Welcome to the final chapter of The Legend of Spyro: Nightfall trilogy. This story will definitely infuse more emotional moments than even the last one, and promise you, you will love this story, and I won't take so long to finish it. I'll take only the right amount of time it should take me. So have a nice day, and God bless!

Chapter One: Revelations

It had been two whole weeks since the whole incident, and it was all still fresh in his mind. Spyro felt tears in his amethyst eyes at the thought. With his mate gone, he felt he would never be whole again. Cynder had been his everything. She was all he wanted, all he needed. But that had been before the event that had changed their lives forever.

It had begun with them being summoned to the Cheetah city of Kasi, where the leader of the Cheetah Village in Avalar was leading an army against a group of enemies whose leader had proven a great challenge to he and Cynder. Zyla had been her name, and she was a monster from Cynder's dark past. Back when Cynder had been corrupted by Malefor, Zyla had been right under her. She'd fought against them hard, and by the end of it, though her army had fallen, she'd succeeded, by kidnapping he and Cynder when they were least expecting it, and when they were at their weakest.

At her castle, Spyro had been able to escape and formulate a plan to rescue Cynder, whom he'd been forced to leave behind due to the danger of the moment. It had resulted in Cynder's torture by Zyla's hand, and when he'd finally gone to save her, the rescue mission had ended horribly, with the castle collapsing due to Terrador's Earth Fury. Spyro was thought dead, and Cynder entered into a depression as a result, nearly dying by Zyla's claws not long after.

Six weeks later, according to Sparx and Terrador, Spyro's funeral was being held when Cynder arrived. After a meltdown in front of the guests, she'd entered the room containing the Pool of Visions, finding that it showed her the fortress she'd occupied while corrupted. She'd traveled there, and that was where everything changed for her, as well as for…Spyro.

As it turned out, he'd been there ever since his supposed death, with Zyla having saved him. She'd corrupted him to kill Cynder, and her plan had nearly succeeded if not for the love Cynder and Spyro had for one another. The two of them had not known of this until after the event, which had traumatized them both. They succeeded in reuniting in the Ruins of Warfang. This was after Spyro had learned of the Parts of Malefor. When Cynder reunited with he and his foster brother, Sparx, they found one of the Parts, which Cynder had destroyed.

The rest of the time they'd spent together was spent in Avalar Valley, where they'd fought against an army of monsters, whom they hadn't known the leader of, and at the Dragon Temple, where they'd spent their time formulating their next move and saying good-bye to Spyro's foster parents.

But during the time in Avalar, Spyro and Cynder had learned that the Parts of Malefor were not actually Parts; they were Keys, and there were five of them…no, four of them, as Cynder had destroyed the one in the Ruins of Warfang.

After saying good-bye to Spyro and Sparx's parents, Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx had set out to her abandoned fortress, which Cynder had seen in the Pool of Visions. When they arrived, they were confronted by Zyla herself, who revealed everything to them, from how Spyro was alive up to the fact she'd sent the army at them back in the Valley of Avalar.

During the battle that occurred, Zyla had attempted to corrupt Spyro to kill Cynder one last time, ending in her defeat there. The rest of the battle almost ended in Zyla's favor, until the unthinkable happened.

With Cynder having been knocked unconscious by Zyla, Spyro, with Sparx near him, confronted Zyla by his self. Spyro was overpowered by the trained Dragoness, and he was nearly killed, before Cynder came in and saved him from that fate…

…only to tackle Zyla right off the edge of the fortress, into the dark seas below.

Not knowing what he could possibly do, he left the fortress, which crumbled and fell into the sea due to the damage inflicted upon it by the fight between the three Dragons. When Spyro returned to the Dragon Temple, he'd presumed Cynder dead, and entered a depression.

And now, two whole weeks later, here he was.

Though he'd not sunken completely into the depression, he still felt the effects fully. They were worse than ever, and he only knew there had been one person who could have known what exactly it was that he was going through at the moment.

But, as he reminded himself ever so solemnly, Cynder was dead, and he wouldn't see her again until he joined her in Heaven.

At the moment, he sat on the balcony, thinking of everything Cynder had done for him. She'd done so much, and he felt even now that he'd never received the chance to thank her for it. It was thanks to her that he was able to stand where he was now and enjoy the freedom that came as a result of Zyla's death.

But without her, he felt as if he was no longer free. He had never thought he could feel this way. After falling in love with Cynder and revealing just how deep his love for her was, he decided that he would never lose sight of just how free he was.

But now, he believed, he'd lost sight of that. He couldn't see what was coming for him in the future, like he'd thought he'd be able to so many other times before. It was almost strange to think that, years before, Cynder had once been his enemy. But those days were behind him. And they had been behind her when she had died. Though Zyla had been a monster who'd come up from the shadows of her past, Cynder hadn't let that stop her from making the right choice. Her bravery was one of the many things Spyro had admired about her. But he would never get the chance to tell her that again.

He heard the fluttering of wings behind him, and he wondered what was going on behind him. He turned around, and he saw his foster brother Sparx coming up to him. He was visibly saddened, something Spyro wasn't surprised by. Though he had once distrusted Cynder, Sparx had put it all behind him during the last adventure. But now the Dragonfly wished he could tell her just how much Cynder had meant to him. There was no way to do so now.

"What is it you want, Sparx?" Spyro asked in a choked voice, feeling tears in his eyes.

"How do you feel?" Sparx asked, placing a small hand on Spyro's right shoulder. "I know, it's a stupid question. I know you're not fully recovered from all that happened, and I know you most likely never will recover from what happened, but I felt I should just ask that question."

Spyro didn't say anything back. He didn't feel like doing so. He turned around and left the balcony, taking one last look at the stars before him. The night was lit well, and it reminded him of the night after he'd defeated Cynder and turned her back to her normal self so many years ago, when he'd gone to the balcony, and she'd found him there. Remembering that moment almost caused him to smile, but thinking of Cynder was just as painful to him as losing her. He couldn't deal with it any longer. He felt that he needed answers to all his questions, and he knew there was only one person who could help him with that. Or Dragon.

The Chronicler was an old, somewhat wise Dragon who had given Spyro information on the Night of Eternal Darkness, Gaul the Ape King, the Well of Souls, Malefor, and his and Cynder's destinies. Spyro hadn't agreed with him on his idea that Cynder would return to Malefor's side. He'd gone to the Well of Souls to rescue her after she was kidnapped by Gaul. Despite not having followed the Chronicler's instructions, he'd heeded the old Dragon's words ("Ride out this storm, and live to fight another day"), encasing himself, Cynder, and Sparx in a crystal for three years. He hadn't seen the Chronicler since their escape from the Catacombs, where he'd helped Spyro and Cynder to regain their Elemental abilities.

Spyro believed he would be able to get something out of the Chronicler. But he remembered the long journey to the White Isle. However, despite his depression, he'd slept for a long time during the two weeks, seeing that as a remedy to his depression. Though it hadn't worked as well as he'd hoped it would, he felt well-rested at the moment. All he had to do was reveal to Terrador where he was going. He just hoped the Earth Guardian would agree with him. Terrador hadn't been the most trustful towards Spyro and Cynder during their quest to defeat Zyla, though Spyro hoped things had changed somewhat since then.

When Spyro reached the door leading into the Pool of Visions, it opened for him automatically, allowing him entrance. Sparx followed him inside, where Spyro found Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer standing around the Pool of Visions. Spyro could tell they had been speaking of something, most likely of him and his current state after Cynder's death, only to hush themselves up just as he and Sparx entered the room. Spyro understood they were only being careful, not wishing to hurt him, and Spyro understood, but he felt he deserved to be included in whatever they were talking about, even it had to do with something they didn't wish for him to hear.

"Spyro," Terrador greeted gruffly. "How do you feel?"

"Better," Spyro lied. "It's still hard, as you understand. But I've been pulling through. I just wish she was still here with me. Without her, I feel as if I'm only half-here."

Terrador still didn't quite understand love the way Spyro (and once Cynder) did, but he understood their love for one another had been very deep, and he respected that. He felt as if he should speak, but then thought it best he remained silent. He'd gone through this before, only to be yelled at by Cynder, who, after Spyro's supposed death, had quickly become angry at Terrador, whom she'd believed to be one of the two main reasons for her mate's death, along with Zyla. But now that was over, and now it was Cynder who had died. But Spyro wasn't like Cynder as much in that respect. But that didn't mean he didn't wish to be careful so he didn't say the wrong thing, knowing full well the consequences that could come about with that.

"We are truly sorry for your loss, Spyro," Volteer rasped. He still sounded quite tired, a side-effect of the war with Malefor. "We wish we could help you more, but we aren't as well-versed in mourning."

"I understand, Volteer," Spyro said. "Cynder and I have gone through more than any of you are expected to go through. She went through almost the same exact situation as I am now, and I wonder how she was able to do it for so much longer than I. I'm having so much trouble with this, and I wonder sometimes how I can move on. But I know she would want me to."

Terrador nodded. "Do you have any plans for the days to come?" he asked. "Do you plan to return to your home in the Valley of Avalar, or do you plan to remain here at the Temple?"

"I'll be staying here for the time-being," Spyro answered. "But I plan to go to the White Isle soon, so I can speak with the Chronicler. I believe he might be able to help me understand more about what I am going through. He might not have been the most trustworthy during the Night of Eternal Darkness, but I still think he might be able to help me again."

Sparx came in front of him and said, "Spyro, don't you realize how insane you sound? That old Dragon told you it was best you remained with him and wait for the Night of Eternal Darkness was over, which would have resulted in Cynder returning to Malefor's side! I don't think you can possibly trust him, especially because of that."

"I know, Sparx, but it's the best bet I have," Spyro explained. "I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about going. You probably don't understand how I mean, but I'm telling you what we have to do. I'm only asking you of this once, and when we return, you can return to living with Mom and Dad if that is your wish, but for the moment, I'm going to the White Isle to make sure Cynder passed on."

Sparx opened his mouth to argue, but Terrador silenced him and said, "Sparx, he's right. You may not be able to trust the Chronicler as much, but that does not mean you cannot see him." He turned to Spyro. "Do what you have to, Spyro. We will remain here for now."

Spyro nodded. "I plan on leaving soon, though I don't know exactly when," he said. "I might try to sleep before I make such a long journey, because I know the journey will take me at least two or more days to make it there. I won't be stopping along the way, which will most likely make me even more tired. Hopefully the Chronicler will show me an easier way back."

Terrador nodded. "I wish you the best of luck," he said. "I am sorry for what has happened to you, Spyro. Your pain is one I shall never be able to comprehend, though there are times I wish I could."

Spyro nodded back, and then left, only to hear Cyril's voice. "Do be careful, young Dragon," he said. "I sense there are dark times coming, and we must be prepared."

Spyro nodded, and left the room. Sparx followed him out, and the Dragonfly said, "What the heck do you think he was talking about?"

"I don't know," Spyro admitted. "The truth is, I don't know about many of the things going on right now. I wish I kept up on current events, but I don't. After Cynder's death…" His voice trailed off for a moment, but then he recovered himself. "After her death, I distanced myself from most of the world. Many are probably wondering where I am, or where Cynder is, and what's happened. Unless Terrador sent a message to Avalar and the other parts of the world, then they most likely don't know all that's happened."

Sparx shrugged. "I don't know," he said. "But I think you should sleep for the moment. I know you've slept for a while since all that's happened, but it's best to conserve your strength one last time before leaving. That journey's going to take a while."

Spyro nodded, and he went outside the Temple, to the balcony. Some memories flooded his mind, mostly events that happened on this balcony, some including Cynder. He sighed and lay down, wishing he could see her again. If she were here, he would be nuzzling her now, getting ready for sleep. But without her…he just didn't know.

He closed his eyes, hoping for peaceful sleep.

He saw the fortress again, on fire. It scared him so much. He wondered where Cynder was. He looked around for her, finding that he was once more on top of the fortress. He saw Zyla standing not far from him, laughing, though no sound was coming out. He hated the Pink Dragoness so much. He just wanted to rip her heart out!

But he stopped himself, knowing such thoughts could get him corrupted. He knew she had the ability to do so, having been given the training and power by Malefor to do so.

Spyro wouldn't be going down in this battle without a fight. He growled at Zyla, ready to slice into her. He lunged, only to be knocked down again. He tasted blood, and he felt Zyla's claws dig into his chest. He screamed, though once more, no sound came out.

Zyla's face came down in front of him, and he saw the burned half of her face. It was cracked, and it almost seemed like the cracks had bled recently. It was something that made Spyro almost a little sick. Zyla leaned in close, growling. Spyro knew it was the end for him.

Then he felt Zyla be knocked off him. Spyro got to his feet, noticing Sparx near him. He looked in front of him, seeing it was Cynder who had knocked Zyla off him. But he saw, in the heat of their battle, neither had seen the edge, and they both fell of it. Spyro hurried to the edge and looked down, hoping to find the two Dragonesses, only to find nothing but clouds and smoke. Tears came to his eyes at the loss of Cynder.

He heard a screech, the only sound that had come out of the dream, and then he saw Zyla and felt her claws tear through his chest. All went black…

…and Spyro woke with a gasp. He attempted to push back the tears that formed in his eyes, though it was no use, and he began sobbing. The thought of the loss of his mate was burned forever in his memory, and he believed he would never be able to see her again until he was dead, which he knew would be a long time…unless he killed himself.

Though he knew he would never do such a thing, as Cynder would not agree with such a decision. She would slap him if she knew such a thought had crept into his mind. Spyro understood the reason behind that, but the thought brought another memory to him.

In the Valley of Avalar one night, after being reunited with her, he'd woken to find that Cynder was not near him. He followed her out of the Cheetah Village to find her on a rocky ledge, holding a sharp rock in her injured front right paw—which had been injured as a result of his corrupted form's attack on her—and balancing on her uninjured front left paw. She had attempted to kill herself due to the pain she'd gone through in the recent days, but he'd been able to tell her there was no need, that he was there for her, and that he would never leave her. He'd succeeded, and they'd returned to the Cheetah Village to sleep through the rest of the night.

Spyro pushed the memory back and dried his tears. He knew it was time he left for the White Isle. He looked to Sparx, who was now awake, as well. The Dragonfly looked at him with concern, and Spyro couldn't blame him for that. "Sparx, I don't know if you should come with me," Spyro told him. "It's not that I don't want you with me. It's just…I don't know what I'm going to find when I go there."

"Spyro, I'm coming," Sparx said. "I know, you just told me you don't want me to, but you need a companion to get through this all. I'll do my best not to annoy you during that time, okay?"

Spyro nodded. He was still apprehensive about Sparx coming with him, but he decided there wasn't any point in arguing with him, as it wouldn't help him one bit. Spyro looked back at the Temple's doors, wishing to tell Terrador he was leaving. But he decided against it, knowing Terrador would know where he'd gone.

So Spyro turned around, looking up at the sky, seeing the golden light creeping through the dark clouds and cracking through the inky-blue sky. It reminded him of the morning he'd left for Warfang, where Terrador, the other Guardians, his and Sparx's parents, and the Moles known as Mole-Yair and Exhumor. Just before he'd left, Cynder had come out and hugged him good-bye. He wished for that to happen again, but he knew it wouldn't.

Tears formed once more, and he turned to Sparx. "You ready?" he asked. "Then let's go."

He opened his wings and jumped into the air. He soared off, knowing his way to the White Isle now. He'd studied maps to make sure he would know where to go if he ever had the need to go there again. Hopefully the Chronicler would be able to help him possibly. Though the Chronicler had helped the last time they'd met, he and Spyro had disagreed with one another. He'd told Spyro to leave Cynder behind at the Mountain of Malefor, to ride out the storm and live to fight another day. He heeded the latter words of the Chronicler, but he did not stay behind to allow Cynder to be corrupted by Malefor. His love for her then had been growing stronger by the moment. And at that time, he hadn't even known if she loved him back. If he wasn't so saddened by her death, he would smile at that fact.

Spyro sighed and looked to Sparx, who was close to him. Sparx smiled at him, and Spyro attempted to smile back, though it was impossible to do so at the moment.

As they left, the door leading into the Temple opened. Spyro and Sparx did not hear this, as they were already too far away. But when Terrador stepped out into the morning sunshine, he saw Spyro and smiled grimly. "May the Ancestors look after you."

Hours passed. Spyro noticed this by the sun's position in the sky. The sky wasn't darkening just yet, but the sun was beginning to sink in the western corner of the sky. Soon the Celestial Moons would appear. They had been the countdown for the Night of Eternal Darkness. Spyro remembered that night. He was going to the same location he'd been present at as the last few hours passed. Less than an hour had been left when he finally made it to the Well of Souls to save Cynder and stop Gaul.

He'd succeeded, but he'd killed Gaul cruelly in the corrupted form he called Dark Spyro. He remembered it was a term Cynder had come up with. He sighed as he remembered he'd caused much to happen in that dark form. He'd caused the Mountain to crumble around he, Cynder, and Sparx, only to save them with a Time Crystal. He'd also used such a form to nearly kill Cynder, though he'd been under Zyla's control at the time. He hated himself still for not being able to oppose the control.

If only Cynder were still here, Spyro thought. She would be able to understand me and prove me wrong. She did it the right way, and I should have just followed her. It's my fault that she's dead. I allowed Zyla to knock her out and attack me. If she'd stayed by my side…if I'd protected her from Zyla, we could be there at the Temple or in Avalar together. It's all my fault.

Exhaustion was beginning to settle over him, and his wings were starting to feel sore. He sighed, and looked far ahead of him, hoping to find something in front of him. And then he saw it.

The White Isle.

It was an island topped by white snow and dirt. Looking at it made Spyro wonder for some reason. He wondered what the Chronicler would tell him when he entered the Moon Temple.

Spyro looked to Sparx, who looked back at him and said nothing.

He landed on the snow-covered ground. His claws scratched against the ice underneath. Looking in front of him, he found a tunnel, which he hurried through. He saw the doors that led into the Moon Temple, and he hurried toward them. He remembered it hadn't been so easy the last time he'd arrived, but as he made his way toward it, the doors opened automatically, welcoming him as if he were a friend. He looked around, finding himself in a room with five doors, and in the middle was a basin resembling the Pool of Visions. He still remembered all the trials he'd gone through during that night, from confronting four Elemental Spirits to confronting his worst fear: Cynder under the corruption of Malefor.

The other four doors were closed, but the fifth was open. Spyro jumped and glided over the basin and landed on the other side. He walked inside, finding the familiar room full of books on the history of the Dragon Race, candles that smelled of honey and catmint, and another basin. Books lay scattered about on the floor and on shelves.

The door behind him closed, and Spyro turned to look back, wondering why they had closed at first. He heard claws clacking on the stone floor behind him, and a familiar voice reached his ears.

"Young Dragon," it said. "It's been quite some time since we last met one another."

But it was not the voice of the Chronicler that Spyro remembered. He turned round to find himself staring at his old mentor, Ignitus, the Fire Guardian Dragon, who had given his life to save Spyro and Cynder in the Belt of Fire. But now, his scales were no longer fiery-red; instead, they were a light shade of blue.

"Ignitus!" Spyro exclaimed. "You're the new Chronicler? But what happened to the old one?"

"He passed on, giving me his duties and various objects," Ignitus explained. "I expected you to come here, young one," he said. "I've been waiting for you for two weeks."

"How'd you know I'd come?"

"I thought you might want answers," Ignitus explained. He looked over Spyro's shoulder. "Hello, Sparx. It has been long since I last saw you, as well."

"Uh, hi," Sparx said, obviously feeling strange. "It's just really weird to see you here."

"Yes, that is understandable," Ignitus said. "I know you've both gone through much. Especially you, Spyro. The memory of Cynder's plunge off her fortress with Zyla is still fresh in your mind, I'm sure." At Spyro's mystified expression, Ignitus answered, "I record the histories of all the Dragons now, young one. It was unfortunate for me to record such a sad moment."

"I still haven't gotten over it," Spyro admitted. "She was my mate. I loved her with all my heart. Without her, I feel like I have nothing. I know there are others, such as Terrador, Volteer, Cyril, and Sparx, but Cynder meant something more to me."

"Yes, that is understandable. You are probably wondering whether or not Cynder has passed on. You are probably also wondering the same about Zyla, which is only normal. She caused you both much pain and trouble." Spyro nodded. "Well, Spyro, there is something I must show you first. I want you to follow me."

Ignitus turned around and began walking toward the other side of the Moon Temple. There was a door, which opened as soon as Ignitus came near it. Spyro and Sparx entered the room behind it, and they found parts of it were draped in cloth. Candles were lit all around. A bowl full of water was in the middle of the floor.

Spyro wondered what could be in the room that Ignitus wished to show him. And then he heard it.

The sweetest and most beautiful voice he'd ever heard.

"Ignitus, I think I'm fine for the moment. I don't really want anything," said a feminine voice. Spyro saw someone come out of the shadows. They looked up just as Spyro realized who it was, and amethyst met emerald as recognition crossed their faces.

It was Cynder.

There was no sign of an injury on her body, even despite the wounds caused by Zyla in their last battle. Her eyes seemed moist, as if she'd been crying, and Spyro couldn't blame her.

"Spyro," she said.

"Cynder," he said.

They ran to each other and embraced. They'd never believed they would ever meet one another again, but now they were together again.

"Oh my God, you're alive!" Spyro exclaimed. "I missed you so much!"

"I did, too," she replied. "It's so good to see you again! I wanted to see you again so badly!" Sparx flew to her and hugged her neck. Cynder looked down and smiled, gingerly placing her right paw on him. "It's good to see you, too, Sparx," she said.

"How is this possible?" Spyro asked her. "I saw you fall off the top of the fortress with Zyla. I thought for sure you were dead."

"I did, too," Cynder said. "The pain took me over, and I went unconscious just before I hit the sea. When I woke up, I was here, and Ignitus was standing over me."

Spyro turned to Ignitus. But before he could ask a question, Ignitus answered it for him.

"I found her on the beach, unconscious and injured," he said. "I took care of her while she was unconscious. She remained in that state until a week after. The only reason she remained here was for her injuries to heal."

"I wanted to fly back up after I fell, but Zyla broke both my wings," Cynder explained. "I'm so sorry. I should have returned to you so much sooner."

"It's not your fault," Spyro said. "I understand. But what about Zyla? What happened to her?"

"She's dead," Cynder answered. "I stuck my tail blade into her heart, and she broke into millions of pieces afterward. Another one of the Keys of Malefor are gone." She smiled and kissed Spyro. Then she resumed hugging him. "I almost thought I'd never see you again."

"I thought the same," Spyro told her. "It's all my fault. I should've been able to resist the corruption. If it wasn't for me—" Cynder silenced him with a kiss.

"You didn't make a mistake," she said. "It wasn't your fault. I have no lasting damage from that fight, so there's no need for you to worry."

"It's all good to see you two having been reunited," Ignitus said. "I think now is the time I talk to the both of you, however. And you as well, Sparx. Your journey is not over. There is still evil in the world, unfortunately. I've looked over the books to make sure, and I've come to the conclusion that Zyla, in fact, has a younger sister."

"A sister?" Cynder asked. "Wait, I remember she mentioned something about her sister during one of our fights, but I'm unable to remember the name she spoke. But she was serious about that? I was hoping she was just kidding."

"No, unfortunately. Her sister's name is very fitting for a follower of Malefor. Her name is Malyf. She is three years younger than Zyla. I believe you both are going to try to find the other Keys after you leave here, and I have reason to believe Malyf is one of them."

"That would make sense," Sparx said. Everyone looked at him. "Well, it does! If Zyla was a Key, then the fact her sister is one shouldn't come as much of a shock to you."

"True," Spyro said. "But where is Malyf?"

"Last I checked, she was near Warfang," Ignitus said. "She's planning something, I am sure. I believe she knows she's a Key, and she's hoping to use the last three Keys to possibly resurrect Malefor. There is no telling what the other two Keys are, however." He sighed. "Though not as dark as the war against Malefor, these moments are some of the darkest this world has seen." He looked at Spyro and Cynder again, as well as Sparx, and he said, "I believe you two deserve some time alone together now. I shall leave you both to it. Tomorrow, Cynder, you shall be allowed to leave. Both your wings have healed, as have the rest of your injuries."

Cynder nodded happily. Spyro did, as well. Despite what they'd been told about Malyf, Spyro was happy to have his mate back. She was the love of his life, and this time, he would never leave her again.

"Sleep well, the three of you," Ignitus said as he exited the room.

Cynder turned and walked toward a ring of lit candles. "It's the warmest spot in the room," she explained to Spyro and Sparx. She looked to Sparx. "Would you mind sleeping a little farther from us tonight, Sparx?"

"Sure," Sparx said. "I'm just happy to have you back, Cynder. It's been a long time since we last saw you. Yes, I know, it's only been two weeks, but it felt like an eternity."

"Trust me, I know," Cynder said. She lay down, and Spyro did the same, right next to her. She nuzzled him. "I'm so happy I can be with you again. I love you so much."

"I love you, too," Spyro said. "You're not leaving my sights again, Cynder. I'll keep you safe and take care of you. I promise you that."

Cynder smiled, and tears formed in her emerald eyes. She cried tears of joy as she hugged him. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Spyro returned the hug, and he kissed her forehead. "Without you, I'd have nothing to live for."

They fell asleep, embracing one another. Sparx fell asleep in the ring of lit candles, as well, not far from them. The three of them were happy they were together once more, and they believed nothing could break their bond ever again. Nothing.