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"Sooo what's this whole blood..bloor..eterna thingy about?" Wow that's harder to say than I expected. Again, if possible, his grin doubles in size. Yep I think I've got an idea about what this thing is all about. Don't get me wrong I love a good booty call as much as the next lonely woman but I'm getting the vibe that he doesn't want a one night stand kind of thing. A.k.a my kind of thing.

To answer your questions, no I'm not a virgin. My cherry was popped way way back I'm talking high school. Who? The only other person apart from my Dad I keep I contact with from the ye olde town of Forks. My childhood best friend Jacob Black or Jacobo as I lovely nicknamed him. Jake and I have known each other since birth being born a month apart. Typical really, our fathers were old friends so over the summer we hung out everyday together. Eventually as we got older and even more pumped full of hormones we decided that instead of ruining our friendship we'd use each other as a way to rid ourselves of our teenage horniness, we would do this by going at it (to put it politely) like rabbits.

Of course our fathers found out and immediately asummed that we were in a secret relationship, so not the case. You would think that we would just come out and tell them right? But no, we thought of the bright idea to pretend to be together. Now that I look back I wonder how fucking stupid we were. Although can you imagine trying to tell the chief of police that his one and only little girl was getting it on (again to put it simply) like a bitch in heat? So you see our predicament, that's why for the last year at school we played the golden couple. It was a nice change at first no more seeking around to see him. Sadly though like all good things it had to come to an end.

I wanted to fly the 'as interesting as watching paint dry nest' but Jake being Jake wanted to carry on the charade and the thrilling role of Forks' answer to Brangelia. However after some...well I guess you can call it womanly persuasion he agree that we would go back to being just Jacobo and Hell Bells. And now back to the matter at hand.

"Well my beautiful angel it loosely translates to blood forever it means to share my venom with you for the first time and is the start of our enteral lives together. " Ok, so that just got heavy. I don't know if I can do forever buddy.

He seems to want to start this 'bond' now as he begins to gently stroke his long snow white fingers along my jean clad leg. I can see where this is going. I want so much to remove those mischievous fingers of his but my body doesn't seem to agree. They seem to be getting more daring by the second and are traveling higher and higher up my thigh. Yep this is definitely not a good idea.

I figit on his lap and hear his breath hitch as I wiggle against him. Uh oh! I go to stand and he seems to sense this as he grabs my waist with both arms and securely places me against his rock hard chest. I loosen his grip on me by quickly whipping out one of my arms and giving his devilish fingers a hard smack, although to him it probably feels like a bug had just landed on him.

I can almost sense the arrogant smirk on his sculpted face. "If you continue to hit me dearest I fear that you will only injure yourself and this may be a wild guess but I assume hurting yourself is not your intended target." Urgh! Can he be more of a stuck up snob (I sincerely hope not).

I don't reply, too pissed off to think of a witty equally bitchy response at the moment. His infuriating fingers return to their work, this time though oh so slowly they slip under the hem of my thin t-shirt then without out warning draw feather soft patterns on my skin. As much as it pains me to say it , it feels heavenly. I can't let this continue any further. I then also return to my previous job of escaping this situation. Swinging about I throw my now free arms around trying to rid myself of the protective cage he created around me with his muscular arms.

My not so eloquintly put together plan is demolished swiftly as he simply places his unbreakable arm tightly across my torso halting my feeble attempts at freedom instantly. He seems to sense each move I make before I can even decide on it. One thing im certain about I've underestimated him for sure.

Edward POV

I Know the longer I am held up from claiming my kitten the more intense the need to have her will increase. Her constant twitching and jerks are doing nothing to stop the growing situation around my crotch. I've never had a more delightful feeling than my angel's full behind pressed into my lap. I didn't have a chance to admire it at first but now I know I will never be able to keep my hands off of it again. It's mine. No other man will EVER be able to even glance at my Bella's plum ass again without facing my wrath, human, mutt or vampire.

My hands move of their own accord under her worn shirt, as soon as they touch her smooth, soft, supple skin I can't control the thrust of my crotch against her back. Warmth just emanates from her curvy body. She doesn't have a completely flat toned stomach like some ridiculous photoshopped swimwear model, she's real, my angel has curves to die for (no pun intended). Bella has one or two small rolls along her abdomen which I'm not afraid to admit turns me on more than I would expect. What can I say? I like a woman with a healthy appetite and is not scared to eat whatever she feels like which I will be more that happy to supply her with. When my wondering hands discover her hips, again like the animal that I am a huge growl sounds out. Freezing my mate right where she sits.

For the first time in my undead life I'm indecisive. I can't say which smell I adore more: her overall scent which drives me crazy already or the indescribable scent of her arousal. It hit me like a ton of bricks but with only pleasure no pain. Although as a vampire I believe that I would still face no pain. Yes, her arousal wins I don't think a single thing in this world can top it.

It's as if it's an biological reaction an unstoppable string of contented purrs spill from my lips. To my great joy this only adds to her arousal making the air thick with her delicious scent. If it were possible I know I would die (again) if I had to go without tasting it from the source.

She's tiny at only 5'1 or 5'2 but I wouldn't have her any other way, she's just easier to wrap up in my arms and keep her protected from the outside world. Although I would like to introduce my love to my family I can't shake the feeling of just running away, keeping her all to myself not having to share her with anybody. In the short time I have spent with Bella I now understand the thoughts of my entire family more clearly, throughout all of their days no matter what they're doing some part of their minds will always be on their mates. It doesn't matter how small, how insignificant something is if it involves your mate is becomes the centre of your focus.

Our bond began to develop as soon as I held her at the bar, my whole body on fire just from her touch. It depends on each pair of mates how the bond develops: for some as time goes on you are able to be separate from each with less stress however it will most definitely still be there, for others as their love grows they find it increasingly difficult to be parted and the pain of being apart will only multiply as the years go by.

In one extreme rare case it wad said that after being together for so long that the mates couldn't even go without touching for less than five minutes before an excruciating torture would begin. That being said there is only one mated pair who supposedly reached this stage although according to the Volturi there are no longer any vampires alive who knew of the pair and all that's left is the tale of their bond. They were said to also each have unbelievable powers which then developed to them sharing making them unstoppable, if this were the case then one would assume they'd be un able to be killed by another vampire, no?

No couple in our coven shares this kind of bond though as all my 'father' and both my 'brothers' knew to change their mates into one of us so there is less chance of them being hurt although there is still discomfort. After each mating for almost a century or more they are able to just about go a day and a half of not seeing each other with slight anxiety (and couple of phone calls)before the suffering sets in and they have to see their mates. In this moment I'm still not certain about Bella and I' s type of bond, my fiery princess seems to be used to fending for herself so I'm sure having me around to do it for her will be a shock.

I casually drag my hands up and down her stomach causing her to shudder. Although my hands may seem cold to begin with after we mate her body will change to become in tune with my temperature so I feel warm to her but freezing to any other but all other vampires will still be ice cold to her. Not that my Bella will be touching anyone other than me.

My touch snaps her out of her trance and I can tell by her body language she is building up her walls again and will try to free herself. Oh my silly little beauty, you can't escape me not matter how hard you try.

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