Chapter 1 prolog

5 billion years ago

The last of the emerald clan (the quen and a knight) were at there last base. It had become a battleground. There enemy (the last three of the Diamond clan) had come and slotered the rest of there army. The knight was taking the queen to the ascape pod. Come on we have to get you to the escape pod. What about you. I'll hold them off. No it's me they want you must go. No you're going to get in that escape pod. Fine. They had just got to the escape pod when the Diamond showed up. They had poofed the other two. Get in ill set it up. He set it for the farthest planet away that he could. She mouthed thank you and then it flew away. He terd around and saw her. Yellow diamond. He drew his sword and charged. She took a sword and easily knocked him down. Then he knew he was dead. At least the queen got away he thought to himself. Then he saw that she was bringing the sword down on him. Goodbye he said just before she stabbed him right though his gem.

Present day. Chad woke up from his dream. Then he wisperd to himself. What. The. Heck

A/N this is the first chapter of a wand, sword and a gem

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