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Later that day

Chad was still wondering about his dream. He had no idea that it was real and happened 5 billion years ago. He just finished the last of his school work (he was homeschooled) and decided that he would go exploring today because... Why not? So he told his dad and set off.

He said he would be back in about 6 hours. Then he released that he forgot to pack. So he went back to pack. Now he is off. 1 hour in... He stopped to take a break. Then after 2 hours he found a clering in the forist that had a strang blue... Pad thing. he started to walk toward it when he tripped on a branch that was on the ground. He fell right on the pad thing. He lay down on it and wished that he was somewhere else. When all the sudden he saw a glow it looked like it was on his face. He looked under his shirt and saw he SAW! nothing. Not a thing. When all the sudden he was wushed away in a flash of light.

He stood up "where the flip am I" were the first words out of his mouth

"I prefer regular Steven" garnet said while handing Steven his ukulele "my ukulele" said Steven

(He sings and stuff)

"Now let's go home" garnet said walking towards the warp pad.

She saw Chad standing on the warp pad

"No" she yelled "this isn't In any of them" Steven then said "um… Garnet are you ok"

"IM….. F-I-N-E.. Ah" she yelled. She then jumped on the warp pad and warped away.

Is garnet ok. Said Steven slowly.

Chad looked as the tall person just… Disappeared. He then backed up… And tripped on the pad and disappeared.

A/N hello this is chapter two and let me tell I'm not good at writing stuff so... I REGRET NOTHING!

There you go. A little ooc garnet. And garnet saying that "this isn't in any of them" is referring to the fact that he is somehow not in any of her future vision things. By