We see 2 baby's with tails crying and we hear two guys talking

"Did you hear Pargus son was born with a power level of 10,000.10,000!" said one guy "Yeah. Makes Bardock's son look like a is he a 2." said the other. "Yeah i think so, but he is a feisty one alright listen him wail, thats the spirit" said the first guy. "Look he is making pargus son cry." said the second guy "hahaha" they laughed.

They left the 2 babies alone kakarot then notices he wasn't the only one crying he then looked out of his capsule to see broly crying. Feeling bad for Broly he starts to make funny faces to which broly looks up to see. Then for the first time every Broly laughed.

Elsewhere in the castle

King vegeta shouts "No more discussions I want his son executed immediately. Ah paragus i didn't call for you." Paragus enters the throne room walking to king vegeta slowly but with great concern for his son and said "Sire he can be a great help to prince Vegeta", but is stopped from getting further by a royal guard. Pargus then says "And our planet. Please Vegeta he just a could grow up to be a great warrior. King Vegeta then says " That's exactly what I'm worried about." Pargus shouts "NNooo" King Vegeta says "Now you die with him." King Vegeta the shoots pargus in the gut blasting him out of the guards' hands and him laying on the floor.

We see Broly and kakarot asleep from laughing and making faces. We see what looks like King Vegeta's shadow enter the room and grabs broly from his capsule and stabs broly in the chest. King Vegeta then takes broly's assumed dead corpse out side in a dump looking area where Broly's presumed dead farther was at.

We see Planet Vegeta getting attacked by frezia Death Ball at the same time we see Broly awaking and started crying until he turned into a super sayian which surprised paragus as broly grabbed him by his hand and started floating off of Planet Vegeta. We see Planet Vegeta being destroyed and a green looking orb leaving it this green orb is Broly and his father leaving planet vegeta saving both Broly and Pargus life.