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An Arranged Life

Chapter 1

The Contract

"So, may we set the terms of the marriage contract?" Stoick the Vast asked King Agdar and Queen Idun of Arendelle.

"We may, but first, what do you wish to gain in this contract?" The King replied.

"We want to set up trade routes and have an alliance with your kingdom, which will provide protection from larger aggressive southern nations who may want to invade us." Stoick said to the King as he stroked his beard.

"I see, but what do we have to gain from such a small island if we agree to these terms?"

"We are Vikings, we are known for being fierce warriors and this will continue if we become allies, we will protect ye from the North if ye protect us from the South. And if a foreign power moves against ye, we will be at yer side." Stoick said with confidence, he then looked at Valka who was holding their one-year-old son Hiccup in her arms.

The King of Arendelle did the same as he looked at his daughter Elsa who had a one-year advantage on Hiccup and she was crawling on the rug in front of their throne seats. She looked happy as she did not know what was going on or how her future was being written for her.

As Stoick looked at Hiccup his mind drifted back to how he and King Agdar met. It was a chance encounter that the two met on the same island, he was exploring islands to plunder and Agdar was seeing if the island could be colonized. Those were very tense moments indeed when the two parties met, crossbows cocked and swords pointed. It was Agdar who convinced him to lower his sword and be 'civil' as he called it. They introduced themselves and Agdar showed him a map pointing to where his kingdom laid. Once he saw the size of the king's land, he instantly saw a chance to better his people with a possible trade route to Arendelle.

He proposed giving his son as a token of friendship to King Agdar for his daughter to marry. Personally, he doesn't know why the king accepted his offer, the man must have had other rulers offer their sons, who were more affluent and powerful. Maybe the King saw something in himself that he did not see, whatever the underlying factor was he did not care at the moment.

He could still remember the look on Valka's face when he told her of the deal.

"Valka, yer won't believe what I just did for Berk. This will secure our village for the foreseeable future." He said with an almost giddiness tone.

"Wow, slow down. What do you think you did, that was so amazing for Berk?" Valka responded with an exhaustive sigh, having just put Hiccup to sleep. Her baby boy was only a few feet away in a still rocking bed, softly snoring to the sound of the wind lapping against their home.

"Yer know how I and a few others had gone out to see if there were any new islands to scavenge from?" He asked.

"Yes, of course. You look forward to this every few months." She said hoping he would get to the point, she was tired and hungry. Raising a growing boy and minding a village were two massive energy consumers. Well, one at least knew not to disturb her while the other literally drank the energy out of her.

"Well, this time I found a large island full of timber and rare resources, but what I found on the southern tip of the island was even rarer. There were foreigners from a region that I never knew existed. Apparently, their kingdom is called Arendull or something along those lines."

Valka looked interested, to say the least, sure there were sightings of foreign ships in their waters, but never a face to face.

"And you two just came together and talked? That is very peaceful considering it is you." She joked playfully.

Stoick looked embarrassed, which told her that it wasn't as peaceful as she once thought.

"Actually, we almost killed one another. If it wasn't for their king, we would have lost a few men. Their weapons looked more powerful, but still had a smaller form than ours. Perhaps we can work together to expand our territory." He whispered the last part to himself.

"What was that?" Valka asked suspiciously.

"We worked out a contract binding our two lands together. And found Hiccup his future wife." He said quickly, putting on his best smile for his wife. He knew giving a mother's child away to a kingdom he had never seen was never a good call, but he couldn't help himself. The thought of gaining so much including riches, lands, and titles and only had to sign his child's life away seemed selfish, but the needs of the village come first. And this contract will make Berk into the kingdom it deserves to be.

But now that he saw his wife trembling with what he could see was anger, he was beginning to regret his decision. Perhaps King Agdar was about to be berated too by his wife Idun. A short chuckle left his lips at the thought of two powerful men being yelled at by their small wives. Now he saw Valka's right-hand clench into a fist, but he did not see how she cocked it back and sent it flying and connecting to just under his chin. Causing him to fall flat on his back, his senses were just coming back to him as he saw her leap onto him and start to choke the air out of his lungs. Thankfully being so large had its advantages and he just rolled over and dislodged her with ease. After many dishes flew into the wall behind him, continuous shouting for many minutes, and putting Hiccup back to sleep. Valka had calmed down to the point where she had begrudgingly accepted the idea of the contract. She also demanded to be brought along that way she could see this couple face to face to see if they were as good as Stoick made them be.

Stoick smiled at his victory, though he had to sleep on the ground downstairs for the entire week, his back hurt more than usual.

He chuckled to himself thinking back to that night, Valka nearly broke his jaw with that punch. Valka was smaller than him, but she had a mean right hook. After a week of sleeping on the ground, a letter arrived asking him to come to Arendelle to sign the contract. All he needed to do now was to exterminate the dragons which would make his island and the sea peaceful. He also needed to make sure none of his neighbors ruined this deal with his new affluent ally. Stoick was brought out of his memories by the sound of King Agdar's soft voice.

"Chief Stoick, where did you get that bruise? If you don't mind me asking." King Agdar asked in a whispered tone.

Stoick smiled and whispered back. "From my wife, when I told her about the contract. Did yer wife hit ye too? Though I don't see any bruises on ye."

"Oh, she hit me alright, well it was more of a kick than a punch," Agdar said then smiled back.

Stoick flinched a little at the thought of receiving a kick of that magnitude. He was once again brought out of his thoughts when he heard Agdar's voice, this time directed at his own wife instead of him.

"Dear, what do you think?" Agdar asked Idun who was being rather quiet about what they were planning for their children.

"I am sure that Hiccup will become a nice man who will treat my daughter right, I just hope that our children will forgive us for dictating how they will live from now on." The queen responded solemnly.

"Aye, do not worry about that, I will teach him to be a true gentleman and he will treat your daughter as if she were a goddess. In regards to the life dictation, they will be told of the contract when they each turn eighteen years of age respectively. Best they become friends first." Valka responded smiling at the queen, then moved to set her son down into a handcrafted wooden crib, a gift from the royal couple.

Gothi who came with the Viking couple moved out of the shadows and toward the crib containing the future Chief of Berk.

"May I introduce Gothi; she is our doctor and can predict the future regarding our children. Do you wish for a reading?" Valka asked the King and Queen

The royal couple looked skeptical but did not wish to insult their guests. "Certainly, you may proceed when ready."

Gothi laid a leather mat on the floor and dumped sand on it. She then looked down at Hiccup and took a hold of him, looking at him and inspecting his body. She returned him to the softness of the crib, where he giggled from the attention. Gothi grabbed her staff and then began to write in the sand.

Stoick peered over and read aloud what she was writing.

"She says Hiccup will be a strong warrior, though in his early life he will be rejected by all but a few. He will be slow in becoming the man he will be, but in return, he will be a genius of his time and bring a peace not seen on the Isle of Berk in many moons." Stoick finished then looked confused for a moment, "Well I wasn't expecting that kind of prediction, but I will take it with caution."

Gothi moved to take a hold of Elsa before she did she looked to Agdar and Idun, they nodded their consent. She softly took a hold of her and did the same as she did for Hiccup, but instead of placing her back down on the rugs, she placed Elsa on her rear in front of Hiccup in the crib. She smoothed out the sand and began writing her prediction.

"She says Elsa will become a beautiful princess and a capable queen, she will be intelligent and wise for her age but will contain a power no man has ever possessed. With love, she will be able to conquer her fears and become the woman she is meant to be."

This time it was the Queen who spoke first. "A power no man has ever possessed? That most certainly sounds interesting." She said in a hushed voice. "How accurately has she been in the past?"

"In all my years he has never once gotten a prediction wrong, she correctly predicted when I would become Chief, even down to which day of the week I would be coronated," Stoick responded. "I know ye may not believe in predictions, but Gothi can be trusted not to tell anyone about what was said here tonight."

"Thank you for your secrecy." The King responded.

"When will the children be able to see each other?" Valka asked while sitting down in her seat opposite of the queen.

The couples took a minute to think this over. "I propose that every three years or so, Hiccup visits your kingdom to see Elsa. In that time of about a month or so, he will maintain his friendship with yer daughter; all the while yer advisors and servants teach him all the things we don't have knowledge of. The Isle of Berk does not have many books or even a library. I wish my boy to become smart through learning in an appropriate atmosphere." Stoick said in a calm tone.

"That sounds suitable and I take it while he is at home he will be taught by you to become a warrior and a chief?" The King asked

"Aye, he will. Do not worry about that. But I must ask that Elsa remain in her own Kingdom, for we do not have the best conditions to offer for a royal princess." The Viking Chief asked hesitantly.

"I understand where you are coming from, and will not take offense from it. But I suggest she does come over when they are told of the contract so they can become a true couple and maintain their relationship."

"I can agree to that." The Chief said with mild enthusiasm. He then stood and walked over to the children in the crib. Soon the rest of the adults gathered around and were looking down at the future couple.

"Chief Stoick I have read reports and heard a few things from your neighbors that trouble me. I hope you will be able to alleviate my concerns." Agdar said in a cautious tone.

Stoick raised an eyebrow. "And what are yer concerns?"

"My advisors have told me that you are actively battling dragons, a war that has gone on for hundreds of years and claimed hundreds of Vikings, is this true and if it is I am concerned for your heir's safety."

Stoick felt anger, embarrassment, and guilt at being found out. He desperately wanted to hide this from Agdar. But now he had to come clean and hope it was enough to keep this deal alive.

"All of what ye were told is true, we Vikings have been in a war against dragons for centuries, and we have lost many brave men, women, and children. I promise that by the time Elsa reaches adulthood, the dragon threat will have been dealt with. I will also promise that if you go ahead with this contract yer daughter and her future kingdom will be loved by all especially my son. That I will promise you King Agdar and Queen Idun, love, the most powerful answer in the world." He replied with conviction and bravery.

King Agdar was stunned, but also amazed at how Stoick handled himself, he thought Stoick might have tried to brush this under the rug, but he was wrong and he was glad to be wrong. That statement had confirmed to himself that Stoick was a man to listen to and believe in to keep his promises. He would make a powerful ally if Weselton or the Southern Isles ever made a move against his kingdom. Seperately they were manageable but together they were a force to be concerned about. The contract would alleviate the search for additional allies. "Good, all we need is to…" He started but got cut off.

"Actually, there is one more thing we must address." Queen Idun stated. "And that is?" Her husband asked.

"When will the two be married and when must they have children?" She asked

"Aye, I believe they should be marri-. " Stoick started but was interrupted by his wife.

"Stoick, we have already dictated so much of their life already, I believe we should let the children decide. We shouldn't force them to marry if they are not ready and the same goes for their children. When they feel the time is right, they will begin that part of their lives." Valka said with a gentle voice.

"I understand where yer is coming from Valka but remember we don't live that long and the longer they wait to have children the more likely something might happen to Hiccup to prevent him from doing his fatherly duty." Stoick gently retorted.

"That is why I suggest they marry by the age of twenty-three and have children by twenty-six. Enough time to settle into their new lives together and get acquainted with their new roles as King and Queen of both Arendelle and Berk in case something has happened to all of us."

Valka looked at her husband and slowly processed what he said and then nodded her head at his idea.

The royal couple silently nodded their heads to this plan.

"Any more questions?" Valka asked. No one spoke.

"May we sign the contract then?" Valka asked.

"We may let us begin." Adgar responded.

A royal inscriber entered the room and set upon writing out the contract including the terms and when the visits would occur among other things. Once all was said and done all was needed was the signatures and the stamp of authenticity.

Each member of the room wrote down their signature including the inscriber and Gothi as witnesses. The royal wax was heated up and a stamp was lowered into it coating the stamp, which was then pressed into the bottom of the contract, declaring it official. The Royal couples exchanged handshakes and drinks were passed out to celebrate the signing.

Gothi who had remained in the corner after the signing went over to retrieve her sand and mat. But before she did she looked at Queen Idun's stomach. The Queen herself caught Gothi's gaze and asked what the matter was. Gothi smoothed out the sand once again and began to write. This time, it was Valka who came over to read the prediction.

"Gothi says your second daughter will be as beautiful as Elsa and will be kind beyond all measure, as she holds the key to helping Elsa through her tribulations."

Idun looked at Gothi with a look of disbelief, "But I am not pregnant, at least I don't think I am." She stated as she touched her stomach.

Gothi merely smiled then took her belongings and left the room, leaving the royal couples to ponder the cryptic prediction they had just been given.

After a moment of awkward silence, Valka and Stoick bid their farewells and left for their homeland. The King and Queen were left to ponder their thoughts.

"I hope we have not made a mistake, they truly seem like a nice couple, but that may change with the passage of time." Idun hinted.

Adgar looked at his wife and kissed her; he got up from his seat and looked down at his daughter as she started to play with his shoes. He picked her up and sat down beside his wife. "I believe we have made the right decision, the only thing we have to worry about is this special power that Gothi said Elsa would have. That is what has me troubled. I guess we will have to wait till this power shows itself, only then we will see if we are able to contain it."

The Queen looked into her husband's eyes and smiled, she took Elsa from his arms and leaned into him.

"Well, at least she got the beauty part right. Only time will tell if we are able to help Elsa through this long process. Besides if Gothi is correct we will be giving Elsa a baby sister soon enough." Idun said softly as she closed her eyes and thought about baby names. Only one came to mind; Anna.

Agdar hooked an arm around Idun's stomach and asked, "When would you like to confirm you are with child?"

"In due time my dear, in due time." She said softly.