and Yulia.

"My…you all look wonderful dressed like that."

Dormia bowed slightly in response.

"Thank you, our former mistress was the one who designed these for us."

"Then she has very good taste."

"Ah…there you are, my boy!"

Harry grinned as he recognized the voice and turned to see Julian walk in the front door.

"Where you been hiding all morning-?" he stopped as he saw Hermione with him.

"Bloody hell…and who is this lovely piece of perfection. Would you be the lass who was crazy enough to marry this rascal?"

Hermione blushed at the compliment, but smiled widely at she stared at Harry.

"He does get into trouble, but I love him anyway."

Her husband brought her fingers to his lips and kissed them delicately.

"Aye, Harry's exactly like his father; poor Lily nearly went insane trying to keep him under control the first few years they were married."

"You knew Harry's parents, sir?" Hermione asked with surprise.

"Course I did, my dear, I work here as well, and call me Julian."

"Are the head of the household?" Julian actually laughed at her comment.

"Not at all, I'd never want something that boring; I'm the caretaker of the grounds around here. I much prefer working outdoors than inside."

"Why don't we go outside, Hermione?" Harry broke in.

"Sure, I want to see where you brought me anyway."

As Harry led her out past the porch and front gate, the gorgeous scenery took Hermione's breath away. She could see for miles around, there were several groves of trees to the west and north, and she could see a quaint little town at the bottom of the hill there were apparently on.

"Harry, this place is gorgeous. How did you ever find it?"

"Oh, I had a bit of help," he replied cryptically. His smile turned to a sly grin.

"Why, would you want to stay here forever?"

"Well…" Hermione's trailed off as her cheeks turned pink. She loved this setting so much, but they'd never find another place like this anywhere.

"…Harry, I would love us to have a house as wonderful as this, but we'd never find a place that looked so…so…magical."

Hermione didn't know a better word to describe the house and grounds. She turned to see Harry trying not to laugh, and Julian – who was standing by the front door – was covering his mouth up as well.

"Okay, would two care to let me in on the joke? What's so damn funny?" she hissed.

Harry couldn't help it and started bawling; the look on her face was priceless.

"I have a surprise for you, my dearest Hermione."

He turned to face Julian and nodded his head. The older man took out his wand and tapped a metal plate next to the doorway. The rectangular piece of iron glowed slightly, and Julian backed away.

"Harry, what's going on?"

Her husband did not respond, but instead, he turned to face the plate and raised his hands. He aimed both index fingers and streams of fire shot of his hands. They struck the iron and began moving along its face. Hermione suddenly realized that they were engraving something on it. It took about a minute for Harry to finish and then he lowered his hands. Hermione gazed at his handiwork, and her heart nearly stopped. It was a simple group of words:


Harry turned to see tears streaming down his wife's cheeks, and he walked over to take her in his arms.

"Harry…this can't be…we can't be…"

"Yes, it is, Hermione; this is our home. It belonged to my parents; it was the place I was born; and now, it belongs to us."

"This is your house!" she gasped in shock.

"No, this is our house, angel."

Hermione couldn't help herself and kissed the bloody hell out of her husband. Julian chuckled slightly and excused himself to head back inside; those two were exactly like James and Lily.

"Harry…I feel like I'm dreaming…this is all too perfect…"

"No, Hermione, it's just magic. We've both suffered and fought; we've both felt pain and sadness; now, it's time for us to be blissfully happy."

Without further adieu, Harry swept her up into his arms, and Hermione squealed with delight.

"Now Hermione, it's time I fulfill my marital obligations."

"What do you mean?"

"To care my wife over the threshold!"

She laughed as he carried her back inside.

Harry did not set her down when they walked through the door. He carried her past the staircase and into a room off to the side. They entered a large room that had polished wood cabinets, a large mahogany desk, and a plush leather couch. Hermione recognize the design as a den. Harry put her down, and she saw a large trophy case against the wall. She walked over to it and saw three shelves inside. The top one held various awards and plaques with the name 'James Potter' engraved on them; the second shelf held similar items with the name 'Harry Potter' engraved on them; but the last shelf was empty.

"Harry, why is this shelf empty?"

"Oh, I did that so we'd have room to add our children's awards in there as well."

Hermione looked at him in surprise, but her smile was warm and loving. She then noticed a marble fireplace against the wall in front of the couch and two portraits sat on top of the mantle covered with tarps.

"What are those?" she asked and pointed at the paintings. Harry smiled brightly.

"My last surprise, Hermione. Come here," and he pulled her into his arms.

Facing the two paintings, Harry snapped his fingers, and one of the tarps dropped away. Hermione's widened as she saw a picture of Harry's parents.

"It's their wedding picture!" she gasped.

"Yup, and now…" Harry snapped his fingers again, and the second tarp dropped away.

It revealed an equally beautiful portrait of Harry and Hermione on their wedding day.

"There, now, we have a matched set," he chuckled.

Hermione was speechless; she didn't know what to say. Harry pulled her closer and looked up at the picture of his parents.

"Mom…Dad…I'd like you to meet your new daughter-in-law; this is Hermione. I know you'd both love her, and she means more to me than anything. She is the girl of my dreams and the angel of my soul."

"Harry…" Hermione let the tears flow freely as she listened to his heartfelt words, and she too looked up at the portrait of who would've been her new parents.

"Mr. and Mrs. Potter, thank you for bringing Harry into this world; I would be lost without him. I promise that I will always take care of him, and I will love him forever. I just wish I could've known you as well…Mom…Dad…"

Harry pulled his wife into his arms, and their lips met in a kiss that veritably lit up the room with its love and purity.

"I love you, Harry Potter."

"I love you, Hermione Potter."

They embraced once again and didn't care how long it lasted this time. They would make this kiss last as long as the universe itself if need be.

At that moment, the life and story of the Boy Who Lived came to an end, but…the life and story of Harry and Hermione Potter was just beginning.

Author's Notes: At last, it took me several months to come up with an ending I'm proud of, but it is finally finished. My trilogy is finally over, and to be honest, I'm quite sad about it. I have loved this story since the day I began it. I originally just wanted this to be a somewhat long one-shot, but I just couldn't stop myself. So, here I am after over three years and five hundred pages of writing, I am at last finished. I wish to thank all of my readers and reviewers for keeping me going; I truly love you all. Thank you for sticking me when I made you wait for months at a time for new chapters; I refused to post something I wouldn't read myself. I wish to thank J.K. Rowling for creating such wonderful characters, and I give her all the credit for their creation and inspiring this feeble attempt at following in a legacy of such genius. She is a true mistress of her craft.