Normal POV.

There was a small young boy with spiky salmon hair around the age of 7 whom always whore a scarf around his neck given to him by his father, Igneel. His no other than Natsu Dragneel, cheerful, childish, funny and full of life.

One day Natsu's father, Igneel, had been invited by the Heartfillia family to discuss something important about their companies and what we'll come of it in the near future. So Igneel decide to bring Natsu along with him because he knew that the Heartfillia family had a daughter who was the same age as Natsu and thought that they might play together which might lead to them both becoming closer together.

"Dad where are we going?" I said whiles looking at my father for his response "We're going to the Heartfillia Estate, to discuss business" he said whiles rubbing my head which it made it really.

"But Father what I'm I Suppose to do there?" I said begging my father to answer me.

"Ohhh Natsu, the Heartfillia Family have got a daughter the same age as you" He said smiling towards me.

"Yeah, we can play tag, hide and seek and play house together!" I said whiles getting up from my seat and jumping of pure happiness.

"Okay, Okay calm down Natsu, were nearly there" he said whiles buckling me back down on my seat.

We finally arrived at the Heartfillia Estate. It had a massive gate which was made out of gold, they also had a small little fountain in front of their huge house. After our butler opened the door to the Heartfillia's houses we were greeted by maids and butlers who were all very kind and beautiful.

"Welcome sir" the maids said whiles me and my father were directed towards the living room and were greeted by a blonde man with a moustache and a small beautiful young girl seating right next to him.

"Welcome to my home" The man said whiles standing up to shake my fathers hand. After my father and Mr Heartfillia shake hands he invited as to seat down at the couch with them.

"So Igneel, how's that little guy "Mr Heartfillia said whiles smiling towards me and i just returned the gesture. "This is my son, Natsu Dragneel"my father said.

"Oh thats great, now my Lucy can have a friend to play with!"He looks at his daughter whiles rubbing his daughters back reassuring her that we weren't bad people.

"Oh by the way this is my daughter, Lucy Heartfillia" he said. I took a quick glance over at the blonde haired girl. I got off the couch and walked towards trying to introduce myself.

"Hi, my names Natsu, whats your name?"I said smiling towards her. She seemed pretty nervous because she was fidgeting with her clothes. The sight of her being all nervous around me, made a chuckle a little so she wouldn't notice.

"I'm I'm Lucy, It Its nice to meet you Natsu" she stuttered a bit but she mange to introduce herself to me.

She reached out to shake my hand but I held it and kissed her hand like a true gentlemen would do. "Its nice meet you too Luce"She blushed when I kissed her hand and she seemed a little confused of why I called her that.

"Luce?"she said whiles looking confused at me. I giggled a bit at the face that she was making.

"Yeah, Its my nickname for you because were friends now, right?"I said a little worried of what she might say. What if said no or worse slap me I thought.

Lucy POV.

"Thanks Natsu and yes we can be friends"I said trying to reassure him Meanwhile, while me and Lucy were talking my Father and Lucy's Father were talking as well so I decide to ask permission if we are allowed to play outside, at their garden.

"Father can me and Lucy go outside and play?"I said trying to do my best expression of puppy eyes at him because my father couldn't resist them.

"Okay Natsu now take care of Lucy now, Okay!"my father said demandingly.

"Of course, your the one who thought me how to be a gentlemen"I told my father to reassure him of the situation.

My father and Lucy's father agreed and we made our way towards the garden. Meanwhile my father and Lucy's father were talking about business and the future of their company.

Igneel POV

"Hey Jude, I was thinking of placing my main headquarters into a different country, so I am able to earn billions, should I do it?"I said waiting for a response.

Jude POV.

"If moving away benefits your company then do it!" I said, taking a sip from his tea.

"Thank you Jude you always know what say" Igneel thanked to which I nodded in response before dropping my head, letting out a sigh of distress.

Natsu POV.

While me and Natsu were outside, we decide to play head and seek.

"97, 98, 99, 100, ready or not here I come"I was grinning because I've got a strong senses of smell and I felt confident that I would find Lucy, of that thought made me chuckle a little. While I was walking around the garden I spotted a small hint of blonde hair at the corner of my eye.

"Come out , Come out where every you are!"I chucked a bit while rubbing my hands together mischievously. I was walking towards the tree from behind, like a lion about to jump and eats its prey. While I was closing in to my target, I prepared myself to jump towards her.

"I gotcha you Lucy!" I jumped towards her to capture her into my tight embrace. After I caught her, we were on the grass laughing at each other. I quickly glanced at her to ask her a very important question.

"Hey Lucy, do you want to be best friends?" I asked enthusiastically, confident that she'd say yes. After a few moments of her thinking she finally said what I wanted her to say "I'd love to be your bestfriend Nastu" at that very moment I started to cry of tears of joy that I finally had a new friend. I ran towards her and hug her into my warm embrace. At first she was a bit shock of my actions but she returned it by hugging me back.

Jude POV.

Thought : I'm hoping that my daughter would fall in love with that Dragneel boy, so my company can and their company can finally join together and earn billions of jewels. Our company combined will be the most richest and successful company in the world.

Igneel POV.

"Hey Jude, I think me and my son should return home"I told him, walking towards the garden to get Natsu.

While I was walking towards the garden door, I saw a Nastu Hugging Lucy.

thought : I think Natsu and Lucy are actually getting closer to one other.

"Hey Natsu, we need to go home right away" I told him. After saying that, Natsu turned around and grinned at me.

"Wow Natsu, you seem to be close friends with Lucy?"I kneeled down patting me sons head.

Natsu POV.

"Yeah Dad, me and Lucy are bestfriends"I grinned at him proudly knowing that I made a new friend. I turned around to Lucy telling her that I am going home.

"Good bye Luce, See you later"I said to her. I ran towards her and hugged her tightly, before running back towards my father.

Lucy POV.

At the front door of the Heartfillia estate we were in the car about to drive away until I saw Lucy waving towards me. "Good bye Natsu, I'll see you soon" waving her hand back and forth and smiling at me.

Natsu POV.

"Bye Lucy, I'll see you soon"I rolled my window open and I waved my hands back forth saying goodbye towards her.

Natsu Thought :

At that very moment when I meet Lucy. I knew that we would be come close friends, we're we both could share secrets and enjoys each other's company. In a week I usually visit Lucy's house around 3 times a week maybe 4 if my Dad wasn't busy. At first when I meet Lucy we got a long well and became good friends, now we're best friends but right now I feel this strange feeling in my heart telling me that Lucy was the one. I eventually realised that I had feelings for Lucy Heartfellia. Am I in love?

A mouths later…

Natsu POV.

It was late at night when my father called me over to his office to talk about something important. As I approach his office I became really, really nervous seating like hell. As I arrived at the door i knock three times to let me father know that I am there.

"Father, may I come in?"I said after knocking on the door.

Igneel POV.

I was in my office, trying to think of what I should say to Natsu. I then heard a knock at my door. "Come in"I said while the door began to open. When I glanced over to the door I saw that it was my son, Natsu.

"Oh hi Natsu, come over here and seat down"He came over nervously and sat down on the comfy chair and I manage to see him seating.

"I'm here to discuss to you about my company and were its going to head in the future" my tone suddenly to a friendly to a serious tone, being serious of our discussion.

I took a deep breath and said the news to Nastu "Nastu we're moving away for the benefit of the company, it may be hard for you but we will return back when your older"I looked at him, he looked shocked and I could see sadness in his eyes.

Nastu POV.

"But why do we have to move away father?" I looked at him, confused and shock of the news that he just told me.

Igneel POV.

"It will benefit the company, I'm sorry son"I said to him. He looked like he was going to burst out in tears but he didn't he held it.

Nastu POV.

"Alright father I'll go but theres one condition"I told him I was about to cry of his discussion because i have to leave Lucy.

Igneel POV.

"And what condition might that be?" I looked at my son in confused of what the request he wanted.

Natsu POV.

"I want to go to Lucy's house and tell her that I'm leaving"I demanded trying hard to hide my blush into my scarf. Meanwhile my father just smirked at me.

Igneel POV.

"Natsu do you like Lucy?" I smirked at the thought of them both being together, living together and having kids. I glanced at him and saw he was trying to hide his blush from me, this just made me smirk even bigger.

Natsu POV.

"y-y-yeah"I stuttered, trying to hide my embarrassment so my Father wouldn't notice.

Igneel POV.

"Okay, well visit the Heartfillia Family for the last time okay"at that point. I quickly glanced at Nastu and saw him all excited of the thought of him visiting Lucy again.

The day Natsu visits Lucy.

Natsu POV.

I arrived at the front of the Heartfillia estate, knowing that this is my last chance to see Lucy again. With the in mind I brought red roses with me to give to Lucy.

"Hiya Luce, how've you been"I handed the roses to her which she gladly got.

"I'm fine Natsu and thank you for the roses, I love them!"she said whiles smiling at me.

Lucy POV.

"Hey Dad, can me and Natsu play upstairs in my room?" I looked at my Dad asking for permission but I knew he would say yes anyway.

Jude POV.

"Yes you may"my Dad said whiles me and Nastu started walking upstairs to my room.

Lucy POV.

"Natsu do you want to play house with me?" I asked him using my puppy dog eyes so he can't say no and just like that he did as I told him.

Natsu POV.

"Sure Luce but can I be the Husband and you can be the Wife"I blushed a bit at thought of me and Lucy being husband and wife. At that very moment Lucy agreed with my decision.

"Sure, What every you want Mr Dragneel" she said sarcastically.

We eventually started pretending to be Husband and Wife. At that moment while we were playing house I just smiled at the thought of me and Lucy enjoy each others company.


"Honey, breakfasts ready!"Lucy yelled whiles pretending to be cooking beacon, egg and toast over at a table.

"Alright, just give me 5 more minutes!"I demanded pretending to be half asleep on Lucy's bed. Suddenly my so called 'Wife' came over at the bed and 'pretend' to splash me with water, she handed me a 'pretend' towel to dry my face off.

"Alright I am up"I said whiles reaching for the skies to stretch my body.

"Good, now come downstairs and eat your breakfast before it gets cold!" She smiled at me whiles 'pretending' to walk downstairs. I soon began to follow her to our 'pretend' kitchen were I ate my so called 'Breakfast'.

After playing house with Lucy for an hour, I glanced at the clocked and I thought that I only had 30 minutes left until I leave Lucy. So told her that we had to have a little chat.

Natsu POV.

"Luce I've got something to tell you"I was a little nervous of what to say but I built up the courage to tell her.

"What is it Natsu?"She looked at me a little concerned of what I might say.

"I-I-I'm sorry to have to tell you this Luce but I-I have to move away and I won't come back for a very, very long time" I stuttered a bit, at that moment I looked down at my feet about to burst out in tears but suddenly I felt someone arms wrapped around my neck me, but I already know who it was, Lucy.

Lucy POV.

Whiles I was hugging Nastu he placed his head on my shoulder, I started to feel my t-shirt getting wetter and wetter and I now why.

"I know its hard Natsu, Its also hard for me too seeing my bestfreind leaving me and not returning for a very,very long time "I started to crying because he, my bestfriend is going to leave me. Natsu then looked at me, putting his thumb on my cheeks whipping the tears away.

Natsu POV.

I got both of hands and placed them both on Lucy's shoulder and pulled her back a bit, so I was able to stare at those gorgeous brown eyes and saw deep within I saw concern and worry of what will happen if us begin separated from each other.

"Hey Luce, you know we played house together. You know that your were the wife and I was the husband. I hope that someday that it can come true" I blushed. I was a bit shocked of what I manage to blurt out which lead me to turn a hint of pink. But I didn't care cause at that moment I thought that I would spend the rest of my life my Lucy because I've I loved her every since I meet her.

I moved closer towards her ear to whisper something in her ear. At the moment when my lips grazed her ear she flinched a bit of what I might say.

"Lucy, promise me that when I return, we could get married?" I pulled back and stared back towards those big chocolate brown eyes waiting for a response.

Natsu Thought.

I felt kind of scared of what Lucy might say? Will she slap me and walk away? No! No! Your such an idiot Natsu of course Lucy wouldn't do that! Why am I such as fool I question myself?

Lucy POV.

As those words came out from his mouth it made my heart feel warm, it made me feel safe when I was close when ever I was with him and I blushed as the thought of Natsu and I as a married couple.

"Yes Natsu, I will marry you when you return!" I tackled him to the floor. Tears of joy started pouring down my check, feeling that somebody actually loved me except for my mother on the other hand my father never cared about me, he only cares about is money and the company and that's it.

"But when you return we have to go on lots of dates so we can catch up"I said smiling wildly towards him. I loved the thought of me and Natsu going dates. I giggled at the thought of that.

After I told him that I would marry him someday, he wrapped his scarf around my neck that he treasured the most and tucked in Nicely fitting Coseley around my neck. At first I was a little confused and shocked of what Natsu has just given me. He has given me his scarf the only item that he treasured and adored the most in the entire world and yet he give it to me. But why?

Natsu POV.

As I wrapped my scarf around Lucy's neck she seemed pretty of what I was doing. Of course your going to be shocked because I never given my scarf to anyone before not even my father.

"Lucy, I want you to have my scarf. Make sure you treasure it like I do"

"I will Natsu but why Natsu?" I seemed a little confused while looking towards his way while I see him smiling right back at me trying to cheer me up.

"It's just something that would remind you of me when I'm gone, so you wouldn't forget about me" I said while I ran towards her, whiles hugging her in a tight embrace. As hugged Lucy I moved me hands at her hair, I could feel the softness of Lucy's hair as I stroke her every single inch of her blonde locks.

Igneel POV.

"NATSU! We need to return home and pack before we leave. You've got 5-10 minutes left until we go home" as my father just told me that I only had 5-10 minutes with Lucy, made my heart Ache even more than before.

Natsu POV.

"Lucy, I have to go now. It's alright, I'll be seeing you soon enough" I said smiling back at her whiles I started walking towards the door. I felt so lose and heartbroken of me leaving my fiancée.

Lucy POV.

"No! No! No! Please don't leave me all alone" I sobbed of him leaving and not coming back for a few years. As I started to cry the door began to open again and I saw a pink haired man standing at the door with tears coming from his eyes then He burst out crying even more when he she's Lucy even more depress that ever. So I came at her and finally gave her one last huge which I filled with warmth and security. As he pulled away he got his infect finger and lifted my chin so I could she her chocolate brown eyes, after a few moments of awkward silence I leaned in yet at the same time she leaned as well. As our lips meet I filled it with lots of love and dire but it was only a peeked that an actual kiss. Yet I consider that my first kiss.

As I was at the door I saw Natsu enter the limo with his father. When the began to travel down to the gate, he rolled Down the window cover and potted his head out.

"I love you Lucy and I alway will. Don't you forget that" he smiled towards me with his signature toothy grinned.

"I love you too Natsu!"I just waved back at him whiles smiling good luck for the near future. Placing the scarf on my Neck tightly so I wouldn't miss Natsu because his scent is right her on this scarf. So I wouldn't be sad without him because I have his scarf.

To be continued…

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Hi my name is Lucy Heartfillia I'm a student who studies at fairy high. I am currently 17 years old which means 10 years has past since Natsu left and yet he still hasn't come back...