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Three weeks. It had been three weeks since the folder had been left on Eliot's doorstep. The team hadn't done much since then. Nate had given them some time off so Eliot and Avery could work through some things. And they had. Avery was still upset and, even more, disappointed about what her dad used to do. However, she was slowly beginning to understand why her father did what he did. She by no means agreed with it or believed it was right, but she understood.

Avery sighs and looks around the room filled with desks and busy officers. They had come to the police station for a field trip. They were Juniors in high school and the teachers wanted to give them a basis of some common jobs. One of them was Law Enforcement, so here they were.

Truth was, Avery had no clue what kind of career she wanted. She never really thought about it; she always just assumed she'd get a job and help take care of her mom. Now, she just wanted to be part of the Leverage team. At least they were able to get the bad guys the cops lawfully couldn't. Avery sighs and looks up at the cop giving the tour and rolls her eyes at his obnoxious joke. He was trying way too hard.

"Spencer!" Avery's head shoots up with her eyes widening slightly. She looks around and covers the smirk threatening to appear at seeing Detective Bannano standing in the doorway of his office. Bannano nods his head towards the inside of his office and walks inside.

Avery furrows her eyebrows and looks over at her teacher. She's giving Avery a curious look and Avery just grins and shrugs her shoulders as she lifts her hands up. Avery walks away from the group and into Bannano's office and shuts the door behind her. Bannano waves a hand at a couple of chairs in front of his desk and Avery takes a seat in one of them. He hands her a folder and Avery takes it with a raised eyebrow.

"What's this?" Avery asks just before she opens it and browses through it.

"A woman had come into my office wanting to press charges on this guy. After looking into it I found I couldn't do anything. He didn't do anything illegal, just massively immoral," Bannano explains with a sigh and a shake of his head. "I was hoping Ford and the team would be able to help her."

"I'm sure they will," Avery replies with a nod of the head. She closes the folder and slide it into her bag before standing up. Bannano sighs in relief and stands up himself. He follows Avery to the door and opens it for her.

"See ya around detective," Avery says with a smirk before walking out and joining her class.


Eliot and Avery climb out of the truck and walk up to their house. They had just finished the job they got from Bannano. Surprisingly, it went smooth and relatively simple. As they walk to the stairs, Eliot notices large footprints in the snow; fresh footprints.

"Stay here," Eliot orders Avery before following the trail. Avery scowls as she watches her dad leave. She looks on the ground and notices the footprints as well. Her scowl deepens and she quickly and quietly follows after her dad.

Eliot creep down the side of the house and peers around the corner to the back porch. He furrows his eyebrows and sighs before standing up and walking around the corner. He walks up to the porch and stares at the curly, blond haired man lounging in one of the chairs. The man looks over and sees Eliot and sends him a smirk before sitting up.

"About time you showed up," Quinn says and his eyes dart next to Eliot when Avery walks over. "There's your better half."

"I told you to stay put," Eliot says with a sigh of frustration. Avery scowls at him and then looks up at Quinn.

"What's Quinn doing here?" Avery asks with furrowed eyebrows Eliot opens his mouth to say something but Quinn speaks before Eliot can say anything.

"Found some information I thought you'd want to know," Quinn say and stands up Avery and Eliot watch as Quinn walks down the stairs and over to meet them.

"What kind of information?" Eliot asks as his eyebrows pinch together.

"The kind that deals with a certain folder," Quinn replies with a smug look. Avery's eyes widen and she looks over at her dad. Eliot's jaw clenches and his look darkens but doesn't show any other emotion.

"Well…?" Eliot asks with impatience lacing his tone. Quinn chuckles and grins before relenting.

"John Masterson. Used to work for Moreau, and it seems he still does," Quinn explains. Eliot scowls. The name sounded familiar but he never met the guy. Eliot was the muscle and he didn't meet too many of the guys higher up.

"How do you know this?" Eliot asks and fixes Quinn with a look.

"Cause he offered me a job," Quinn says and the smile disintegrates a large amount.

"What kind of job?" Avery asks with dread filling her stomach.

"What kind of job?" Eliot asks at the same time. His senses are on high alert and his instincts kick in.

"To kill you," Quinn says as he looks at Eliot. Avery's eyes widen and Eliot's body tenses up for a fight before taking a step in front of Avery. Not that it would do much good; Quinn had no problem using guns like he did. "Turned it down though. Told him I already had a job I was hired for."

"What's that?" Avery asks as she steps to the side to see Quinn better. Eliot scowls and Quinn shrugs his shoulders.

"I'm sure one will turn up," he says with a smirk.

"Why?" Eliot asks with a furrowed brow.

"If he has the balls to go after you, he'll go after any one of us," Quinn says with a scowl on his face. "When the time comes and you guys go after him, I want in."

"Deal," Eliot agrees with a nod of his head. Quinn nods his head and walks past them.

"See ya kid," Quinn says to Avery with a smirk before walking to the front of the house.

"Now what?" Avery asks, turning to look at Eliot.

"We find Nate," Eliot says and he leads Avery back out to the truck. They didn't know what they were going to do but they knew they needed to take the fight to Masterson.

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