It was unbearable, the injustice of it all. How could anyone do something that cruel and still call themselves a human? I could simply not understand. What had I ever done wrong? I had been her friend and we shared everything; we had been like family! And then she betrayed me, spilled my secrets and made my life hell. It just wasn't fair!

The world is rotting away and nobody seems to care. They did not help me, they only laughed at me and ignored my pleas. It was what happened on January the first that took the last straw, burned it and then danced on the ashes all the while laughing in my face.

Over the holidays I had built up the illusion that somehow I could be friends with Emma again, just like in old times. Then the locker happened. I had screamed and cried, begged for them to let me out when I knew they wouldn't show mercy.

The world is rotting away because nobody cares. Everybody wanted to be popular and gain fame and wealth and power; Mr Gladly, the hanger-ons, gang members and most likely some heroes as well. There is a saying I know: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

I found it to be depressingly true. The teachers ignored the bullying and when I told them they simply dismissed me. They didn't want to believe me, I saw it in their eyes. I was sure.

Our society is corrupt and selfish, nobody cares about the masses. The Enbringers were one of the only times humanity would truly work together. We only care about ourselves until there is something threatening us. Then we are willing to work with others for the greater good, only something it threatened us.

The world is rotten, our society corrupt and I am angry. How dare they simply dismiss the hopes and dreams of people just so they could make that extra dollar. Warlords, dictators, the simple mugger on the street? They are all the same, only the weight of their actions varied. Humanity is horrible. There are a few truly good people out there, but these people were scarce.

And now, standing here, high up and the roof, lamenting and crying and being angry... I am glad this will be over soon. As soon as I got out of the hospital and my that wasn't there I made my way here, ready to end it. It wouldn't be possible for me to survive the impact after this fall. I would finally be free and leave this rotten world behind.

I readied myself for the jump. I am sad that I can't explain it all to dad, I knew if I did I wouldn't have the courage to come here again. No, now was the right time. I climb on the railing, spread out my arms... And let myself fall.

With the wind rushing through my hair make me feel sadness, relief, anger, desperation and hope.

And the everything stops.

I open my eyes again. I am floating in a monochrome void, the only things of colour, beside myself, are a strange cap with black and gold markings, neatly folded blue clothes and a gold and black rod which has symbols engraved in them.

Then the voice sounds, a female and beautiful voice; it was rich of 'colour' and determination.

"Taylor Hebert, are you ready to bring justice to this corrupt world? Are you ready to prove yourself?"

What? What would happen if I accept?

"If you accept you shall be given a chance. A chance to judge any evildoers and traitors. Do you accept?"

That means I could get back at Emma? Prove that I m not worthless and actually make a difference? I could better humanity?

"I accept."

I start to glow, my clothes changing into the ones that had been flying before me. A cap appearing on my head and the rod in my hands. The voice seems happy.

"Then go forwards and bring great justice. May paradise be with you, provisional Yama Taylor Hebert."

And everything glows white.

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