Chapter 7: Party Night



Inu Yasha and Sesshomaru stood facing Sashimi with yellow, or Toy Belts. They had also moved to a new campsite, which was in the mountains where instead of sleeping outdoors, she had a little training base. She paced in front of them serious like and stopped in front of the first dog demon. "Inu-kun, what do you think is the meaning of self defense?"

He looked straight ahead and said, "To protect yourself from demons and other freaks who want to kill you."

"Wrong." She said and went on to Sesshomaru. "Sesshomaru-kun, what do you think is the meaning of self defense?"

"Being able to fight off an enemy without them seeing fear or anger in you." "Closer, but still wrong." She sighed and said. She clapped her hands and they bowed. She smiled at them and said. "Don't worry, you'll get it right someday!" she started to skip down the path. "Be right back!"

Shio was sitting and grounding some leaves in a bowl when Inu Yasha came over. "Hey, dude!"

"Hi." Inu Yasha slumped down next to him.

"Still can't get the reason for self defense?" Shio asked not taking his eyes off of the bowl.

"She asks us every day, we answer wrong and she doesn't correct us." Inu Yasha said. "She gets on my nerves sometimes."

"Well get over it, cause you're spending the next 34 months with her." He poured some water into the bowl and started to stir it. "Especially with tonight."

"Tonight? What's tonight?" Inu Yasha asked.

"You didn't know?" Shio looked at him funny. "She usually obsesses over today, unless it's supposed to be a surprise or something." He said.

"What! What's today?" Inu Yasha asked again.

"Dude! It's her birthday!" Shio said. "Party night!"

"Party night?" Inu Yasha asked.

"Yeah, she throws this huge party on her birthday, on mine too. She never asks for anything, only that we come." Shio said.

"Hmm." Inu Yasha thought about this. What would she be now? Seventeen? And he was soon to be fourteen.

He had never been to someone's birthday party before. He felt kind of obligated to get her something. "What are you getting her?" he asked Shio.

"She never wants anything." Shio said. "But whatever you get her she'll love it." Then he smiled mischievously. "Why do you want to know?"

Inu Yasha saw his antics coming a mile away. "Aren't you supposed to get something for someone on their birthday?"

Shio smirked and his eyes glittered playfully. "Yeah right, you want to get her the perfect present so she'll like you, ne?"

"That's not true!" Inu Yasha blushed a little and looked away.

"It's no big deal man." Shio patted him on the shoulder. "I am totally okay with you mating my sister."

Inu Yasha turned to him, his face completely red. "I do not want to mate with her!!"

Shio just nodded, smiled, and leaned back casually. "Yep, keep telling yourself that, man."

Inu Yasha growled at him and went to go somewhere where he could think of a good present without being persecuted by a certain friend. After all, how could he mate with someone when he had barely even surfaced puberty himself?




Sesshomaru stood waiting for what personal training he would receive from Sashimi at the bottom of the mountain. She came along looking as cute as usual. She smiled at him then asked herself, "Now let's see, why are we here again?"

Sesshomaru sweat dropped.

"Right!" she said smacking her hands together. "Are you ready to train for super speed?"

He nodded and said, "This had better be good."

She laughed to herself and called out, "Shio!"

Sesshomaru's blood boiled as the little Inu/Kitsune came skipping over. "What's up, Ne-chan?"

She didn't answer him, she just turned to look at Sesshomaru and said, "Sesshomaru-kun, for a select amount of time, you will try to catch Shio."

Shio looked up at her shocked, "Nani?!"

Sesshomaru leered at the Inu/kitsune. This was going to make his day. "Okay! Ready? Set?" she said holding up her hand. "Go!"

Sesshomaru charged at Shio.

Shio screamed a high pitched scream and went running into the forest. "Nooooo!!! I'm too cute to dieee!!!"

He was running as fast as he could, when he looked over his shoulder and realized he had lost Sesshomaru. He skidded to a stop and waited. A few minutes passed by and nothing happened. "Whoops!" ;;;;

He sniffed the air, since Sesshomaru was upwind. "Whoa! He's WAY back there!" so he went running back to find him.




Under the mountain, there was a beautiful field of wild flowers. Possibly the most beautiful and exotic flowers in Japan. Inu Yasha inhaled the mixed scents that floated through the air, and they reminded him of his mother. This would be the perfect gift for Sashimi. He got down and started picking the flowers that he thought she would like. (AN: It's not often you see Inu Yasha picking flowers! ^_^)




Sesshomaru went flying through the forest in search of his prey. He had found Shio, and was now hot on his trail-sorta. Even though Shio was younger, he was smaller and faster. He was pretty good at hiding too, his green and white clothes were like camouflage and it would be easy to loose him sometimes. But the way Shio taunted him was enough to make him go faster then his normal speed.

"What's up back there, Sessy! I'm barely trying!" Shio shouted. He jumped around and made Sesshomaru think he almost had him a few times, then escaped him easy. Skipping and running, laughing and taunting, he egged Sesshomaru on for the longest time.

Then the tired dog demon stopped and fell to his knees. Shio stood panting somewhat, but not as much as Sesshomaru. Sweat dripped off of the dog youkai's long white hair. He glared murderously up at Shio who stood only a few feet away with his hands on his hips, smiling at Sesshomaru's lack of speed.

"Ready to quit, Sess? I'm stronger, I'm faster, HECK! I'm cuter!" Shio said. (AN: Though I know many women reading this story are ready to debate that.)

Sashimi came over and said, "Shio, the time was up a long time ago, what's going on?"

Shio looked at her and said, "He ran out of gas."

Sesshomaru's eyes reddened dangerously as he looked up at Shio.

The kid just shrugged and started walking away swishing his thin brown tail behind him.

Sashimi walked up to Sesshomaru and held out her hand to him. She smiled and asked. "Need a hand?"

He grabbed her hand and she pulled him up. He looked into her eyes for a few minutes. She smiled back, which comforted him greatly. Then she winked and started walking back to camp. He followed after her silently.




"Where are we going now?" Inu Yasha asked.

"To my home again." She said smiling back at him. "We're going to celebrate my birthday there."

"Oh?" Inu Yasha's eyes widened and he pretended to sound surprised and casual. "Today is your birthday?"

"Yep! Sweet seventeen!" ^_^V she said. Then she said, "I hope Shio gets home okay. He said he had to go do something."

They spent the next half hour going up the hill.

They arrived at the huge building and Sashimi lead them up to the door. "You'll like it inside, it's got many bedrooms and a nice bath."

Inside it was cozy. One of those nice expensive houses that were really pretty inside and not over accessorized. All of a sudden, Shio and a group of people came out and yelled. "Surprise!"

"KYYAAAA!!!" Sashimi screamed and threw her arms around the nearest object which was Sesshomaru. He looked down at her until she let go and realized what happened. "Shio?!"

"Welcome home, Sis!" He said. Around him were dog demons, dog oni, and werewolf's. They all said, "Happy seventeenth, Sashimi!"

She put a hand to her heart and the stars in her eyes glowed softly. "I can't believe this!" she said.

"Surprised aren't you?" Shio said. ^_^V

Everyone went in back were there was a huge garden and started mingling and dancing to music, courteousy of the band of musical gypsies Shio hired in town to come play.

Sashimi smiled and greeted them all then went up to Shio and pulled him close to her face. "Shio," she whispered. "I remember telling you that I was NOT going to have a big party on the first time with my students!"

"Really?" he laughed nervously. "I guess it slipped my mind." ;;;

A vein popped on her forehead. "Oh, it just slipped your mind huh?"

Inu Yasha went over to his sack. Sashimi gave him a sack to pack what little he had in it. He didn't have much: he had his training uniform, some persimmons he collected on the way there, and the bouquet of flowers. He picked it up and went to go find Sashimi.

"Shio," she smoothed her white hair and tried to stay calm. "I think that if you don't get rid of these people, then I will make myself an only child."

"Erk!" he said and sweat dropped. "But, I already promised them the free food!"

"I don't care Shio! It's your problem!"

"Come on, Sashimi! Have a heart!"

"I do, and I'm about to rip yours out if you don't get them out, NOW!"

Inu Yasha saw her and came over.

"Please, Sashimi, just let them stay for a few minutes!"

"Shio, no! The next time we have a party you can invite as many scary strangers as you want."

"Sashimi?" Inu Yasha came walking over.

"Fine!" Shio said angrily. He turned around to fast and ran into Inu Yasha. They both made startled noises and fell over. Petals went everywhere.

The guests were distracted from their conversations. They turned to look at them and laugh. Shio sat up and rubbed his head. "Owie!" he said. He looked at Inu Yasha. "Sorry, man." He got up and walked away. Inu Yasha felt himself being pulled up by the arms. Sashimi spun him to face her and she dusted him off. "Okay, Inu-chan?" she asked.

"I-" he held up the flowers and looked at them dejectedly. Most of the petals had fallen off of them and the stems were bent and twisted so that instead of looking like an expression of affection, they became a handful of crabgrass.

Sashimi looked at them and blinked.

"Uh-" Inu Yasha started.

Then she smiled at him. "Is that for me?" she took them then grabbed his hand and started to pull him off somewhere. He didn't know where he was going or what was going on until she pulled him into a nice looking room with a mat on the floor and a bowel of water in the corner. There were a few other decorations and a large chest against the wall.

She smiled at him with a large girly grin. "This is my room."

Inu Yasha's heart jumped. He had never ever ever ever ever ever ever been in a girls room before. He tried not to look like he was scared out of his mind. But he couldn't help but tremble a little. She got out a dish and filled it with oil, then she put a wick in it and lit it. She sat next to him. He was afraid to look her in the eye, he just kept looking from her to the candle.

"There's this really neat thing I'm learning, do you wanna help me?" she asked. His face felt hot and he continued to glance from her to the candle. He felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest. His voice came out sounding funny and squeaky, embarrassing him even more. "I-I d-don't know."

Her grin spread and she sat across from him. She grabbed both of his hands and he felt like his body was on fire. She smiled at him and the candle light danced in her eyes. "A séance!" she said.

His heart froze. "What?"

"A séance! I wanna lead a séance!" she smiled brightly.

Inu Yasha facefaulted and a cool feeling of relief washed into him. When he recovered she held his hands again.

"What do we do?" he asked.

"Well see this candle?" she said. "We sit here and consentrate on our breathing, then we ask the spirits a question like, 'If it rains tomorrow, make the flame flicker three times, or go out, or point toward the window', like that!"

So they sat faceing the candle in silence holding hands in the dark. Inu Yasha was starting to get that suffocating feeling again. "Well?" he asked.

"I'm trying to think of a good question." She said. After a few seconds she smiled at him and asked, "Hey! Why don't we ask them who your soul mate is?!"

His eyes widened, "What?!"

She cleared her throat and said in a clear voice that Inu Yasha thought sounded giddy and annoying, "Oh spirits! Who is Inu Yasha's soul mate?! Make the candle flicker if it's someone we know, make it steady if it isn't!"

All of a sudden, a harsh wind blew and the candle went out.

They sat there in silence for a few seconds in her dark room until Inu Yasha asked, "Was that supposed to happen?"

No answer came.




All of a sudden, he felt Sashimi's hand get cold. He looked at her confused in the dark. All of a sudden, the stars in her eyes glowed bright and she looked straight ahead. "The soul mate of Inu Yasha," she said in a strange voice. "Is the girl in the future with the shikon jewel."

Then the stars in her eyes stopped glowing and she passed out. He caught her and looked at her really confused. "Sashimi!"

She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Wh-what happened?" she asked.

"You just said, that my soul mate was the girl in the future with the shikon jewel." He said, still holding her.

"Really?" she said looking as confused as he was, if not more.

"What does that mean?" he asked.

She shrugged and said, "I guess it means you'll meet a girl in your future with a shikon jewel, whatever that is."

All of a sudden, the door opened and light flooded into the room. Inu Yasha shielded his eyes then looked up to see Sesshomaru standing in the doorway.

He didn't look very pleased, "Well now, what are we doing sitting in the dark?" They knew they were only their because of Sashimi's test, but Sesshomaru saw his brother, and his beautiful teacher, on her birthday, in the dark, in her room, with Inu Yasha holding her.

Sashimi stood up, completely naïve to what it looked like they were doing. "Did Shio get rid of those partiers yet?" she walked out her door and went to go find him.

Inu Yasha got up and left the room but not before exchanging glares with Sesshomaru.


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