Stay With Me

A "Mallie" 10 sentences series. Friendship-y.

Special – "I hate this, Mark, I really do; because there are assholish people out there who are going to call our daughter 'special', or 'stupid' or god forbid 'retarded'."

Halt – "Hey, Torres, calm down about this; you're making yourself crazy here."

Crazy – "Well, maybe I am crazy, Mark – for wanting better for Sofia than this."

Laughter – "I don't want people to laugh at her, to taunt her, to humiliate her," Callie went on.

Eyes – "Look me in the eyes, Callie Torres, and listen up: our daughter is going to be just fine because she has two parents who love her like crazy and will support her through anything."

Candle – At her fifth birthday party, instead of blowing out the pink candles on her cake, Sofia sits in the corner, rocking herself back and forth wildly and screaming, even at her parents when they came too close.

Disbelief – Callie is in disbelief when she overhears one of the parents at the party criticize her for not being able to control her "dumb" kid.

Belonging – Since the diagnosis came, bringing with it answers and still more questions, Callie spends hours every evening at Mark's place because it's the only place she feels that she and Sofia belong.

Together – "We'll get through this together, Cal, I swear that, okay?"

Selfish – "I've been incredibly selfish, Mark; I've made this whole thing about me when it's Sofia I should be focused on – Sofia and our cute little oddball family."